Friday, August 1, 2014

Vermont Secessionist Losers and Their Trail of Broken Political Promises and Bullshit

"Never give up, Never give in, Never surrender"
"Senator" Robert "Needed Killin' " Wagner, November 13, 2012
With those words, two time loser for an Addison county Vermont state senate seat, closed his 2012 campaign, seemingly promising to rise again from its ashes to wage another fruitless campaign. He even immediately renamed his Facebook page, "Robert Wagner for Vermont Senate 2014" where on March 13, 2013 he wrote,
"I remain your candidate..."
Well, maybe not so much. That was the last thing he's posted on the matter. More than a year later, June's 2014 filing date for independent Senate candidates came and went with no petition submitted by Wagner. Even his "Senator Wagner" website has gone dark.

Likewise, Wagner's self-described "friend," the proudly misogynist and the inveterate anti-Semite at Rob Williams' hate blog, Dennis "Hit List" Morrisseau, also failed to register for an independent run for a Rutland county Vermont Senate seat but he still has a 2014 campaign website. Go figure.

Morrisseau was the architect of plan to replace each and every one of Vermont's senate incumbents with secesher Kool-Aid drinkers. I guess that's now on hold too.

In a fashion similar to Wagner's, Vermont's 2010 secesher gubernatorial candidate Dennis Steele, while acknowledging that more than 99% of Vermonters voted for someone else, pledged,
"Today represents a beginning, not an end. When I agreed to take on the difficult and exhausting task of running for Governor as an independent this year, I did so with the hopes that my actions would serve to help lay the foundations for a robust, grass-roots movement that will carry the message of a Free Vermont forward. Towards that end, I’ve been collaborating with several supporters to found a democratic, state-wide organization. Dedicated to spreading the ideas of Vermont Independence, providing support for Independence-minded candidates for public office, and organizing volunteer activities that both serve our neighbors and help lessen our communities’ dependence on the Federal Government, it will serve as our movement’s new center and engine of growth. It will be organized by county, and I encourage anyone who supported my campaign to get involved in their county committee."
And since then no one has heard shit from Dennis Steele. According to one published report, it indicates that he's presently engaged in peddling an addictive and possibly carcinogenic substance in the NEK. So much for "serv(ing)... neighbors" and reducing "dependence," eh?

After their miserable showing in 2010, the seceshers declared their "independence" and established a provisional capital in the sparsely populated central Vermont town of Hancock. Most of the VT secesher movement's luminaries attended the convening session of their, uh, congress - their hate blog publisher, Rob; Gary "The Rocket Scientist and Public Bankster" Flomenhoft; Matt "Never Won An Election Yet" Cropp; you know, the usual suspects.

A promised run by a Fairfax, VT secesher insider has also failed to materialize. Secesher outliers like "Terry" Jeroloman, Gus Jaccaci, James Merriman and Gaelan "Aliens-NASA Conspiracy on the Dark Side of the Moon" Brown are again sitting this election cycle out.

The fact is that the only secession supporters left running are kooks like Ben Eastwood, Emily Peyton and Peter Diamondstone (who raised secession in a debate with Bernie Sanders in 2012), and there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that any one of them will eke out more than a low single or fractional digit electoral result.

It's beginning to look more and more like Thomas Naylor's dream of an independent white homeland called the Second Vermont Republic or Novacadia or some such nonsense, is nearly as dead as he is.

"Ex nihilo, in nihilum"

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For the archive of the Free Vermont Framework listserv, click here.

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