Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Conspiracy Theories Will Abound at Secessionists Independence Party in Montpelier This Friday

For years the websites of Vermont secession types have been rife with a whole range of conspiracy theories, some better known than others.

One secesher blogger got his panties in a knot over the Burlington bike path because he saw a UN agency community sustainability, non-binding initiative, regarding the bike path program as the tip of the spear of a diabolical plan to takeover the U.S. or some other New World Order crap; the same blogger promoted sovereign citizens legal mumbo jumbo, but I believe that his Vermont Commons blog is now on extended hiatus. Go figure. A Vermont secesher Senate candidate, Senator Robert "Needed Killin'" Wagner, has written just this past spring about the discredited Teabagger inspired conspiracy theory,
"I have been tracking 800+ bills in the Vermont Legislature introduced or held over in the past year… most of them meddlesome, many of them written with Agenda 21 in mind."

Full post here.
Smart meters and vaccinces are all part and parcel of the vast U.N. Agenda 21 plot to control and even end our lives according to the conspiratoids.

A past Washington County secesher Senate candidate and announced presenter for the Vermont Secesher Independence Party, Gaelan Brown, who calls his VTCommons blog "The Energy Optimist" is a prime example of the nutbar, conspiracist thinking that abounds in the group, and, oh, he's hardly an optimist. Delusionist would be more accurate. This self proposed "Minister of Commerce and Energy" of the secesher republic predicted a 90% vote turnout for the secesher gubernatorial candidate, Connecticut native Dennis Steele, in the NEK. Hell, Steele only got 5 votes in the town where at the moment he resided, and garnered barely .76% statewide.

Even more bizarre, Brown, the "Energy Optimist" has said two years ago that,
"Personally I believe that it's likely that NASA has been collaborating with beings from other planets to mine the dark side of the moon in exchange for them giving us some of their technology."

"I've seen unexplainable UFOs several times and I know a man who works for Carlisle who says there is heavy investment going on re infrastructure to mine the moon for titanium, H3 (nuclear fuel), and other minerals that are rare on earth. I have also studied the chem.-trail and HARPP systems/history and there's a lot of sketchy activity in this category as well."

"But I'm not going to focus on these issues in my campaign. Vt independence is enough of a reach without pushing people on issues that they'll never grasp."
Sure, Gaelan, whatever.

And then there are the Jews. The Second Vermont Republic founder Thomas H. Naylor claims that they control the U.S. government and his toady, the editor of VTCommons Rob Williams says that he agrees with Naylor. The non-existent SVR's Very Foreign Minister, Dennis Morrisseau proposes creating a hit list for Jews. My question would be is the conspiracy junk and hit list creepiness about national Jews or Vermont Jews? Some clarity on that point might assist law enforcement threat focus. Maybe Rob & Thomas & Denny & whoever will clarify at their KKKonfab on Friday. I'll try to record their remarks to post here.

Of course, there's the 9/11 Truther nonsense promoted by Morrisseau, Williams and others in the nut bowl, running the range from a Jew conspiracy to take down the twin towers, to a U.S. government plot for same, all of which relies upon the work utterly discredited, (now what do they call themselves?) oh right, "scholars."

Followers of this blog may remember this vid but as we come upon the boatload of crazy that will surely occur on Friday, this is more than apt, after all, we must protect ourselves from the conspiracy to rob us of our precious bodily fluids.

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