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Dennis Morrisseau Wants to Assemble a Hit List.

Care to guess what group his list would be exclusively comprised of?

One would expect that last week's revelation that the would be Vermont secessionist candidate for an Addison County senate seat, Robert Wagner, was involved in an outrageous public online discussion that had him saying that a 34 year old, drugged, African-American, mother of four who died during the commission of an armed robbery of a convenience store "Needed killin'," while at the same time he was ignoring a very similar robbery involving a white perpetrator, would be hard to top.

But then Vermonters would just need to remember that Dennis Morrisseau, who Wagner has called his "friend" and has been listed by Wagner as one of the five candidates running as a secesher candidate for a senate seat has a record of a series of hostile community actions over the years like, for instance, his plan to give one-way tickets to the homeless in Burlington to ship them all out of state; as well, he is an outspoken misogynist and proponent of "sappy glurges" that present a false view of the past. Denny's been running unsuccessfully as a Republican, Democrat, independent and Liberty Union candidate for a whole raft of offices since the early 70s. He's hatched one kooky plan after another that never, ever garners any public support except among fringers like Wagner, Rob Williams, Thomas Naylor and others in the "small community" of Vermont seceshers. He's even proposed throwing out the electoral process for legislative positions and replacing it with a system based on that used for a jury draw to draft representatives and senators that would be limited two terms only. Now there's an idea: everyone in a pool to prospectively serve as a representative or senator, regardless of suitability. Imagine that guy down the road who chases away the neighborhood cats and yells at kids who run across his lawn being drawn as the county senator because his name is on the voter checklist, not because he's, you know, qualified or something. Or, say, stable.

This time, however, Denny's elected to cross a line that would cause most of his fringer buddies to pause.

The "sort of" announced candidate for one of the Vermont senate seats in Rutland County (well, he's got a campaign website here although he hasn't posted anything there in more than six months), despite having the kind of very checkered past that would cause even the most committed secesher to think twice about running, has apparently now decided that being openly anti-Semitic will be a plus for his thusfar unrequited electoral desire.

For those of you who haven't heard of Denny, which will likely be most if not all of you, I'll give a brief outline, but if you already know this flake you may want to skip to the next paragraph about his most recent outrage.

Denny is a malcontent who first gained attention as a military officer who disobeyed orders and, as a result, underwent court martial proceedings which resulted in his resignation which he's been known to call his retirement. He still likes to refer to himself as second lieutenant Morrisseau as the url at his campaign website indicates ( But then Denny's unhinged worldview also permits him to see nothing odd about his calling himself the "Very Foriegn Minister" of the Dixie singin' Thomas Naylor's nonexistent Second Vermont Republic; he's a 9/11 Truther that like all such conspiracy addled clowns has no evidence whatsoever to support his, uh, thinking; in the 1980's, long before his ascension to his present exalted position as SVR's VFM, Denny came up with a nasty scheme that I mentioned above to give Vermont's homeless people one way tickets out of state - he even sought nonprofit status for his hateful enterprise which of course he didn't get.

Here's what Denny said during one of his raving misogynist episodes about a female Vermont journalist:
"We will seduce her."
[then, in that ALLCAPS style that he so often likes to affect]
"Because I savaged her in our first few exchanges."
"Now I am making nice. And she likes that better. So she is liking me better......"
"Before I punched her she did not know me or care a fig........"
"Now she sees I can laugh, I am playful....possibly intelligent...and I differ with her........"
"She begins to be intrigued."
"We have to be lovers to these sorts...... I know that is a little crass....but it's DO OR DIE time."
[and then after another of his mood swings]
"No reason for her to breathe OR DO WHAT SHE DOES.....unless she is a SPOOK."
"NOBOCY(sic) is that venal from stupidity."
Denny's been involved in that clown car 9/11 Truther crap for years, an essential part of which is that the World Trade Center towers and the adjacent Building 7 collapse didn't happen because of 19 terrorists but, rather, because the Mossad wired the buildings to explode in an elaborate Bush neocon/Israeli government plot to create a war climate in the US. Last month a collection of anti-Semitic nut jobs were commenting at a noted anti-Semitic website operated by Paul Craig Roberts who, not so surprisingly, is a favorite of the various Vermont secesher websites. Roberts columns also appear at the white supremacist, hate group website,, a website devoted to pseudoscientific, racist material, as well as at American Free Press, an ultra-right-wing Holocaust denial publication, and has, like secesher leaders Thomas Naylor and Kirkpatrick Sale, been a featured guest on the white supremacist, homophobic, racist, anti-Semitic and Holocaust denying Internet hate radio program, The Political Cesspool here. Naturally, Roberts is a favored observer of the world scene who is heavily promoted at the neo-Nazi website maintained by David Duke. After Roberts went over to the very dark side he was dropped by the mainstream publications, like the Wall Street Journal, that he'd worked for up to 2006. Denny wrote to some of the other anti-Semites who were commenting at Roberts hate site here:
"It’s clear to all of us that have studied the 9/11 event now, for some 10 years, WHO DID THE THING.
And a lot is known too about how it was done. I don’t disagree with you on this, nor with Sabrowsky."

[Editor's Note: The Sabrowsky that Denny's referring to has been correctly described as, "Alan Sabrosky, a columnist for Veterans Today, an anti-Semitic website, is one of most widely cited sources for anti-Semitic 9/11 myths, according to the ADL. Sabrosky has declared his mission to “contain” Israel’s ambition by exposing Israel’s alleged role in 9/11 and maintains that Washington and New York are the centers of “Zionist power” here.]
And here's the money quote from Denny:
"I have suggested here and elsewhere that we should begin to post the perps’ names and physical addresses
on a permanent electronic board somewhere, so that nature can begin taking it’s course.
[On the thoery(sic) that a few such take downs would have some chance of stopping what is coming if we do not act.]"

"I include “international financiers” and certain Likudniks and media moguls on my personal list."

"But I still think taking action BEFORE utter collapse and explosion is a smart thing to do if we can engineer a way……..just to avoid all the blood and destruction. To me, a nationwide assault on the entire sitting Congress en masse, and known to all, pitched to all as the only possible peaceful revolutiong(sic), does have a shot if presented right that might allow us to regain the power of we the people. Thus it could defeat what I agree is a massive and evil zionist design. And it would save decent people of all cultures……"

d m w pawlet, vt
By: dennis morrisseau . February 12, 2012 . 5:35 pm

Oy! "Avoid all the blood and destruction" by exterminating some Jews. That has a familiar ring to it. No, I'm not talking about the Hitler thing. Some of you may recall that 15 years ago a Christian mule fucker (not a typo) and Southern secessionist, Neal Horsley, created a similar list called the Nuremberg Files. Women's healthcare provider's names and addresses were listed online and when one would be killed, the name would get a line drawn throught it. Maybe that's a feature that Denny Morrisseau is also considering for his hit list of Jews.

Just in case you may have any remaining questions about how friggin' delusional Denny is capable of being, he also wrote this in that anti-Semitic playground at Roberts' hate site:
"...A few years ago I wrote Jt Chiefs chairman Peter Pace and asked him to arrest Bush & Cheney. And then wrote a follow-up. Neither letter was ever answered. Of course, they would have been opened by others and so he may never have seen them..."
dm w pawlet, vt
By: dennis morrisseau . February 12, 2012 . 7:53 pm
Why am I not surprised that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff wouldn't respond to a court martialed whacko or that Gen. Pace's staff may have chosen not to forward Denny's suggestion that the general violate his military oath in order to follow through on Denny's plan for a military coup.

More to come.

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At Sunday, March 25, 2012 at 9:59:00 PM EDT , Blogger ntodd said...

He's even proposed throwing out the electoral process for legislative positions and replacing it with a system based on that used for a jury draw to draft representatives and senators that would be limited two terms only.

Do be fair, such a system was proposed by Arthur C Clarke in a few stories, including The Songs of Distant Earth. Idea being that people who WANT to be in office are obviously crazy and thus unqualified.

Yeah, it's impractical outside of sci-fi. Which of course is why Denny would want to adopt it...


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