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Before His Death Thomas H. Naylor Collaborated in a Proposal to Create a White Homeland in Vermont

Thomas H. Naylor, founder of the unsuccessful attempt to secede from the Union called the Second Vermont Republic, had a long history of cozying up to racists, Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites, secessionists and white separatists.

What is not so well known was his involvement with a Canadian racist and anti-Semite, Sebastian Ernst Ronin, and of their plan to make Vermont part of a "White Homeland." Ronin, much as Naylor was on the American and Vermont political scene, is an extremist nobody on the Canadian political landscape.

I'd first noted Naylor's ties to the "New Acadia" or "Novacadia" proposal that a new confederation be formed from upper New York state, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and the Canadian Maritime provinces after an appearance he'd made in June, 2007 on FOX TV's Bill O'Reilly dreck here.

Naylor then began to conspire with Ronin, who was well known even then as a Canadian racist, in April of 2008 to create this new confederation of New England states and Canadian provinces, according to Ronin. Naylor wrote about these discussions concerning the new confederation here, and even urged that Vermonters contact this Canadian racist pig.

Hell, they'd even made a map of the White (10), Native (3), Hispanic and Black (New Ebony? Really?) Homelands.

They never (particularly in Naylor's case) got around to making clear how the relocations might have been accom- plished, but given Ronin's fondness for WWII Nazis and Naylor's hatred for the State of Israel, I'm sure that there was some sort of operational "final solution" that they had in mind.

In his tribute to Naylor this week, Ronin referred once again to their plans for a White Homeland in Vermont that can be found here. Ronin wrote (and it was never declaimed by Naylor):
"Novacadia:captures the three Maritime provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, and the three New England states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, and part of northern New York; Second Vermont Republic in place and Novacadia Independence Party pending; this is new nation #4 that defies an international boundary; White Homeland Six"

Ronin's piece makes explicit that they'd brook no dissent from the blacks, the browns, the natives and the Jewy types.
"The designations of Native, Negro and Mestizo homelands does not mean that we have to make either the RVI or RPN friendly to Native, Negro or Hispanic input, although some may be inevitable as per federal legislation (witness the example of the British National Party); it simply means that we retain our political position to speak on behalf of Whites and negotiate on their behalf, but within a political context that recognizes all other continental ethnic/racial players, except for Zionist Jews and non-Jews."
What wasn't clear is how they'd deal with the fags, although subsequent to the enactment of the Civil Unions law in Vermont, Naylor said that'd still be up for re-discussion in his SVReich.

One of Naylor's toadys, Rob Williams, recently described Naylor to the press as being "irascible." If Williams were being honest, he'd have described Thomas Naylor as a lying, hateful, insane prick. Clearly, from what we know of Naylor's expulsions of the insufficiently obsequient secesher drones and his condemnations of the vast majority of Vermonters (99%+) failure bow to his every dictum, Naylor would have become, like similarly deranged autocrats, more than a tyrant in Vermont, Novacadia or whatever other fictional principality/republic that he sought to create out of nothing.

Despite their professed regrets regarding his passing at his memorial service today in Charlotte, VT, no one in their right mind will possibly miss the crap that he's done in the furtherance of his secesher, racist, anti-Semitic vision for Vermont. Real Vermonters will have no trouble putting Naylor out of their thoughts - forever.

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For the archive of the Free Vermont Framework listserv, click here.

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At Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 9:38:00 AM EST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's so much nonsense in this post, it's unbelievable. I guess the tactic the administrator's of this blog use is simply to lie, slander, malign others based on tenuous associations and exaggerations.

At Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 10:09:00 AM EST , Blogger Thomas Rowley said...

Name the "lie."

Cite the "slander."

At Friday, February 6, 2015 at 5:37:00 AM EST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please don’t be disingenuous (it’s unbecoming of an 18th century historical figure!) ; ) There are plenty of examples of crude, slanderous, and facile statements in your post:

"[Naylor] had a long history of cozying up to racists, Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites, secessionists and white separatists." [No. It’s not a long history. He simply and stupidly cozied up to anyone on any side of the political spectrum who seemed to share his critical view of a corporatized and militaristic 'American Empire' – a position which regretfully, since he was supremely naive and wholly politically unsavvy, put him in touch with certified loons, losers, and other freaks of both the extreme Right and extreme Left.]

"I'm sure that there was some sort of operational 'final solution' that they had in mind." [No. No one can -- nor should -- speak for the Canadian crazy you mention; but to suggest this about Naylor's vision is offensively flippant and quite ignorant of his ideas.]

"Naylor said that'd still be up for re-discussion in his SVReich." [Again, a puerile and offensive evocation of the tragedy of WWII.]

"If Williams were being honest, he'd have described Thomas Naylor as a lying, hateful, insane prick." [This suggests that you have a better handle on the 'truth' of Naylor than anyone else. As someone who spent long hours over several year with him in the very beginning -- until I proved to be insufficiently dedicated to the secessionist cause -- I very much doubt that this is so.]

"... Naylor would have become, like similarly deranged autocrats, more than a tyrant in Vermont, Novacadia or whatever other fictional principality/republic that he sought to create ..." [What kind of evidence is this silly statement based on? If anything, Naylor's views had more to do with a decentralized, canton-based system such as that of Switzerland -- a paradise for libertarians -- than a North Korean tyranny or a Liechtensteiner principality.]

"... his secesher, racist, anti-Semitic vision for Vermont." [Again, how one can reliably and conclusively prove such accusations of racism and anti-Semitism escapes me -- other than by equating mere sympathy for Palestinians and criticism of Israel as crude and vicious anti-Semitism, and by equating valid criticism of, say, affirmative action and support for state's rights as deep-seated and dangerous racism. Poppycock.]

It is clear to me – from your entire blog -- that you were probably once quite close to Naylor and that, like so many others (like me), you eventually had a falling out of some sort. But there is no reason to engage in vitriolic attacks on a man who I and may others generally saw as a gentle, soft-spoken academic type, interested far more in advancing a broad-based discussion with all sorts of stakeholders on the state of the nation -- and finding ways to escape the many crises in which it finds itself.

At Friday, February 6, 2015 at 12:16:00 PM EST , Blogger Thomas Rowley said...

So, in lieu of naming a documentable lie, you present a tedious, long winded point of view. Figures.

The Dixie singin' racist and anti-Semitic conspiracist, whose delusions about Jews went far beyond mere sympathy for Palestianians to include full blown accusations of Jews having a "hammerlock" hold on Congress, Hollywood and the media, Thomas Naylor, was also planning to undermine gay rights in Vermont should he have taken over; he had a member of a Holocaust denying organization, the League of the South, on his SVR board of advisors. When this blog began to expose him he purged his SVReich of any membership other than a few close fellow conspirators like Kirkpatrick Sale, Rob Williams and Ian Baldwin. If that's not an autocrat I don't know what is. Maybe he thought, as you do (without presenting a single fact to backup such conjecture), that I was a member. I was not. I never met him; I just read the crap that he churned out. Despite your POV that he was a academic teddy bear, he was in fact an angry, vengeful nutjob given to daily green felt tip missives that included personal attacks on individual Vermont familes. [POI: I did run into him, literally, at a confab i infiltrated that he had organized in Montpelier where he was hobnobbing with his longtime racist pals from the League of the South.] I did contact and confer with former SVR members who provided invaluable insights into Naylor's crazy. More than ten years ago the racist proprietor of the League of the South's online neo-Confederate memorabilia store described Naylor as a League "friend" on their website. His racism and published antipathy towards integration predate his arrival in Vermont in the 90s so I'm going to stick with "long history" if you don't mind. He was always, as you appear to be, a crackpot.

Naylor wasn't naive; he was a calculating wannabe. If he didn't want to sit on the throne, he certainly did everything he could to pull all the strings. One example was his attempt to get then Representative Bernie Sanders to resign his seat in Congress to run as the secesher candidate for governor. Bernie's refusal to do so earned him Naylor's unending enmity, as well as years of Naylor's name-calling. Naylor personally bankrolled the utterly failed gubernatorial candidacy of secesher Dennis Steele [NOTE: More than 99% of Vermont's electorate voted for someone other than the secesher, despite Naylor's longstanding claim that more than 13% of such Vermonters supported secession - another Naylor lie.]

As for "citing a slander," that was really a trick question. You are aware that it's impossible to slander the dead, no? Moron. The only slander that occurred during his completely unnecessary lifetime was of the self-inflicted sort.

Feel free to slither back under that secesher rock that you came from. If you're an example of what now passes for secesher intelligentsia, the Union has nothing to worry about.


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