Monday, March 30, 2015

How Unlike The Secessionists At The Scottish National Party Are The Weenies At The Secesher Second Vermont Republic?

In recent months the baas of the Second Vermont Republic, Rob Williams has been making thinly veiled comparisons between his moribund group and the Scottish National Party. Let's take a look at that comparison.

SVR has existed for about a decade; the SNP has existed for more than eight decades. The SNP holds 10% of the seats in the Scottish House of Commons; SVR has never occupied a legislative or statewide office, ever. Secessionists (Dennis Steele, Peter Diamondstone and Emily Peyton) have repeatedly failed to inspire public support beyond the single percentile; in fact, in their most ambitious attempt, the Steele gubernatorial campaign of 2010, the seceshers failed to do better than three quarters of one percent of the vote - more than 99% of Vermonters voted for someone other than the secesher Steele. The SNP's widespread support in the Scottish body politic is contrasted by SVR's utter lack of support from the public, political institutions, public bodies, educational institutions, clergy and, well, just about anyone you can think of. Other than its strident antipathy to rule seated in London at Westminster Parliament the SNP has never engaged in the establishment of alliances with racist, white supremacist or homophobic hate groups as the SVR has in furtherance of its goals; nor has the SNP engaged in and promoted the base anti-Semitism as SVR's "small community" of crackpots has.

One similar strategy of the two groups has been opposition to popular military projects. In SNP's case it's the Trident nuclear sub base 40 miles from Glasgow; in SVR's case it's opposition to basing of still to be developed F35s with the Vermont Air National Guard. In SVR's case the opposition has taken a distinctly anti-VTANG tone, while the SNP has engaged in no such demonizing of the military in general. Further, the SNP has sought to establish common ground with the Labour Party, if not with the Conservative Party, in the upcoming election which will have the base as an issue, while the SVR has fostered terrible relations with Vermont's congressional delegation, virtually all of its political parties (except for the Liberty Uniontards who never count), its statewide and legislative officials and Burlington's city administration (the F35s will be based at the city's airport). Hell, Williams can't even get his wife to support his movement.

The SNP's opposition to the nuclear fleet is based on real world considerations of affordability and Britain's future role in the world if it's to keep Scottish participation, while SVR is basing its opposition to the F35s based on the loose interpretations of a patent attorney's thoughts on a limited number of documents received by a narrow FOIA request.

The SNP could very well shape the future of Britain's nuclear fleet, while the SVR has virtually no chance of affecting the outcome of the F35 basing.

While the SNP supports marriage equality SVR proposes to set aside Vermont's now long established law based on its constitutional requirements on the matter in favor of a referendum majority decision on minority rights; likewise, it seems to want to take no position on women's reproductive freedom. Kinda makes one wonder what SVR intends to do with Vermont's constitution which predates by more than a decade and a half its statehood.
"(T)he Second Vermont Republic takes no official position on such controversial issues as abortion, gay marriage, school prayer, and legalizing marijuana. These are issues for the citizens of the independent republic to decide." SVR website FAQ, 3.28.15
Oddly, SVR's failed lieutenant gubernatorial candidate recently, according to SVR, spoke to the South Burlington Rotary about... Wait for it... legalizing marijuana - go figure. Apparently the South Burlington Rotary thought so little of Peter Garritano's remarks that they made no mention of the attendee on their website as they normally do.

The SNP proposes expanding voter access while SVR proposes curtailing and suppressing voter access through an outdated and archaic town meeting scheme. The SNP stands for the eradication of poverty, the building of affordable social housing, free higher education as a matter of governance, while SVR vaguely stands for such but only through a trickle down fashion from a poorly thought out public bank scheme.

The SNP first gained traction with the voting public with a influx of Labour Party members (kinda like Democrats), trade unions and the nuclear disarmament movement; SVR has experienced no such influx, particularly among Vermont Democrats, unions and Vermont's small demilitarization movement with the exception of the aforementioned patent attorney and a sham radical, Juliet Buck, tied to SVR's hateblog.

In short, the Second Vermont Republic isn't even remotely comparable to the actually secessionist movement Scottish National Party.

The SNP has widespread community support as a political enterprise; the weenies at SVR are a statewide standing joke.

More on the SNP nuclear fleet issue here.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

The Second Vermont Republic's Rob Williams Has Another Reason to Hate Lincoln - The Jews

I first learned of the Second Vermont Republic's Rob Williams when I heard him prattle on about the Lincoln historical revisionism of a neo-Confederate by the name of Thomas DiLorenzo on a local radio program back in 2007. Williams, an adjunct staff member at Burlington's Champlain College, was challenged for presenting "academic nonsense" on the program, and nonsense it was. Rob is a longtime sufferer of Lincoln derangement syndrome.
Lincoln Derangement Syndrome (n): "A deeply-embedded psychosis held by some Lost Causers and defenders of Southern Heritage™, indicated by the reflexive, knee-jerk response to any criticism of the Confederacy, by pointing out that (1) Abraham Lincoln held personal views about African Americans that were racist, (2) the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t free any slaves, or (3) that Lincoln’s public policy position toward the institution of slavery changed over time. There is no known cure."
But now Williams has a new reason for his hatred; Lincoln's relationship with Jews. Followers of this blog know that I have exposed repeated instances of anti-Semitic posts at Williams' SVR hateblog by his stable of anti-Semitic hatebloggers Carol Moore, Dennis "Hit List" Morrisseau and Jacqueline Brook, to name only a few (and, no, I don't link to his hatesite any longer). In a post this past week at the Lincoln Institute we learn:
New Exhibit on Lincoln and Jewish Americans

The New-York Historical Society’s newest exhibit, “Lincoln and the Jews,” is an exploration of Lincoln’s personal relationships with his Jewish contemporaries and his impact on nineteenth-century Jewish life in America. The New York Times covered the exhibit in a recent article:
"Lincoln played an important role in turning Jews from outsiders in America to insiders,” said Jonathan D. Sarna, a historian at Brandeis University and the author, with Mr. Shapell, of the new, separately published book “Lincoln and the Jews,” which inspired the show. “It’s a subject that has really been overlooked.” "Lincoln’s lifetime coincided with a dramatic increase in America’s Jewish population, which grew from about 3,000 in 1809, the year of his birth, to roughly 150,000 in 1860. Growing up in the Midwest, he probably encountered few or no Jews in person until he became a young man. But at a time when anti-Semitism and nativism ran high, the show notes, there is no evidence of Lincoln harboring any animus toward Jews."
The Times story continues:
"Lincoln’s lifetime coincided with a dramatic increase in America’s Jewish population, which grew from about 3,000 in 1809, the year of his birth, to roughly 150,000 in 1860. Growing up in the Midwest, he probably encountered few or no Jews in person until he became a young man. But at a time when anti-Semitism and nativism ran high, the show notes, there is no evidence of Lincoln harboring any animus toward Jews."

“When it came to personal interactions with Jews or issues that had an impact on Jews, Lincoln did the right thing on every occasion,” Harold Holzer, a prominent Lincoln scholar and the exhibition’s chief historian, said in an interview."

"Lincoln, the exhibition shows, did much for Jews, individually and as a group. But just how affected was Lincoln by his encounters with them?"

"Deeply, Mr. Sarna argues. The encounters, he writes in the book, helped push Lincoln past a “parochially Christian” understanding of American identity. In what he called his “most controversial claim,” not made by the show, Mr. Sarna writes that the ecumenical phrase “this nation, under God” in the Gettysburg Address may have been meant as a “silent homage” to Jews who fell on the battlefield, one that “reimagined America in language that embraced Jews as equals.”
So much to hate with so little time, eh, Rob?

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Friday, March 13, 2015

There's A New Hate Group In Town

And given the current baas of the Second Vermont Republic's very low bar for who he'll work with in pursuit of secession I think that Burlington VT's Champlain College adjunct staffer, Rob Williams, is gonna find this to be a match made in heaven. The Middlebury, VT based Creativity Alliance hates Jews, "coloreds," "niggers," race mixing and mestizos. Williams has long worked with and supported important neo-Confederate figures in the racist and anti-Semitic League of the South like Michael Hill, Franklin Sanders and Donald Livingston, so working with the Rev. Pat Tracy of the neo-Nazi Creativity Alliance should be an easy fit.

The Spring 2015 issue of the Southern Poverty Law Center lists the neo-Nazi Creativity Alliance as located in Middlebury, VT on their national hate map here. The contact information for the North American liaison for the Creativity Alliance's Reverend Pat Tracy, PO Box 1006, Middlebury, VT 05753 can be found on pg. 4 of their handbook here. Their very particular and extremely racist and anti-Semitic membership requirements and obligations can be found on pages 7-10 of the handbook. The average, present day SVR member should fit in quite nicely.

Coincidentally, Middlebury, VT is also the original home to SVR co-founder Kirkpatrick Sale's racist enabling and anti-Semitic Middlebury Institute.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Liar, Liar, Carol Moore's Anti-Semitic Pants (Sweats Really) On Fire!

Every so often I take a gander at the Second Vermont Republic's favorite misandrist, transphobic and anti-Semitic hate blogger's DC based website, The Carol Moore Report for a taste of whats au courant among Jew loathers. Carol never disappoints.

In a phallus festooned post (NSFW) Moore once again promotes the anti-Semitic exaggeration that Jews control Congress and the likely presidential candidates. Here's a taste:
"Look at Congress applauding their true leader (Benjamin Netanyahu), the one who is willing to destroy America if it's good for Israel; and makes sure they know they are out of office if they don't support him. (Perhaps Carol can point us to the precise area in Netanyahu's speech where he says that) I wonder how many non-attending Democrats will face stiff electoral challenges supported by Israel-directed money machines for boycotting his speech."
I strongly doubt that either Bernie Sanders or Pat Leahy are exactly quaking in their boots over such a supposed threat. I'd defy Carol to show us proof when 2016 rolls around of her cocksure prediction of even one Democratic boycotter getting such treatment from the "Jewish cabal." I'll remind her when the time comes to provide evidence of such nefarious contributions from Jewish or Israeli "money machines."

'Course, Carol goes on to anoint Sheldon Adelson, a Las Vegas billionaire casino owner and Jew to be the ultimate Republican Party King maker. Putting the lie to Moore's racist premise was this piece from a year ago in the Washington Post:
"Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who along with his wife plowed more than $92 million into efforts to help mostly losing candidates in the 2012 elections, is undertaking a new strategy for 2016 — to tap his fortune on behalf of a more mainstream Republican with a clear shot at winning the White House, according to people familiar with his thinking."

"In 2012, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson spent so much of their money on long-shot candidate Newt Gingrich that they helped extend an ugly intraparty fight that left the eventual nominee, Mitt Romney, severely bruised by the time he faced President Obama in the general election."
Newt who? Must have all been a part of a secret plan to secure the field for President Obama, if I got my conspiracist thinking right. Carol's never been one to let the truth get in the way of one of her anti-Semitic tropes, for instance, the view she shared will Holocaust denier Kevin Barrett that Jews were "definitely" involved in the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center towers. Among her periodic discharges of racialized anti-Semitism has been her championing of segregation, positing that such a thing is okay when secessionists are the ones doing the segregating. Thing is that she hasn't posted much recently at the SVR hate blog operated by the new baas there, Rob Williams. Links from her Twitter account to her articles at VermontCommons/SVR from as little as two years ago are now deadlinks. I wonder why that is? Maybe it's because she's such an out and out liar? That's probably the safe bet. Or maybe it's because she has declared SVR to be "defunct." It's certainly not because of her blatant anti-Semitism since anti-Semitism has been a touchstone of the Vermont secession movement ideologues for more than a decade.

Previously published on this Vermont Secession blog about the lying anti-Semite Carol Moore: Vermont Secessionist Blogger Carol Moore's "Jew Counting," "Jew Washing" and "Jew Lubing", A Vermont Commons Blogger's Anti-Semitic Rant, More on James Edwards (Thomas Naylor's Hate Radio Friend) & Others and Vermont Commons Blogger (Carol Moore) Now Calls Second Vermont Republic "Defunct".

Corbett - Sitush - Steeltrap - SPECIFICO?

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

In and Out; the Loser Edition

The outcome of the 2015 Burlington, VT mayoral election was never in doubt; the only question was how strongly would the Democratic incumbent, Miro Weinberger win by and how badly would the Vermont secession flack Greg Guma lose by.

Weinberger defeated Guma by a factor of ten, garnering more than two thirds of the votes cast. Guma's distant third place showing was only matched by the last place loser who's campaign consisted primarily of hanging out at a coffee shop. Guma credits his miserable showing to "Matt for the strategic intelligence and social media savvy." That would likely be Matt Cropp who has yet to run an open campaign that was ever been even remotely successful. My personal favorite campaign was his stint as campaign manager for the 2010 secesher gubernatorial candidate Dennis Steele for whom far fewer than one percent of Vermont registered voters cast a ballot. Subsequently, Cropp penned a not quite concession posting that promised a lot for the future, declared Hancock, VT to be the secesher provisional capital, and then disappeared until his next electoral loss. Cropp went on to lose a bid for a board seat at City Market and for a local credit union. The Guma shellacking will be another significant notch on Matt's electoral guns.

Maybe Matt can craft a Guma concession message that proposes an outsized role for Guma in the next three years of the Weinberger administration. Certainly as the only candidate to run a negative ad in the campaign, Guma's earned something.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Quack Is Back

I'd thought that we'd seen the last of the homeopathic quack, Jennifer Stella, back in the 2012 session of the Vermont General Assembly. But apparently she's concerned that there may again be a move this year to finally remove the dangerous exposure to unvaccinated kids in our schools by the legislature, finally killing the "philosophical exemption" to vaccinations. This despite the fact that it's clear that the session is to be taken up by more pressing matters, at least for this term of the biennium.

True to the extremist nature of her agenda, I found that she has posted misleading material at Rob Williams anti-Semitic hate blog called the Second Vermont Republic (as a rule, I no longer link to Williams' hate site) from a similarly committed anti-vaxxer by the name of Bob Sears. Essentially, such anti-vaxxers believe that despite the proof and the science their poorly acquired doubts trump reason because "Freedom!", your child or immunocompromised relation or grandparent be damned.

Stella has incorporated Sears' misleading material into an essay that she addressed to Governor Shumlin. I'll tackle some of the deception via a dissection of Sears' essay from a piece published last Friday at Scienceblogs (there's that pesky "science" that doubters like Stella and Sears so rue) called "Blowing the Antivaccine Dog Whistle Again."

Here's a taste:
"There’s a term I coined reading Dr. Bob (Sears') nonsense: The antivaccine dog whistle. In politics, a “dog whistle” refers to terminology that sounds benign to most people but in reality tells those holding objectionable viewpoints that the speaker is sympathetic to them (or even one of them). In other words, most people can’t “hear” the message, and only those for whom it’s intended can “hear” it, recognizing for what it is. Let’s just put it this way. Dr. Bob is very good at antivaccine dog whistling. (So is Rand Paul.) Now, in a “point-counterpoint” pair of editorials, Dr. Bob does it again. Now, don’t get me started on the idiocy of false balance that presenting point-counterpoint editorials represents about a scientific topic like vaccination. Unfortunately, lately false balance has been rising from the grave again. (Apparently, like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, it never dies.) Dr. Bob’s editorial is entitled Mandatory vaccination is not the answer to measles and it starts out with some serious dog whistling right out of the box:"
"Measles. It used to be just a disease. Now it’s become a banner under which politicians gather to threaten one of our most sacred rights – the right to give informed consent for medical treatment."

"Whether you are for vaccines, against them, or neutral, allow me to ask this question: Is vaccination a medical treatment which should fall under the protection of informed consent, or does the government have the right to force them on every American?"
"See what I mean? Right out of the box, Dr. Bob is trying to reframe the debate over a bill being considered in the California legislature that would eliminate non-medical exemptions to school vaccine mandates. I realize that often the editorial writer doesn’t pick the title (usually the editor does), but the very title “mandatory vaccination” helps Dr. Bob frame the issue not as one of public health but rather personal freedom, just as Rand Paul did. Notice how obviously but nonetheless rather cleverly he does it, with a little rhetorical prestidigitation in which he’s saying, “You know, what’s important is not whether you’re for vaccines or antivaccines or “neutral” (whatever that means in this context), it’s that the government can’t take away our FREEDOM!"
In addition to the measles anti-vaccine dog whistling, Stella has engaged in guilt by loose association attacks on legislative opponents of her philosophical scam. We can expect to see more of these if, by chance, legislation is actually introduced and begins to move forward. It's how she rolls.

More from Scienceblogs on the Stella/Sears' junk science:
"The issue thus reframed, Dr. Bob launches into a list of the horrors of vaccination and the joy of measles. OK, I’m exaggerating, but not by a heck of a lot. It’s the same stuff Dr. Bob’s been spewing all along since the measles outbreaks began, antivaccine tropes about how the measles isn’t that bad and how vaccines are “dangerous,” all in the form of bullet points. For example:"
About 2,000 severe reactions are reported to the CDC each year which result in prolonged hospitalization, permanent disability, or death. Most reactions aren’t even reported, so the true number may be even higher. Yet, because they can’t be proven, the medical community denies that they can happen. Over $3 billion have been paid out to victims of vaccine reactions. Not $3 million. Not $30 million. Not even $300 million. But $3 billion. Are we paying that much money to victims of pretend reactions? I think not.
"Dr. Bob should change that last sentence from “I think not” to “I don’t think,” as in “I don’t think,” a general statement of Dr. Bob’s intellectual prowess with respect to vaccines. I’m guessing that 2,000 severe reactions a year is probably referring to the > (VAERS) database, which, as regular readers here know, is an open database to which anyone can report any “reaction” to vaccination, whether it’s actually related to a vaccine or not. VAERS is not authoritative, and the adverse events are not generally verified. Indeed, as has been reported before, one pro-vaccine blogger, Dr. Jim Laidler, reported that the influenza vaccine turned him into the Incredible Hulk. True, the VAERS staff did contact this blogger and ask him about it, but, as he noted, if he had refused to remove the entry, it would still be there. Another pro-vaccine blogger, Kevin Leitch, verified that VAERS lets you enter basically anything by reporting that a vaccine had turned his daughter into Wonder Woman. That’s why VAERS is the antivaccinationist’s favorite database, and I like to refer to dubious correlations reported from VAERS as dumpster diving. Not surprisingly, antivaccine lawyers have made the database almost worthless as a source of information over the incidence of adverse events due to vaccines by encouraging their clients to enter all sorts of reports, in particular reports claiming that vaccines caused autism. Most recently, the Toronto Star completely misinterpreted how VAERS data should and shouldn’t be used in its utterly botched story falsely linking all sorts of horrific reactions to Gardasil. Then Dr. Bob lists a bunch of bullet points, all consisting of tired antivaccine misinformation that was old when Dr. Bob was in medical school, including (my favorite) the claim that measles isn’t dangerous, a claim rebuked by medical science. For instance:
It has killed no one. It can kill about 1 person in every 1000 cases. Will someone die of measles in the United States in the years to come? Maybe. But it hasn’t killed anyone in the past 15 years or more. The last time measles hit us hard was 25 years ago. Not last year, not this year, yet. It’s measles, people. It’s not the plague. It’s not polio. It’s not Ebola. It’s measles. If the plague hits, let’s force everyone to vaccinate. But measles? Measles? We need something a lot more dangerous than that if we are going to rob each and every patient of the sacred right of informed consent.
"So, measles is no big whoop, even though it can kill one out of a thousand children who get it. Of course, Dr. Bob neglects to note other, more common, complications of the measles that can be very serious, such as pneumonia (which he at least mentioned in his earlier rants) and he very much failed to mention how about one in four victims of this year’s measles outbreak have had to be hospitalized."

"But notice the overall construction of Dr. Bob’s argument. To him, measles isn’t serious (which he explicitly states multiple times) and the vaccine is dangerous (which he implies with his listing of “severe complications” of vaccination in general); so to him it follows that “forcing” vaccination is an unacceptable affront to freedom"
Stella and her partner in the crime of disinformation, Dorian Yates, have been on a media push that includes misstating vaccine statistics, following the Bob Sears model for screwing with the facts. I just have to wonder why she thinks posting her crap at a well known anti-Semitic hate blog like Williams' is going to do her much good except with the bigoted misogynist, homophobe and racist demographic. But perhaps it's expecting too much in the way of rational thought from a quack.

The entire piece at Scienceblogs is well worth the read and I recommend it.

More, undoubtedly, to come.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cascadia? Nuts!

Years ago secession guru, anti-Semite and a co-founder of the Second Vermont Republic, Kirkpatrick Sale, made the surprising admission that a good many of the secessionist organizations listed at his Middlebury Institute (much to Middlebury VT's chagrin) were little more than websites comprised of only a few or one member. While he described his own group as an "umbrella" organization, it too was little more than a website maintained by another anti-Semite like Sale called Carol Moore.

Sure, the now dead baas of SVR, the Dixie singin' Thomas Naylor was also a member of MI but that was pretty much it. The MI organized and sponsored a couple or three poorly attended (primarily by racists from the League of the South, the Alaska Independence Party and the Hawaiian independence movement) conferences, mostly in the Deep South, that were little more than gatherings of the same small group of committed racists and anti-Semitic secesher assholes - Michael Hill, Donald Livingston, Rob Williams, Naylor, Sale, the Dexters, ad nauseum. Stunts, really, designed to get some AP and FOX News coverage and accomplished little more. Except for the overtly racist LoS, they've stopped even doing that. All the "big plans" - Town Meeting articles, constitutional conventions, candidates standing for elective office - have come to naught, as well as to an end.

Recently the San Francisco Chronicle ran a piece titled "Cascadia Secession Apparently Not As Easy As It Sounds" on the Left Coast secesher group Cascadia Now! After a word salad interview of seemingly one of its few members, Brandon Letsinger, the Chronicle lays bare the phoniness of the group. (Note: The group claims thousands of members but offers no proof, much as Naylor once claimed that more than 60,000 Vermont voters supported secession but when the time came to vote far less than 1% of Vermont's registered voters supported the secesher gubernatorial candidate, a number comparable to the average of spoilt ballots in an election.)

Then the Chronicle's Caille Millner got down to it:
"When it came to the question of how this republic might come about, however, Letsinger was more circumspect. He thinks politics are “irrelevant, negative, and toxic.” Cascadia, he emphasized, is about “an identity” to connect the region’s 15 million people."

"To this end, Cascadia Now! has a soccer team (they want to play Quebec), a poetry festival, and a Scouting Association. They have their own beer, “Cascadian dark ale,” made with hops from the region."

"The crowd seemed pleased. Cascadia sounded like great fun until the next speaker, Joshua Clover, took the podium."

"Clover is a 52-year-old UC Davis literature professor who specializes in political economy. He came prepared with his own PowerPoint slides; he wanted to tell the crowd about the history of secession movements in the 20th century. (I told you Kadist was sly.)"

"Cheerfully, Clover talked about how previous breakaway movements around the world had led to battles, purges, invasions and sieges."

"As the bodies stacked up, I could feel the energy in the room shift into discomfort."

"What had happened to the hops? Where had the positive identity gone?"

"As for freedom from the shackles of the empire, well, Clover didn’t think Cascadia would have that, either — not in today’s global market. 'It’s unclear what regionalism could mean unless a place is prepared to, say, make its own refrigerators.'"

"Right now, Clover said in a buoyant voice, all of the world’s refrigerators are made in China."

"Clover wasn’t done yet. He layered a demographic map of the United States over that of Cascadia. Look at the dots, he urged us. Cascadia is 'a peculiarly non-diverse region with the exception of some native peoples for whom previous secessions have proven deadly.'"

"Cascadia, he said, represented 'demographic anti-blackness.'"

"It took the audience a few moments to come up with questions after Clover sat down."

"But his gimlet-eyed view of Cascadia’s Happy Valley had an unexpected benefit: Some audience members discovered that they had a few doubts about this whole secession thing."

"An audience member asked Letsinger about the steps that Cascadia had taken to reach out to the region’s indigenous people. Letsinger said that they had engaged in outreach, and that some of the tribes had “similar values” about environmentalism and activism. Cascadia’s values, he added, were attractive enough that others would come to them."

"But the question persisted, and Letsinger got annoyed: 'I’ve heard this, the idea that this movement is not diverse enough so you need to reach out to these people. We see that as a colonization of our values.'"

"The idea that a suggestion to reach out to historically oppressed people would cause the Cascadia movement such suffering! It was so dazzling, so bizarre, that I almost missed the next question."

"'Cascadia seems more like a brand, like a shared narrative fantasy,' said an audience member. She wanted to know, essentially, what the plan was to make the idea more concrete."

"Unfortunately, making Cascadia concrete would require, well, politics. Letsinger wanted to keep talking about bioregionalism, about creating a brand that was “open source,” about how Cascadia Now! makes all of its own merchandise."

"I felt the evening’s vision of freedom and positivity ebbing quickly away, and I felt so bad for Letsinger that I didn’t even ask him to explain his statement about colonization. Instead I asked him about how Cascadia could avoid the violence that had plagued so many other breakaway movements throughout time."

"'It’s a good question,' he said, and admitted that violence would be a breaking point for him personally."

"He wanted a model more like Scotland, where the voters had had a choice. But the voters in Scotland voted not to secede, and that election had a degree of seriousness that I hadn’t gotten from this discussion. I walked out of Kadist with new questions, like:"

"Does Cascadia really want to secede? Or do they just want a good beer?"

Caille Millner is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. E-mail: Twitter: @caillemillner
Oddly enough, early SVR member and longtime syncophant, Peter Buknatski a.k.a. "Petey Sweety," was a registered at the Vermont Secretary of State's website as an owner of Second Vermont Republic Beer, Ale and Brewing or some such nonsense which has likewise come to naught. Little wonder then that Williams got some serious wood over the alcoholic aspect to the article in his own post at his hate blog (Note: I do not link to Williams' hate site; it's easily found if you have to.)

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snake Oil, Vermont Secesher Style

Some of you may remember the imbecile who ran as the failed Vermont secession gubernatorial candidate of the Second Vermont Republic back in 2010, Dennis Steele (more than 99% of Vermonters voted for someone other than Steele). Being the sharp political strategist (not) that he was, he used imagery in his campaign honoring the admitted murderer Che Guevara.

Well, he's back as a distributor of an addictive product, nicotine laced e-cigarettes whose marketing has been roundly condemned by the Vermont Health Department . And he wants a state subsidy for his nicotine peddling. Here's what he had to say to WCAX:
"In my opinion they (the state) should subsidize what we are doing or just leave us alone (by not taxing e-cigarettes like tobacco products) and let us help people get off the analog or combustible cigarettes (emphasis mine).
Yet at his NEK Vapor website Steele emphatically states in his FAQs:
Will I be able to quit smoking using the e-cig?

"The electronic cigarette is an alternative to smoking and is not a smoking cessation device. Some people have quit smoking using the electronic cigarette but we make no such claims as to effectiveness for that purpose and e-cigs are not sold for that purpose."
Really? Which is it, Dennis? Talking out of both sides of your mouth is a common failing of most secessionists. If it's bad for Vermonters - secession, imagery of an admitted murderer (which he continued to distribute after his campaign said he was dropping the Che crap), or an addictive nicotine product - Steele's right there to peddle it to you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Second Vermont Republic Ally Celebrates the Sesquicentennial of a Murder for Presidents Week

Longtime Second Vermont Republic ally, advisor and friend at the neo-Confederate hate group called the League of the South, by way of its president and champion of the Southern War of Treason, Michael Hill, has issued this proclamation at its website:
Honoring John Wilkes Booth

"The League of the South looks to the present and future. However, from time to time we do look back at our past.

This 14th of April will mark the 150th anniversary of John Wilkes Booth’s execution of the tyrant Abraham Lincoln. The League will, in some form or fashion, celebrate this event. We remember Booth’s diary entry: “Our country owed all her troubles to him, and God simply made me the instrument of his punishment.” A century and a half after the fact, The League of the South thanks Mr. Booth for his service to the South and to humanity."

"Stay tuned . . ."
"Michael Hill"
I know I should probably give up trying to get him to do it but I'm going to ask Rob Williams, the last remaining Vermont secesher, one more time to renounce and denounce the League of the South and once and for all end SVR's ties to the racist hate group.

UPDATE: 11:00 PM, 2.17.15
Almost six and a half hours after I put the above post up, Green Mountain Daily's Jack McCullough added his voice to the call for SVR to put one daylight between themselves and the racist hate group, the League of the South. It's likely, though, that all we'll get from Rob Williams will be one of his trite aphorisms or homemade secesh bromides.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

In and Out - Part IV

Two weeks ago when I reported that Greg Guma's doomed to failure campaign for the office of mayor of Burlington (the usual result of Guma's several campaigns for public office) was on again I noted that Guma was setting out with a negative campaign style. That was hardly surprising given that Guma is a Vermont secession flack and dabbles in Vermont secesher historical revisionism. Secessionists and their allies are notoriously negative in their endeavors, laying on lots of hate to make their point. Proving so, Guma began his campaign by calling an opponent a "Republicrat," a pejorative from the Burlington political scene of the 80s. Vermont secessionists are promoting Guma's campaign as an "INSURGENCY" at their hate site (no link will be provided to the hate site).

For a little history, Greg Guma's first press conference on Friday, Feb. 6 was a flop. Described by Seven Day's Alicia Freese as "sparsely attended," Guma's presser elicited no public interest. Stung by this perhaps, Guma launched his first video ad that he admits is "reminiscent" of an attack style. Using wildly out of scale graphics to represent potential development on Burlington's waterfront, Guma's ad uses an ominous sounding, "in-a-world" style narration, including a target placed over the present mayor's face followed by a gunshot. You can read more about the ad here and see the target on Mayor Weinberger's face here. As a result of the outcry from the public, Guma has deleted his Palinesque target and gunshot, the only acknowledgement of which may be this vaguely worded, "(The ad) has been edited to comply with campaign regulations" on his campaign website.

Perhaps criticism of Guma's ad was best said by Burlington City Council president Joan Shannon in an email to the press that labeled Guma's ad claims as "absurd and inaccurate," adding,
"I urge Greg Guma to stop airing the ad immediately, so we can go back to the kind of honest, fair, civil debate that Burlingtonians expect from their politicians. Debating the issues and visions for Burlington is an appropriate debate to engage in. Putting a target on anyone’s head followed by the sound of a shot is something we all should be speaking up against, no matter our views on the mayor or development."
Here, here.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

He-e's Ba-ack!

Second Vermont Republic honcho and the self-described "Very Foreign Minister" of the secessionist movement, Dennis Morrisseau, has been keeping a very low profile for months. Yesterday he popped up at the Vermont State House to protest the General Assembly even having a hearing on proposed gun control legislation. Morrisseau went so far as to threaten the removal from office of any legislator who dared to support such legislation.
"Anyone voting ‘yes’ for that bill, according to opponents, will pay for it with their political lives. On the Statehouse lawn, an orange, 10-foot-tall sign greeted people arriving at the hearing Tuesday with a message: “We will vote you all out.”

“And it means everybody – all of you,” Dennis Morrisseau said, waiting in line outside the House chamber before the hearing. “These bills need to disappear.”

You see, in Morrisseau's world of crazy the only thing that counts is his point of view - no discussion.

This isn't Morrisseau's first or even second time to the "vote'em all out" rodeo. In 2009, 2010 and 2012 he secretly conspired with secesher candidates to replace all of Vermont's senators. He called his plan "The 30." He never recruited more than a half dozen half-hearted candidates. He's also repeatedly claimed to have a plan to "Fire Congress." He's failed at that too. You can read some of his crazy about all of that here. Morrisseau has proposed capping the number of children that brown people can have in Vermont to two; he's given free one way (out of town) tickets to Burlington homeless people in the 1980's; he proposes capping income and assets in Vermont; he proposes replacing teachers with older students.

You can read much, much more about Morrisseau's desire to be the "Very Foreign Minister" of SVR here.

But what should be a concern to legislators and the security staff at the Vermont State House is Morriisseau's history of advocating for "hit lists" of people he hates. I wrote at length about that here. Here's just a small sample of what Denny had to say then:
"I have suggested here and elsewhere that we should begin to post the perps’ names and physical addresse on a permanent electronic board somewhere, so that nature can begin taking it’s course. [On the thoery(sic) that a few such take downs would have some chance of stopping what is coming if we do not act.]"

"I include “international financiers” and certain Likudniks and media moguls on my personal list."

To me, a nationwide assault on the entire sitting Congress en masse, and known to all, pitched to all as the only possible peaceful revolutiong(sic), does have a shot if presented right that might allow us to regain the power of we the people. Thus it could defeat what I agree is a massive and evil zionist design. And it would save decent people of all cultures……"
d m, w pawlet, vt By: dennis morrisseau . February 12, 2012 . 5:35 pm
Morrisseau has been wildly unsuccessful in all of his various elective runs during the past four decades and was 100% unsuccessful in replacing any of the members of Vermont's Senate in 2010 and 2012, his candidates finishing in the single or less percentile but he has been a threatening presence and State House security would be wise to take note of his visit.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

In and Out - Part III

Vermont secession flack Greg Guma is back again. His on again, off again plan to run for Burlington's mayoral job is now back on with a quiet last minute signature roundup for inclusion on the ballot. That's not as hard a job as it might sound; one need only stand with a clipboard in front of the Post Office and the one hundred and fifty signatures will probably be had in a few hours. Hell, I've signed nominating petitions for people I thought hadn't a prayer to win since I believe even a loser deserves a grab for the brass ring.

Guma has embraced the Vermont secessionist establishment by having his mayoral campaign announcement posted at Rob Williams' anti-Semitic hate blog this week (no, I don't link to Rob's hate site). In it Guma outlines his aginner, largely revanchist intent for Burlington's future.

It's apparent that Guma's decided to run a negative campaign from the start. He's already indulged in name calling by dredging up a slur from the 70s to call Mayor Miro Weinberger a Republicrat. He's constructed a "thumb-on-the-scale" unscientific poll about Weinberger. Despite having participated in the Progressive Party caucus in early December of 2014' Guma now "dismissed the suggestion that as another Progressive-minded candidate, he risked taking votes away from Goodkind (the winner). "I don't think those kinds of labels make as much sense as they used to ..." Right. Guma got one vote at the caucus, presumably his own, and now the results don't mean shit about his appeal to progressive voters. For further evidence of the sour campaign Guma intends run, one need look no further than his blog. Outrageously he equates the development plans for the Burlington College property to heinous crimes committed by priests against children; his over the top rhetoric suggests equivalency between a land deal and the rape of children by both priests and the institution of the Roman Catholic church:
"So, the "school without walls" and the cloistered catholic campus near the lake. How did they get entangled? The answer begins with secrets, the first about what went on in the church -- and on that property."

"In the end dozens of former residents came forward, and revealed a dark, sordid history of physical and sexual abuse by nuns, priests and staff. Like other parts of the church, the diocese ultimately found itself under attack and in serious financial trouble. By May 2010, it had paid almost $20 million to settle 26 lawsuits. More were to follow. Selling the land was urgent to help cover up to $30 million in legal settlements for the abused..."


"This land has seen more than enough secrets, loss and pain."
Such an disgracefully contrived connection makes a little more sense when you factor in Guma's reliance on an endorsement and help from failed political operative Matt Cropp:
"Matt Cropp, outreach coordinator of the Vermont Employee Ownership Center and an NPA (Neighborhood Planning Assembly) leader, writes, "By joining the race, he's bringing some vitally important issues to the conversation, such as reversing the de-funding and marginalization of the Neighborhood Planning Assemblies over the last decade, ensuring that the temptation to cut sweetheart deals with politically connected developers is tempered by a robust, transparent, and participatory review process, and devolving certain powers (such as the appointment of commissioners) from City Hall to Burlington's neighborhoods."
In return for such a ringing endorsement at a Cropp event, Guma promised to support giving the group $5,000 in walking around money should he become mayor (as if the decision to do so was to be his alone).

Here's what I've said earlier about Cropp the political apparatchik:
"I noted in his blog post that Guma seemed to rely most heavily on the counsel of Matt Cropp. That's a mistake that most Burlingtonians will get to breath a collective sigh of relief over. For those of you (and that's probably most of you) unfamiliar with Cropp, he's a political loser of the first order. Among, but certainly not all of Cropp's failures was his failed effort to gain a seat on the City Market board of directors; his failure to takeover a credit union's board; his failure to make a go of a provisional capital for his secessionist, so-called Second Vermont Republic in Hancock, VT in 2010; his failure to follow through on any of his promises made after his disastrous management of the 2010 secesher campaign of Connecticut native Dennis Steele's gubernatorial effort (99.24% of the voters gave their vote to someone other than Steele); and, perhaps most tragically, when Cropp was Thomas Naylor's secesher embed in the Burlington Occupy group, his group's advisory to the City of Burlington that they'd be assuming responsibility for the homeless in City Hall Park was followed within a day of their letter to the City by the suicide of one of the homeless (nice one there, Matt!)."

"Looks like everyone gets to dodge a bullet here. Imagine a Guma administration with a loser like Cropp in some position of importance. According to Guma, Cropp is now setting his sights on Burlington's neighborhoods. My advice to the residents of those neighborhoods - MOVE!!!"
Having watched secesher campaigns like these bumble along over the years my money's on a disappointing last place finish for Team Guma.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

The Vermont Secession Movement Winds Down

It's been apparent for some time that what remains of the Vermont secession movement is drawing justly to a close. Long a movement founded in deception and of lies and of hatred it could only go this way.

Some trace the beginning of the end to the first revelations in 2007 that the Vermont secesher movement was joined at the hip to racists at the anti-Semitic, white separatist group called the League of the South, which is affiliated with the KKK and the Council of Conservative Citizens (formerly known as the White Citizens Council and commonly called the "Uptown Klan"). Like the LoS the Vermont seceshers, who call themselves the Second Vermont Republic, are vehemently anti-Semitic. That is a fact, as well as the racist, segregationist and conspiracist leanings, that has been exposed here at this blog by way of the writings of SVR bloggers like the Dixie singin' founder of SVR Thomas Naylor who had fantasized about creating an anti-Semitic white homeland, convicted felon and LoS Board of Directors member Franklin Sanders, neo-Confederate Lincoln historical revisionist Thomas DiLorenzo, failed secesher candidates for the Vermont Senate Dennis "Hit List" Morrisseau, Gaelan Brown, a conspiracist loon, and Robert "Needed Killin' " Wagner, Kirkpatrick Sale (who argues that Israel should be "undone"), Robert S. Griffin (UVM's own white nationalist professor), conspiracist anti-Semite Jacqueline Brook and Carol Moore, to name only a few.

Over the past year or so the SVR publisher, Rob Williams (who is also a member of the adjunct staff at Burlington's Champlain College), has been busy rhetorically cleansing his various secesher sites of the grossly bigoted posts of his bloggers. There are now a zombie like collection of rotten links that abound at his sites but he just can't help himself since new anti-Semitic posts have found their way onto his site, along with increasingly vicious anti-American, and in that way anti-Vermont, posts.

I had to smile when he posted a false claim that he had "invented" the idea that Vermonters get outdoors to enjoy the snow by attaching a numerical requirement to be recognized for doing so. He's calling his effort "#VT99". In doing so he betrays his roots from away since apparently he's unaware that such numerical recognition for how much a Vermonter might be enjoying the outdoors has been a part of the Vermont scene for many, many years. Probably the most notable was the Vermont 100 Club at Killington from a couple of decades ago that had to do with how many days a year that you used your season pass. He calls for 30 minutes of snow related activity on 99 days - sound familiar? Around Vermont that's called getting the mail and taking out the compost. He's even created a euro style bumper sticker to go with it that he's offered for free to his readers, for which, I have it on good authority, that there have been few, if any, takers. That's just a small measure of how mammothly unsuccessful his secession related endeavors - his print journal distribution and conventions featuring bigots from out of state and his plan to get secession articles on 200 Town Meeting ballots by 2015 (so far zero) and his constitutional convention scheme - have been for years. SVR founders Naylor, Ian Baldwin and Williams were all famously unsuccessful in getting their families, spouses and local communities to join them in their secesher delusions.

Hilariously, on Wednesday Rob posted the ironically titled "Secession, the Reasonable Option Everyone Resists" by Thomas E. Woods, Jr., a neo-Confederate founder of the League of the South. Rob signs off his post with his trite "Long Live the UNTied States," to which I'd ask, "Exactly what state or states are those, Rob?" - delusional asshole.

Rob Williams is now pretty much all that remains of the membership of 20 or nutjobs in the SVR. Don't forget to shut off the lights as you leave, Rob.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Is This Any Way To Run A Republic's Gift Shop?

Occasionally on Rob Williams' hate blog he plugs a small assortment of geegaws selling for grossly inflated prices at his Vermont secessionist website. For instance, he has a collection of stale articles and commentaries from his defunct print journal that he'll sell ya for a cool $19.95; the only thing is that you can get it at Amazon for $6.35 where it's their 2,174,272nd best seller - ugh. Robbie-boy will also clip you for $30 for a half size replica of the Green Mountain Boys flag that he now claims is the flag of the non-existent Second Vermont Republic. The problem for Rob is that it's been the official battle flag of the Vermont Air and Army National Guard for decades before he and the Dixie singin' Thomas H. Naylor (who's still dead, btw) started fantasizing about ruling Vermont, and which in just the past decade or so alone has been carried into combat from Macedonia to Whatthefuckistan on numerous occasions.

Perhaps the most juvenile item that he has for sale is a "sovereign citizen" like Vermont Republic passport - "Use this commemorative parchment passport to gain access to VIP special events! Declare your support for decentralism at all border crossings!" - which is guaranteed to get you detained if you attempt to use it At a point of entry or as identification to board an aircraft.

Here's where Williams' internet savvy really got to shine in a not so good way recently. A mark, er, customer by the name of Gary W. Potter wrote on August 25, 2014 that,
I ordered a Republic of Vermont passport several weeks ago and never received it. I wondered if there was a problem.
Lightning fast - not - Williams' 2ndvtrepublic store shot Potter back a reply to his query on December 9, 2014,
Hi Gary – turns out, our Paypal link was broken. Email us at with your address, and we’ll get one in the mall to you right away – on the house. Sorry for the delay!
I'm sure that Gary gave up checking on a reply to his problem months ago and that's probably spared him a night in the lockup at Border Patrol's Highgate crossing in the meantime. Oh, and since it's obviously an Internet ripoff site I'm not providing a link.

If Williams were to run his empire or republic like he runs his gift shop we'd all be fucked.

#JeSuisCharlie #JeSuisAhmed #JeSuisPolicier #raiseyourpencilforfreedom

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jacqueline Brook: Second Vermont Republic's World Class Anti-Semite

Late this past summer and into the early fall Jacqueline Brook published frothingly nasty and tendentious anti-Jew pieces in the letters section of the Keene (NH) Sentinel. One response to her screed got her panties firmly tied into a knot when the writer, Elliot Greenblott, nailed her thusly,
"In the 1920s and 1930s, Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels used “the Big Lie” as a means of spreading venomous lies and hatred. It is clear Ms. Brook has studied this approach and revels in it. (Her) letter does not employ satire or irony to make a point. Nor does it use valid research or sources. It promotes hate and prejudice through lies, false insinuations and misinformation."
While precisely true, I can not agree with Mr. Greenblott's conclusion that the Brook letter should not have been published, though slander and "over-the-top anti-Israeli (ranting)" it certainly was.

Nor was this Brook's first foray into selectively presenting and altering the truth in service to her odious cause, the public exposition of anti-Semitic reasoning. Swinishly, she roots around for a fact or two that she can misrepresent or frame in such a way that someone will infer "facts" not in evidence. Such as when she sought to show that Jews "benefited" from the horror of 9/11 in a letter to the Brattleboro Reformer dated Dec. 8, 2012 here (scroll to second letter). She lied when she said that Larry Silverstein "benefited" from the attack on the twin towers "to the tune of billions" - an insurance settlement isn't a benefit, it is a compensation for loss for which premiums were paid and for which no tax liability incurs due to it being just compensation. She also partially and deceptively quoted Benjamin Netanyahu to have said that "Israel had benefited from 'the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq,'" based on a report from "the Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv." I checked her source and both the beginning and the conclusion of the quote that she left off was
"We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq." Ma'ariv further quoted the former prime minister as concluding by saying... "swung American public opinion in our favor." Something quite different from Brook's edited quote from Netanyahu.
Clearly, the Netanyahu quote points to a singular "benefit" having to do only with public opinion based on the heinous acts of America haters. Another quote of Netanyahu's that would have relevance here is,
"(I)f Israel were to put down its arms there would be no more Israel. If the Arabs were to put down their arms there would be no more war."
Unbelievably, Brook's bullshit has gotten me to the point where I, of all people, find myself quoting Bibi Netanyahu approvingly. Remarkable, really.

In the same paragraph Brook compounds her dishonesty by misstating a well debunked lie promoted by 9/11 Truthers like herself when she says,
"Witness the jubilant Israelis who recorded the demolition of the WTC towers... from a N.J. rooftop that morning."
She can't even get her lie straight. The FBI investigation of that incident reported that (1) the five young Israelis were on the roof of a van with hardly the room to dance, (2) that the person who reported the incident had animus toward the owner of the van, and that (3) the Israelis were engaged in the same thing that thousands of others did that morning, that is filming the aftermath of the attack. What did not make it into the "research" for Brook's letter was the fact that in the aftermath of the event that took 2,977 innocent lives on 9/11, at the hands of the 19 Saudi attackers, tens of thousands of Palestinian residents of the West Bank and Gaza took to the streets, and yes the rooftops, to dance and hand out celebratory sweets honoring that ghastly occasion. If we were to use Brook's thinking we might speculate on the real reason for her omission but that would be to be just like her.

Elliot Greenblott got it exactly right when he compared Brook to Hitler and Goebbels. Godwin's Rule notwithstanding, I don't believe that he lost the argument when he aptly compared Brook's reasoning method to Goebbels when he was framing the argument about using Judenrats to further anti-Semitic policies. Brook's is a natural at that sort of hate argument.

As I said, I disagree with Greenblott about whether the Brook's letter should have been printed. I only wish that the Keene Sentinel had labeled the letter as an example of the sort of "venomous lies and hatred" that lay at the foundation of Brook's vile brand of historic anti-Semitism.

So that we're clear here, I'm not accusing Brook of attempting to mainstream Jew hate at Rob Williams' Second Vermont Republic hate site. Anti-Semitism is a well established fact at SVR. Brook's method is no mere "dog-whistle" Jew bashing; oh, no, this is the the real deal, David Duke style modus operandi. Brook's "over-the-top" style of lying anti-Semitism and "anti-Israeli ranting" fits quite nicely in with the group of America hating slime balls at the SVR hate site.


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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Texas' Sam Houston on Secession

Andy Hall over at the Dead Confederates blog has posted an address made by then governor of Texas, Sam Houston, in 1860 on the topic of Texas' seceding - he wasn't for it. The observations that Houston made then have relevance for our time. Tiny, nearly non-existent groups like the anti-Semitic Second Vermont Republic and the white supremacist League of the South have been making a mighty noise for more than ten years, far out of proportion to their actual importance to the body politic. In Houston's time the discussion was of much more urgency then but, as I said, his remarks still hold true today, particularly when you factor in the absurd Lincoln historical revisionism of SVR's Rob Williams and the racist, would be goons at LoS. Just substitute the then empires of Great Britain and Spanish America for today's expansionist Greater Russian Empire and the growing Chinese Empire, and Houston's words become prescient for our time and argue just as convincingly against secession today.

Here's Andy's post in its entirety:
Houston: The Union Is Worth More Than Mr. Lincoln
Andy Hall, December 22, 2014

Everyone knows that Sam Houston, governor of Texas during the secession crisis of 1860-61, opposed secession and opposed Texas joining the Confederacy. He famously predicted a long and bloody war would follow, with disastrous consequences for the South regardless of the outcome.

But I recently came across this address he made in Austin, sometime during the 1860 presidential campaign, in which Houston laid out the pro-slavery argument against secession. It’s a very different take on an old dispute:
"[The seceded states] will soon whip themselves, and will not be worth whipping back [into the Union]. Deprived of the protection of the Union, of the aegis of the Constitution, they would soon dwindle into petty States, to be again rent in twain by dissensions or through the ambition of selfish chieftains, and would become a prey to foreign powers. They gravely talk of holding treaties with Great Britain and other foreign powers, and the great advantages which would arise to the South from separation are discussed. Treaties with Great Britain! Alliance with foreign powers! Have these men forgotten history? Look at Spanish America! Look at the condition of every petty State, which by alliance with Great Britain is subject to continual aggression."


"When [the Union is] rent in twain, British Abolition, which in fanaticism and sacrificial spirit, far exceeds that of the North (for it has been willing to pay for its fanaticism, a thing the North never will do), will have none of the impediments in its path, now to be found. England will no longer fear the power of the mighty nation which twice has humbled her, and whose giant arm would, so long as we are united, be stretched forth to protect the weakest State, or the most obscure citizen. The State that secedes, when pressed by insidious arts of abolition emissaries, supported by foreign powers, when cursed by internal disorders and insurrections, can lay no claim to that national flag, which when now unfurled, ensures the respect of all nations and strikes terror to the hearts of those who would invade our rights."


"But if, through division in the ranks of those opposed to Mr. Lincoln, he should be elected, we have no excuse for dissolving the Union. The Union is worth more than Mr. Lincoln, and if the battle is to be fought for the Constitution, let us fight it in the Union and for the sake of the Union. With a majority of the people in favor of the Constitution, shall we desert the Government and leave it in the hands of the minority? A new obligation will be imposed upon us, to guard the Constitution and to see that no infraction of it is attempted or permitted. If Mr. Lincoln administers the Government in accordance with the Constitution, our rights must be respected. If he does not, the Constitution has provided a remedy."

"No tyrant or usurper can ever invade our rights so long as we are united. Let Mr. Lincoln attempt it, and his party will scatter like chaff before the storm of popular indignation which will burst forth from one end of the country to the other. Secession or revolution will not be justified until legal and constitutional means of redress have been tried, and I can not believe that the time will ever come when these will prove inadequate.​"
It’s interesting to see a prominent figure as that arguing against secession for the protection of the peculiar institution. But then again, Big Sam was never entirely conventional.
(h/t Andy Hall)

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Monday, December 22, 2014

False Flags in Boston, by Jacqueline Brook (RESEARCH)

"Jacqueline Brook is an occasional artist and writer, a perpetual student, a full-time wannabe spiritual seeker, and an enthusiastic killer of sacred cows (the metaphorical ones).
Jacqueline Brook's very own "2VR" bio
Ah, yes. Jacqueline Brook is a longtime contributor to the defunct secessionists rag, Vermont Commons, since at least 2005, on such hefty topics as mind control and the 9/11 insights of conspiracist nutter and widely debunked crackpot David Ray Griffin (Griffin is a favorite of Vermont Commons publisher Rob Williams, Second Vermont Republic guru Jim Hogue, etc.) and the U.S. Space Command mixing it up with ETs. Brook is no simple headcase, nuh uh. She's got real conspiracist cred and was a contributor to the conspiracist issue of Vermont Commons in September 2005 that was dedicated to 9/11 nutter theories.

So in the latest installment of Jacqueline Brook wingnuttery we learn that the Boston Marathon bombings were a Jew inspired false flag attack, not unlike the 9/11 Jew organized false flag attack against the Twin Towers. And no, I'm not going to link to the hate filled websites of Williams; it's easy enough to find and includes the ravings of Jim Hogue on 9/11. I'll just provide a little taste of the most recent mind droolings of Jacqueline Brook on the Boston Marathon Bombing thing.
"Then there’s the uncle’s connection with CIA agent Graham Fuller. Then there’s the fact that both brothers were transported all the way across town to Beth Israel Deaconess hospital. BID’s CEO is a Zionist, Kevin Tabb. Then there’s Dr. Schoenfeld’s [of BID, at the time] utterly bizarre interview with NPR. Then there’s Ron Dermer, saying that the bombings would be good for Israel. Then there’s the fact that the scenario was almost identical to the 2013 Boston Urban Shield Drill, run by Cytel Group, which is using the bombings as advertising on their website, and the fact that Urban Shield events have been supported by Israel in 3 different ways. Then there’s Cytel Group’s connection with Hollywood effects company Strategic Operations, run by Stu Segall, allegedlya former porn king with mob ties. They are also using the bombings as advertising on their website. [The Boston Urban Shield drill was subsequently cancelled because the Marathon bombings had just happened and because the bombings had unfolded in such a similar manner to the planned drill.]"

"I actually drove to the scene of the shootout, because I couldn’t reconcile 2 eyewitness statements and was surprised to see so many bullet holes in houses at 2nd floor level. [OK. Maybe they were shrapnel holes.] Then I was astonished when I saw the house where the boat was parked. I had listened to a young woman tell an Infowars reporter: “My friend on Franklin St., ummm, lived across the street, and the army people did a huge search in their garage, ummm, but the boat was directly across the street; they didn’t search the boat, not once. They didn’t even go around it.” Presumably they didn’t go near Dave Henneberry’s carriage house behind the boat either, or either of the detached garages in the neighbors’ backyards. Then, there’s Leah Flynn, who, according to online white pages, lives at 20 Franklin St., a block and a half past Henneberry’s house on the L-shaped street, who said that law enforcement officers were in her backyard. So, we’ve been lied to about the ‘perimeter’ and its relationship to the boat. I actually think the site was being guarded until that incredible experiment with martial law was over."

"Then there’s the HUGE omission in Dave Henneberry’s story with regards to the giant door that was built into the shrink wrapping on the boat. There’s a video online at in which you can watch a police vehicle/apparatus peel back the door – which I’m assuming is what Henneberry pantomimed rolling up, in his interview with WCVB’s Ed Harding. I think the whole boat story is fishy – including the note allegedly scrawled therein, which seems to get longer and longer and which we only first heard about a month after the bombings."

"That quickly summarizes much of my earlier research."
Ri-i-ight. Stitch together disparate "facts," know absolutely nothing about layered law enforcement search protocols, throw in a few handy, nearby Jewy operatives and ya gotch yerself a bonafide false flag op. Nevermind all the evidence of the lone wolfpack nature of the Tsarnaev brother's murderous plans; just lay it all on the Jews.

According to a report published this past week by The New Yorker's Masha Gessen, "both the defense and the prosecution have acknowledged not only that the first phase (trial over guilt or innocence of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) will be short but also that its outcome is all but preordained." Obviously, using Brook's thinking the defense, prosecution and possibly Gessen are all in on the false flag operation.

And Williams, Brook, Hogue, William Boardman and virulently Jew loathing and segregationist hate blogger Carol "The Jew Loather" and Waco Whacko Moore, et al, all wonder why they get the rap for operating the most anti-Semitic, conspiracy addled hate site in Vermont.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Hate Site Publisher Rob Williams Has Lost His Mind. More.

Lately the publisher of the defunct anti-Semitic and America hating site Vermont Commons/Second Vermont Republic, Rob Williams, has taken to fancying himself as a book and movie reviewer. And no matter what the book or movie, they're all about secession. That includes Hobbits, of whom Williams sees a resemblance to himself and his life. Seriously.

I try to not link to hate sites like Williams' or Stormfront or Occidental Dissent or Daily Stormer, so you'll find no link here. Each of those sites has promoted racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and the like and are easy enough to locate if you feel the need.

Hobbits? Really, Rob?

Get help and get well.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Public Banksters - Part XI (DECEMBER UPDATE)


Eight months ago unregistered lobbyist for the Public Banking Instititute Gwendolyn Hallsmith boasted in a tweet that
"The Day of the Dollar is probably over. Hold on to your hats."
She based her insight on an article from the website, a site well known for its anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism and promotion of Holocaust denialism (and also, coincidentally, a site where Vermont secession flack Greg Guma publishes). Hallsmith wishes for the demise of the dollar in favor of the ruble. Well, that wasn't even remotely true when she promoted the idea then and it's even less true (if possible) today. Today, due to the free fall of the ruble, Russians are investing and converting their remaining, increasingly worthless rubles into imported refrigerators, XBoxes, Apple products, etc., all of which are not accepting rubles for purchases but are insisting on real currencies like dollars and euros only for the import purchase transactions. When Hallsmith was making her prediction of the imminent death of the dollar against the ruble via her Russian source, the ruble was trading at an all time high for the dollar of approximately 36 rubles per dollar (against a low of.93 rubles per dollar in 1993). This month the dollar doubled its value by grabbing 72.45 rubles per dollar. Hallsmith proved her incompetence to provide economic advice and observations to Vermonters eight months ago; her degree of stoopid is twice as true today.
Related posts:
Public Banksters - Part XI
Public Banksters - Part XI (UPDATE)
UPDATE DECEMBER 18, 5:30 PM General Motors, Audi, Land Rover and Apple have temporarily suspended sales inside Russia. Snork!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Today Not Quite in Vermont History - December 15, 1814

200 years ago today the secret Hartford Convention called by Federalists of the New England states to discuss the possibility of those states seceding from Union began their three week meeting. The Vermont legislature sent no representatives to the meeting, although one Windham County resident paid his own way to attend; there is no record of what, if any, contributions he made since the proceeding records remained secret.

The ostensible reason for the secession discussion was the inordinate losses being suffered by the shipping interests of the New England states as a result of the War of 1812. Vermont, having no significant shipping interests as well as maintaining good relations with its Canadian neighbors via smuggling, didn't really have a dog in the fight. In August of 1814 negotiations began between the U.S. and Britain to end the conflict which culminated with the signing of the Treaty of Ghent on December 24, 1814 rendering the purpose for the convention moot. The British ratified the treaty on December 27, 1814, while the U.S. did so on February 17, 1815.

The only lasting result of the Hartford Convention, in which Vermont took no active part, was the demise of the Federalist Party.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Racist Writer for White Supremacist, neo-Confederate Website Outed by Southern Poverty Law Center

During the past few months there's been a back and forth of outing and doxing going on that's shaken the racist right to its jackboots. The racists at Occidental Dissent have been on an outing campaign of their own which has produced not very compelling results. Yesterday the SPLC dropped the latest bomb - a writer and moderator for the avowedly racist and virulently anti-Semitic mouthpiece for the neo-Confederate League of the South supporting website mentioned above, Occidental Dissent, who goes by the pseudonym "Jack Ryan" is in fact John V. Ellis of Hyde Park, Chicago. SPLC has the whole story here.

Tit for tat, eh Jack?

Speaking of the racist League of the South, we've been waiting for months for the current head of the so-called Second Vermont Republic, Rob Williams, to renounce and denounce SVR's past and present ties to the LoS and its militia. Well, one can always cling to the wistful hope that Williams will one day come to his senses.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Ugh, It's Over... I Think.


Greg Guma's now "reporting" that Steve Goodkind gets the Progs nod and will run as an "Independent." "The Gume" is out... for now. Sadly for "The Gume" he was also unsuccessful in getting the Progs to ride his pet hobbyhorses in the next election cycle. Maybe it had something to do with their being woefully dated and no longer of much relevance.

Perhaps Guma will shortly seque smoothly to covering the mayoral race while ignoring his bloated conflict of interest in doing so. The problem will be finding a real news organization to ignore the conflict as well, otherwise it'll just be Facebook coverage.

He could always go back to writing his revisionist history of Vermont's dead secessionist movement and it's so-called Second Vermont Republic or expand on his 9/11 Truthiness. As Tommy "The Pathological Lair" Flanagan would say, "Yeah, That's The Ticket!"

"Greg Guma, who received one vote on Sunday, had expressed interest in running as a Prog; he attended the caucus but did not seek the endorsement."
Sad. Really sad.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Friday, December 5, 2014

In and Out - Part II

UPDATE: Friday, Dec.5, 11:00 AM Okay, Greg's starting to give me whiplash. Here's the latest on his aching for relevance from his FB page yesterday:
"FYI, I posted a statement this a.m. saying no Independent run. Then a reporter calls & asks about accepting the Prog nod. I say well, uh, I'd be honored, thought surprised -- but only if it came after a real process / debate. Will that happen? Guess we'll find out Sunday when the Party caucuses. Feel like Pacino in Godfather III."
21 hours ago
I guess that Guma's heard my criticism of his not telling "the peeples" where TF he and his vast army of supporters are meeting so he tells us,
"Pick BTV candidates: Sunday, 5-7pm, Champlain Senior Ctr: potluck & caucuses for March candidates, including Mayor and City Council. Progressive Burlington residents are encouraged to attend."
Actually, the meeting is open to the public but what's a little caucus voter suppression if it's all for the cause. Guma supporters will caucus at the empty table.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

In and Out

After a couple of weeks of offering "the peeples" to lead them to his vision for Burlington if asked nicely enough to do so, Greg Guma, faux journalist and all-around political crank, has given us his decision.

He'd gotten very little news buzz over his public political pondering of a potential political challenge to incumbent Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger. Fact is, most of the coverage came in the form of his own Facebook page and his blog. He'd said that he'd meet with "the peeples" on Tuesday, Dec.2 at what remained throughout his musings an undisclosed location. I would have gone for a look at his political fan dance just for the giggles but he never let "the peeples" know where the friggin' meeting was being held!

Accordingly, he found support to be insufficient for him to consider a run for office at this time. No doubt in his own mind he coulda been a contenda. With a position of opposition to virtually every development plan on the horizon and a call for an unrealistic back-to-the-past platform with no jobs plan or any appeal to present day Burlingtonians actual desires, Guma's bowing out seems to be the only realistic aspect to his candidacy.

I noted in his blog post that Guma seemed to rely most heavily on the counsel of Matt Cropp. That's a mistake that most Burlingtonians will get to breath a collective sigh of relief over. For those of you (and that's probably most of you) unfamiliar with Cropp, he's a political loser of the first order. Among, but certainly not all of Cropp's failures was his failed effort to gain a seat on the City Market board of directors; his failure to takeover a credit union's board; his failure to make a go of a provisional capital for his secessionist, so-called Second Vermont Republic in Hancock, VT in 2010; his failure to follow through on any of his promises made after his disastrous management of the 2010 secesher campaign of Connecticut native Dennis Steele's gubernatorial effort (99.24% of the voters gave their vote to someone other than Steele); and, perhaps most tragically, when Cropp was Thomas Naylor's secesher embed in the Burlington Occupy group, his group's advisory to the City of Burlington that they'd be assuming responsibility for the homeless in City Hall Park was followed within a day of their letter to the City by the suicide of one of the homeless (nice one there, Matt!).

Looks like everyone gets to dodge a bullet here. Imagine a Guma administration with a loser like Cropp in some position of importance. According to Guma, Cropp is now setting his sights on Burlington's neighborhoods. My advice to the residents of those neighborhoods - MOVE!!!

Buh-bye Greg.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Is a Secession Supporter Running in the Burlington, VT Mayoral Race?

UPDATE: Wednesday, Dec. 3, 4:00 PM Secession flack and political drama queen Greg Guma to announce Burlington mayoral election bid on Thursday, Dec. 4. Yawn...

* * * * *

Well, certainly stranger campaigns have occurred in Burlington's past. But this year's musing by longtime political wannabe and unsuccessful influence on the body politic, Greg Guma, deserve a look if not much more.

Guma's been on the edge of the Burlington political scene for what seems like forever. One news organization even made the mistake of using him for past Burlington political campaign coverage and learned that with Guma's "journalism" comes his inevitable slant.

Last week I learned of Guma's latest ploy in a post of his at the Second Vermont Republic hate site (and, no, I don't link to there). I then found a similar advisory on the all-Guma-all-the-time blog here. In a tired and typical pol style, Guma self flogs his importance to the political scene despite his abundant lack of real accomplishment; it's like he's made it notwithstanding his never having done so. His brief tenure at Pacifica was wracked with conflict that led inevitably to his departure with little to show for his time there. Hell, he once had a largely self written Wikipedia article that Wikipedia dropped due to his "lack of notability."

Guma gives himself a backslapping blurb in the announcement post from some other non-notable and even hints at his crucial role in the ascent of Vermont's star and possible presidential contender Bernie Sanders.

Guma goes on at some length about a December 2 meeting without providing a link or a place whereat some might ponder the importance and relevance of a Guma candidacy to the public weal.
"In short, the question I am now considering is whether to proceed anyway or, as I did 35 years ago when Bernie Sanders and I were both organizing mayoral campaigns, step aside for someone else. I'll be listening, watching closely, and thinking it over between now and Dec. 2. In the meantime, I have asked my current supporters to spread the word, invite others, and let me know what they think. If the prevailing sentiment is that Steve (Goodkind) is the right person and the only challenger needed, I need to hear why. The responses, along with discussion on Dec. 2, will be a significant factor in my choice."
Okay. We can probably agree that for such a non-player on the political scene Greg Guma has a pretty inflated sense of self-importance. But by this point one or two of you may be asking why-TF does Rowley give a shit about this loser? Well, Guma comes from a short list of flacks for the so-called "Second Vermont Republic." It's a really short list that includes basically Christopher Ketcham and Shay Totten. Ketcham's published a book on the topic that's gone nowhere, acknowledged that he snuck in a piece for Time that he later admitted was "a favor" for his Vermont Secesher friends and Totten now flacks books since Thomas Naylor is no longer his meal ticket - you'd of thought they might have gotten together on it but seceshers aren't exactly the brightest bulbs. In 2008 Guma wrote one piece that pushes what he thought were the strengths of secession without really telling the whole truth; some "muckraker," as he likes to characterize himself. Here's how he colored the controversy that sent SVR into its death spiral:
"... The controversy began when the Southern Poverty Law Center accused (Thomas) Naylor and the group of talking to an allegedly racist group, the League of the South. Critics pounced, and Seven Days, a liberal weekly in Vermont that was distributing Vermont Commons as an insert, decided to end the arrangement. Labor groups soon demanded the removal of offensive web links on Second Vermont Republic's website, disassociation from certain groups or individuals, and the release of a statement clearly opposing racism, fascism, bigotry, and discrimination. Although there is no evidence that Vermont secessionists condone such things, they've been pressured to prove it."
Actually, Greg, the"critics pounced" before the Southern Poverty Law Center took an interest in SVR and Naylor, and there's nothing "alleged" about the overt racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism and homophobia of the League of the South, in fact they're quite proud of their various hatreds. This blog and two others published extensively and were quite involved in petitioning the SPLC to take a look at Naylor and his flying monkeys. And there was plenty of evidence at the time that SVR condoned institutionalized homophobia, segregation, anti-Semitism and racism; all one had to do was read their publication, Vermont Commons, and Naylor's own website.

Guma has written other dishonest representations of the Vermont secesher movement but that could be the basis for a future post - who knows? Until then Guma will be consumed with his bloatedly self-important decision.
"This is an important moment for Burlington. In the next few years, decisions will be made that could transform the community for generations. If I do run, my goal will not be just to win, but to challenge complacency, provincialism, gentrification and the current redevelopment push, and to open up debate on crucial choices facing the city we love. What I find out in the next two weeks will determine whether that happens. I look forward to hearing what Burlington residents have to say and how they feel about a real independent voice in the race."
Yes, Greg. I'm sure that there are tens of Burlingtonians awaiting your decision.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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