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False Flags in Boston, by Jacqueline Brook (RESEARCH)

"Jacqueline Brook is an occasional artist and writer, a perpetual student, a full-time wannabe spiritual seeker, and an enthusiastic killer of sacred cows (the metaphorical ones).
Jacqueline Brook's very own "2VR" bio
Ah, yes. Jacqueline Brook is a longtime contributor to the defunct secessionists rag, Vermont Commons, since at least 2005, on such hefty topics as mind control and the 9/11 insights of conspiracist nutter and widely debunked crackpot David Ray Griffin (Griffin is a favorite of Vermont Commons publisher Rob Williams, Second Vermont Republic guru Jim Hogue, etc.) and the U.S. Space Command mixing it up with ETs. Brook is no simple headcase, nuh uh. She's got real conspiracist cred and was a contributor to the conspiracist issue of Vermont Commons in September 2005 that was dedicated to 9/11 nutter theories.

So in the latest installment of Jacqueline Brook wingnuttery we learn that the Boston Marathon bombings were a Jew inspired false flag attack, not unlike the 9/11 Jew organized false flag attack against the Twin Towers. And no, I'm not going to link to the hate filled websites of Williams; it's easy enough to find and includes the ravings of Jim Hogue on 9/11. I'll just provide a little taste of the most recent mind droolings of Jacqueline Brook on the Boston Marathon Bombing thing.
"Then there’s the uncle’s connection with CIA agent Graham Fuller. Then there’s the fact that both brothers were transported all the way across town to Beth Israel Deaconess hospital. BID’s CEO is a Zionist, Kevin Tabb. Then there’s Dr. Schoenfeld’s [of BID, at the time] utterly bizarre interview with NPR. Then there’s Ron Dermer, saying that the bombings would be good for Israel. Then there’s the fact that the scenario was almost identical to the 2013 Boston Urban Shield Drill, run by Cytel Group, which is using the bombings as advertising on their website, and the fact that Urban Shield events have been supported by Israel in 3 different ways. Then there’s Cytel Group’s connection with Hollywood effects company Strategic Operations, run by Stu Segall, allegedlya former porn king with mob ties. They are also using the bombings as advertising on their website. [The Boston Urban Shield drill was subsequently cancelled because the Marathon bombings had just happened and because the bombings had unfolded in such a similar manner to the planned drill.]"

"I actually drove to the scene of the shootout, because I couldn’t reconcile 2 eyewitness statements and was surprised to see so many bullet holes in houses at 2nd floor level. [OK. Maybe they were shrapnel holes.] Then I was astonished when I saw the house where the boat was parked. I had listened to a young woman tell an Infowars reporter: “My friend on Franklin St., ummm, lived across the street, and the army people did a huge search in their garage, ummm, but the boat was directly across the street; they didn’t search the boat, not once. They didn’t even go around it.” Presumably they didn’t go near Dave Henneberry’s carriage house behind the boat either, or either of the detached garages in the neighbors’ backyards. Then, there’s Leah Flynn, who, according to online white pages, lives at 20 Franklin St., a block and a half past Henneberry’s house on the L-shaped street, who said that law enforcement officers were in her backyard. So, we’ve been lied to about the ‘perimeter’ and its relationship to the boat. I actually think the site was being guarded until that incredible experiment with martial law was over."

"Then there’s the HUGE omission in Dave Henneberry’s story with regards to the giant door that was built into the shrink wrapping on the boat. There’s a video online at in which you can watch a police vehicle/apparatus peel back the door – which I’m assuming is what Henneberry pantomimed rolling up, in his interview with WCVB’s Ed Harding. I think the whole boat story is fishy – including the note allegedly scrawled therein, which seems to get longer and longer and which we only first heard about a month after the bombings."

"That quickly summarizes much of my earlier research."
Ri-i-ight. Stitch together disparate "facts," know absolutely nothing about layered law enforcement search protocols, throw in a few handy, nearby Jewy operatives and ya gotch yerself a bonafide false flag op. Nevermind all the evidence of the lone wolfpack nature of the Tsarnaev brother's murderous plans; just lay it all on the Jews.

According to a report published this past week by The New Yorker's Masha Gessen, "both the defense and the prosecution have acknowledged not only that the first phase (trial over guilt or innocence of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) will be short but also that its outcome is all but preordained." Obviously, using Brook's thinking the defense, prosecution and possibly Gessen are all in on the false flag operation.

And Williams, Brook, Hogue, William Boardman and virulently Jew loathing and segregationist hate blogger Carol "The Jew Loather" and Waco Whacko Moore, et al, all wonder why they get the rap for operating the most anti-Semitic, conspiracy addled hate site in Vermont.

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