Monday, September 10, 2012

Matt Cropp, Who is Perhaps the Second Vermont Republic's Most Incompetent Organizer...

... is to speak at the SVR third Secesher Statehouse Stunt this Friday in a group in which economic and political loser Gary Flomenhoft will also be speaking.


Matt Cropp has established a reputation for failure and irrelevance that's hard to beat.

He's one of those campus radicals that makes your head hurt if you hear he's going to show up where you're headed.

He was one of the participants in the super secret, highly controversial 2009-2010 Free Vermont listserv. The searchable mirror may be found here.

Cropp was campaign manager for the profoundly unsuccessful (99.24% of Vermonters voted for someone else) Vermont secessionist gubernatorial candidate Dennis Steele. Under Cropp's management, the Steele campaign embraced imagery associated with the self-professed murderer Che Guervara. Despite promises from Steele and Cropp to remain involved with Vermonters in very specific ways, both disappeared faster than guys who weren't able to get laid on a date. Cropp set up a secesher website and did nothing discernible with it. Green Mount Militia commandante Steele's just plain gone.

Cropp was one of the founders of a new, secesher provisional capitol in Hancock, VT where he and a colleague spoke of modeling their effort after Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood. Heard of that? Yeah, well no one else has either.

Last year Cropp ran for the Board of Directors of the City Market/Onion River Coop, another big loss for him there.

More tragically, Cropp was part of Second Vermont Republic's Thomas H. Naylor's embedded leadership in the Occupy Burlington group at Burlington City Hall Park. A day after the Occupy Burlington group notified the city in writing that it was intiating a program of care for Burlington's needy and homeless at the park, a homeless individual died in the park camp structure maintained by Occupy Burlington.

Then Cropp laid plans to takeover credit unions in Vermont and across the country. The short story is that he lost his bid for a Vermont Federal Employees Credit Union board seat (yeah, like the Onion River Coop) but, get this, Cropp had called his takeover group the “Vermont Federal Credit Union Members Assembly.” He'd obviously been seeking to piggyback on the VFECU's name but, incompetent as he is, forgot to do one thing - register the name. He probably would have lost a legal challenge to the name usage but, silly boy, didn't even register the tradename properly, which the VFECU promptly did in early July. Despite being notified to cease and desist use of the VFECU trademark, Cropp continued the tradename usage on a blog he maintains as recently as Aug. 27.

Perhaps Cropp's economic plans to be outlined at the Secesher Stathouse Stunt that they're calling the Vermont Independence Party will have less lethal results than his Burlington City Hall Parl escapade or be less incompetent than his political campaign and credit union takeover schemes - we'll see.

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For the archive of the Free Vermont Framework listserv, click here.

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