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Vermont Secessionist Blogger Carol Moore's "Jew Counting," "Jew Washing" and "Jew Lubing"

Welcome Wikipedians! There was a definite uptick in searches for Carol Moore posts on this blog starting late last year which continued into the spring. This often happens in conjunction with one of her recurring episodes of conflict of interest editing, edit warring, inappropriately combative behavior that factlessly questions the character of other editors, coatracking or scrubbing articles of RS that put her allies, like the racist admirer of Hitler's Third Reich, Murray Rothbard or the Holocaust denier, Gilad Atzmon, in an accurate, if unflattering, light.

Carol Moore, an anti-Semitic, meshuga blogger who promotes segregation, or as she likes to call them, "homogeneous communities," as a valid alternative to integrated communities (her original blog post has been purged from the last iteration of the Vermont secessionist hate blog, then called VT Commons, but reference to her post is archived here) and who has recently begun to dabble in rather feckless transphobic rhetoric, has gotten her fat ass in a sling once again at Wikipedia where she contorts the truth in a variety of articles. Moore has long been known there as a coatracking specialist who's displayed a distinct inability to play well with others. As mentioned above, she also has a history as a longtime, toxic contributor to Rob Williams' now defunct hate blog called VTCommons where she spewed her anti-Semitic rhetoric along with another Jew loathing blogger, Dennis "Hit List" Morrisseau (I really recommend reading the link for "Hit List" for a taste of how demented these "Jew counters" can be that were being promoted then by Williams, who himself has "issues" with Jews.)

Moore's other anti-Semitic activities include the racist act of "Jew counting," a common practice at hate sites like
""... it would be helpful if someone did a thorough study/charting of who controls/manages the major media and especially their ties to Israel and pro-Israel groups. Interviews with as many as possible with be a plus. No analysis of disproportionate power by any ethnic group - especially with strong ties to a foreign nation - should be off limits..." - Carol Moore
Source - a Yahoo groups post entitled Jews Run CNN & All Media
Moore furthers her nefarious endeavors by "Jew washing" her resulting work, using notorious Jewish Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites like Jeff Blankfort and Gilad Atzmon (who has also promoted the idea of synagogue burning) as cover for her Jew hatred. You can read more about Carol's friends and "sources", Jeff ("I do not believe there was any official Nazi plan to exterminate the Jews because, had there been, there would not have been close to a million left alive") Blankfort and Gilad ("the Jews were responsible for the killing of Jesus") Atzmon, and their anti-Semitic activities here. Perhaps when Moore is using scum like Blankfort and Atzmon to "Jew wash" her "Jew counting" for insertion into forum discussions or WP articles we should be calling them her, to coin a phrase, "Jew lube." I really hadn't thought she could publicly sink so low as to what one would normally expect to see going on at some neo-Nazi website but I'm by no means surprised by her worsening racism. Her various hatreds - transgendered people, men, political opponents, Jews, integration, etc. - takes so many forms.

In one fact starved stream of accusations, Moore showed how "non-violent" she really is in this display of misandrist, threatening invective meant to convey how deep her ideation on castration fantasies are when it comes to men and male animals from more than six years ago:
"Of course, any female - and most men - can guess what my real response to it was. (Hint, where's the rubber bands - or the anesthetic and the proper tools.)"
Fortunately, real feminists eschew this sort of crap that marginalizes women into a stereotype that misogynists love to employ. What a dope! It was just this sort of statement about an accomplished, male WP editor that led to another of her kerfuffles with the powers that be at WP. She said then that the editor was getting his rocks off because he'd edited WP articles on human sexuality; he quit editing rather than deal with her insanity. She herself later went on to edit sexuality articles, so should we assume she was doing so to get off since she's lived alone for many, many years and has even posted on her hate blog entreaties to some self-loathing man who would like her to cook for him? She did have a dog once but rumor has it that it took its own life out of desperation from having to live in a rundown duplex with sheets hung over the windows (can't be too careful about the NSA).

Similarly, she recently posted at her hate blog this threatening blather directed at transgendered people:
"* Tough to be a woman - say the transgender males to females who fully have transitioned.
"I didn't know how much more respect I got as a male! No one listens to me. They blame me for things they (sic) guys screw up. It's unbelievable!!"
Welcome to the club, former boys... but mess with me in the women's room and you'll get a kick in whatever's left down there now..."

Source - but only go there if you really need a full dose of crazy.
Again, using her standard for posting on such matters, why is she so nuts about nuts? Truly, Moore, the self professed Gandhi devotee, is one violence obsessed mothereffer and all of her targets seem to be men. Moore has been repeatedly blocked from editing by Wikipedia administrators due to her maligning the character of fellow editors, a major WP no-no. Moore operates at WP like a demented jailhouse lawyer but her latest skirting of the rules after being banned for a year from editing the WP article on Austrian economics, a.k.a. Austerian economics, earned her a two week block from editing any WP article, and, believe me, you have to try really, really hard to get WP wusses to do much of anything about the anti-Semites, racists, homophobes and haters like Moore who prowl their articles to insert poisonous untruths.

The record of the three month long, migraine inducing WP hubbubery, er, arbitration process that led to multiple sanctions is here. The CliffNotes version that deals only with Moore's transgressions is here, here (Preliminary Statements), here (Findings of Facts - Carol Moore), here (Remedies - Carol Moore) and here (Subsequent Sanction - Carol Moore only, natch!). Enjoy with a few Advil!

I'm reposting immediately below a February 7, 2011 post that'll give you a pretty good sense of the depth of Moore's hatred for the Jews. Since there's always a decided rise in the number of readers here looking for that post when Moore goes on the attack, as there was this past winter during the WP Arbitration Investigation, I thought now might be a good time to move it back to the top of the blog:
One thing about a neo-Nazi post like last week's is that you do get email as a result.

One of the email subjects had to do with a certain veteran blogger
for"Vermont Commons" (Full Disclosure: she's also a longtime, virulent critic of this blog.), Carol Moore.

My own investigation has come up with a truly putrid example of the sort of anti-Semitism that paddles along with so much of the fringe movement known as secessionism, as well as the sovereign citizen movement, in America. [1] [2] That's not to say that because one is intrigued with what secession might mean to accomplish, it then follows that they're an anti-Semite. It's just something that as you wade through what's being written by seceshers you'll find anti-Semitism pops up as one of the rationales for why they're failing, over and over again. For instance, Thomas Naylor, baas of the Second Vermont Republic, rants about the Israeli Mafia or he suggests the possibility that this or other blogs might be agents of, or in cahoots with, the Mossad.

Here's what one VTCommons blogger, Carol Moore, a sputtering dingbat if ever there was one, has written in the past at a Yahoo group messageboard:
Re: [libs4peace] U.S. Troops vs. HAMAS?! (click on screen cap to embiggen)

"Sharon would love to have Hamas killing American troops, just like he's delighted to see them killing Jews, since it makes his facist (sic) goals of "leibenstraum" (sic) and grabbing the rest of Israel that much easier by inflaming the public."

"I'm getting tired of turning on the news first thing in the AM and seeing the TOP story is what is going on in Israel. And it disgusts me to have to watch a congressional sub-committee dominated by pro-Zionists reaming Bush for the TINY little bit he is doing to try to keep the Israelis from driving the Arabs out of what little is left of Palestine, which the goyim obviously dare not ask ANY question of the Bush official that might be interpreted as criticism of Israel. And we've seen how Bush is back to Kissing Sharon's Ass. (Plug for Carol Moore products deleted.)"

"And Mr. Sass wonders why this issue keeps coming up here.. If the Israel's (sic) just kept their oppression over there, it would be far less annoying."

"Dealing with the nefarious influence of Israel Firsters on Congress and in the media (which is mostly owned and/or controlled by pro-Zionists, mostly Jews) has got to be a prime goal of the peace movement -- but good luck, with left and right wing pro-Zionists ready to yell anti-semite at the drop of a hat. Even the Buddhist Peace group I went to recently was dominated by pro-Zionist Jews. ARGHGH!!!"

"... Meanwhile Israel keeps building up it's 400 nuke arsenal and can now deliver them any where on earth."

"Anyone else want to concentrate on nonviolent SECESSION from our Special Interest (corporations, labor union, military-industrial, Zionist) controlled government??"

I've only highlighted a few of the vile, anti-Semitic and racist tropes used in Moore's tirade. A more detailed inventory of Moore's anti-Semitic image management can be found here: one example is her characterization (cover) for a Holocaust denier by suggesting that "questions remain" and the Holocaust is "has been exploited shamelessly for political gain" - Ahmadinejad couldn't have said it better. So crazed is Moore's desire for importance and relevance that she outs her perceived "obsession" with Jews at the libs4peace messageboard members here.

Moore's an example of the new anti-Semitism so prevalent in today's fringe groups or on Fox News, which equates Israel with Nazi Germany using "trivializing comparisons" such as (Lebensraum), thus suggesting that Israel is a vastly expanding fascist, neo-Nazi state whose armies of millions are on the move; reiterates the old anti-Semitic myth that Jews control the media and the US government (also called ZOG).

Moore's hateful harangue is as utterly shameful as her assertion that she is being oppressed by Israel is ludicrous.

One need look no further for evidence of Moore's ongoing war against
the Jews than her 400-500 edits in the Wikipedia article, Allegations of Jewish Control of the Media . This anti-Semitic activism caused a firestorm on the Wikipedia Noticeboards last month that has yet to abate. Here's one example, as well as others from a month earlier here and here that also revolve around actions advancing the cause of anti-Semitism. There're many, many more complaints about her anti-Semitic agenda wreaking havoc on Wikipedia articles.

No less an expert on white supremacists, the Klan, anti-Semites and other wingnuts, Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates, has had this to say about Carol Moore and her whitewash of the Branch Davidian murderers and their serial child molester/murderer/cult leader, David Koresh:
"Ah yes, Carol Moore. She wrote one of the worst books on the Branch Davidian tragedy (and there were some real stinkers)."

"She has this great theory that radical protests are tied to sunspots."

Chip Berlet
You'd think that after four years (today's the 4th anniversary for this blog), VTCommons publisher, Rob Williams, would have figured out that as long as he keeps up these sorts of direct associations with racist, white supremacist or anti-Semitic extremists like Duncan, Griffin, Naylor and plain old whackjobs like Moore, as well as his recruiting promoters of loopy sovereign citizen movement legal arguments, his movement is going to remain stopped dead in its tracks as it is.

It's time for Williams to start taking out the trash at the VTCommons blog and in the Free Vermont movement, or is his allowance of anything goes in a Brave New Vermont a not so subtle warning being given to "undesirables" of the treatment they might anticipate when he and the other cowboys (and girls) take over? Certainly Williams' Don't Ask, Don't Care policy isn't going to do (or will it Rob?):
"(S)ome of our secession scholars - Don Livingston, for example - happen to be southerners. Anyone who has met and talked with Don knows the man is thoughtful and well-studied. Is he a racist? I don’t know. And frankly, it is none of my damn business, at a personal level."
Or maybe it'd be simpler if Williams would just accepted the obvious; that the vast majority Vermonters (by last count 99.21%) aren't interested in what his "small community of secessionists" is offering (Actually, 1.21% is the average of spoilt ballots over the past 22 years, so maybe no one really intended to vote for the secesher candidate in the first place).

Update 12:00 PM: Carol Moore's complained of the use of the photo. She isn't very photogenic so I get her point. The parody involved, that of a bigoted fraud who purports to be an advocate for peace and whose hateful t-shirt belies that role, apparently escaped her, but for the sake of comity I've removed the photo and replaced it with an explanatory message. In the future, the parodic use will be clear and unmistakeable, even to her.

Interestingly, Moore did not refudiate any of the above text or the thoughts and views expressed by her in any of messages sent by her this morning. She does, however, appear to be fascinated with googling herself. I hope she's not as confused about that as Marge Simpson was. Moore attached a link that she said comes up first (it doesn't) when she gives herself a googlejob. When I checked the link she provided, it discloses that her "research" relies on the likes of world class nutjob, Jerome Corsi.

Update 2.8.11, 4:00 PM: Carol Moore has written at the VTCommons blog that "The fact he gets no comments attests to the fact he doubtless has few readers, except maybe his employers, who aren't getting their moneys worth." Where to start on that little boatload of crazy?

Site stats refute her readership claims.

All the comments received have been from the very "small community" of secesher supporters and their out-of-state allies. Something about staying on topic escapes them, and I have no intention of providing therapy for what's ailing them - they were not approved for publication. In Moore's case the truth is that in addition to being an anti-Semite, she's a liar; she submitted seven nutty comments.

Comments are now closed.
If all the above crazy isn't enough cockimammy for your liking, consider these:

In a previous life, Moore, well, I'll let her tell you:
"I wasn't so lucky an American in my last life, and was bombed by the Nazis as I hid out on a Dutch barge."
Which, when coupled with her theory (that I like to think of as the icing in the shitcake that is Carol Moore) on sunspots and political activism that she's devoted reams of bandwidth to here can only lead us to assume that she disputes in their entirety the WP articles on Correlation Does Not Imply Causation or Illusory Correlation.

A racist, delusional dingbat is our Carol Moore.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For the archive of the Free Vermont Framework listserv, click here.

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At Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 2:33:00 PM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who else but Berlet knows wikipedia that well AND has some knowledge of the truly right wing crazies (except his friends in the "Right Sector?"). (I read his user talk page edit history from time to time for a giggle.) Doesn't look like Chip's been busy otherwise the last four years, except with his turtle. The only other option is Vermont's own Mark Potok, but I'm sure he's way too busy, unless he hired someone to do this. cc: Rob

At Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 3:51:00 PM EDT , Blogger Thomas Rowley said...

Thanks for that bit of conspiracist crazy, Carol. As usual, wrong again. Been staring into the sunspots for way too long maybe?

"cc: Rob"


Dear readers:
As a rule, I don't authorize comments from Carol Moore but since this one is a perfect example of the sort of fact starved crap that she pulls out of her ass, I'm making an exception.


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