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Is There A Neo-Nazi Member of the Free Vermont Group?

A few years ago I discovered that anti-Semites and racists at Alex Linder's VNN (Vanguard News Network - No Jews, Just Right) forum were oohing and ahhing over the essays of Thomas Naylor, baas of the Second Vermont Republic. One post of Naylor's was re-posted at VNN with the new header, "Vermont Secession Movement Gets the Jews." It's still there, just go here and scroll down to the new header. It includes some of his usual confused crap, such as, Iran's "We don't have homosexuals in our country" Ahmadinejad's communications are like those of "a philosopher, a theologian, or a college professor."

A regular at the VNN forum, Donnachaidh, kept the knuckle draggers there abreast of Naylor's writings and the doings of SVR. Among thousands of other Donnachaidh post there are gems like Jews Despised By History's Best Men, Jews Start Wars That White Men Fight, Pamela Anderson Weds Kike In Las Vegas, Nigger Kultur, White Woman Discovers She Really Is A Nigger - you get the idea.

Donnachaidh is Gaelic for Duncan.

During my examination of campaign contributions for the utterly failed SVR token gubernatorial candidate, Dennis "Middle Finger Waving" Steele, I'd found that one of his largest out-of-state contributors was Long Islander, James Duncan of Melville, NY. This one contributor, someone who Naylor has called one of his "twenty Vermont Internet cowboys," led to my discovery of the Vermont seceshers Free Vermont listserv.

On the Free Vermont listserv James Duncan used the email address

While searching the VNN forums for more on possible SVR extremist connections or overlaps, I found not one but two occasions where the VNN forum member Donnachaidh had cut and paste for a post and where the email address of James Duncan,, appeared in the body, much as though he'd failed to edit it out as one would normally do. Or maybe Donnachaidh has access to James Duncan's Hotmail account. I couldn't find the two cut and pastes elsewhere on the net.

(You can see the original post of the screen cap above here)

(You can see the original post of the screen cap above here. At the original you can drag your cursor across the redacted email to see it at the lower left of your screen.)

Below, an archived version of the screen cap immediately above, shows an unredacted email address. Click on any of the three screen caps to embiggen.

!!! (If you've gone to any of the three VNN posts above or the other Donnachaidh links at the VNN forum above those screen caps, you might want to take a moment now to wash up - I'll wait for you.)

Good. You're back now.

Those of you who followed the election coverage here last year, as well as what was revealed here to be on the Free Vermont listserv, may recall that James Duncan expressed homophobic and racist views there - it seems that lesbians and race-mixing aren't his cup of tea. And you may also recall that candidate Steele chose to keep Duncan's contributions. Certainly, from time to time, Democrats, Republicans and Progressives receive contributions from outspoken racists, misogynists and homophobes and when the do find out about it, they return it or forward the tainted funds to non-profits. The difference here is that Steele knew all along about Duncan's hateful rants on the listserv and still took the money, not once but twice!

The name is not all that Donnachaidh and Duncan share in common. Neo-Nazi thugs use a variety of graphic and number symbols, and acronyms. Number symbols, like 88 have specific meanings - 88 meaning "HH" (H being the eighth letter of the alphabet), a shorthand for the Nazi greeting, "Heil Hitler." It's a symbol that often flies under the radar of the unsuspecting. And one must also look at the context wherein the symbols are found. To an anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic forum and its communicants, Duncan's email address (to those who knew his name) would translate as "JAMES DUNCAN: Heil Hitler To You" (jd882u); Donnachaidh's VNN forum avatar uses the neo-Nazi nickname for New York, "Mount Zion - Jew York Shitty" - Duncan lives a couple of miles from Queens, NY

Donnachaidh disappeared from the VNN forums sometime in the late summer of 2008.

Is Donnachaidh, James Duncan? Based on what's known, that's not a
point of view one should summarily dismiss. Perhaps Naylor, "Vermont Commons" publisher Rob Williams or even Duncan himself would like to offer their comments here - moderated Comments are now open but given the looniness that usually comes in from the foaming-at-the-mouth secesher crowd, that's not likely to continue for long. Or maybe the Vermont seceshers will want to talk this over at another of their always poorly attended events (here) scheduled for this weekend (and as noted in the Seven Days events calendar). I'll bet that Donnachaidh will be delighted to hear that he'll be the talk of the party and could have an opportunity to make his pitch for an all white, Jew-free, Aryan Vermont. Here's something for Williams' Phineas Gage Band to cover for the "Party":

Or maybe, Rob, you might want to consider yourself and Duncan as having just been Reich-rolled.

As Donnachaidh once said at the VNN forum, "I said it before and I'll say it again, we need to show them how to secede." Siegety Heil, baby!

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For the archive of the Free Vermont Framework listserv, click here.

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