Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dennis Steele's Campaign Accepts Support from Out-of-state, Anti-Gay, Listserv Member

As you may have gathered by now, I've spent a considerable amount of time going through what can only be described as the increasingly screwy chat among the seceshers at the Free Vermont Listserv - seizing private property; destroying our schools; executing those that they would most likely identify as their political opponents, er, liars in governance; sacking our constitution.

The following message is particularly vile. It comes from Dennis Steele's top out-of-state campaign contributor.

The writer of the message, James Duncan, had veered from the topic of health care to launch into an utterly unwarranted homophobic rant that equated gay weddings with perversions. Oddly, both topics, marriage equality and health care, are what the baas of the Second Vermont Republic, Thomas Naylor, had told the group months earlier were too divisive for their upcoming election platform. Apparently Duncan didn't get, or chose ignore, baas Naylor's dictum while they were engaged in one of their tediously self-absorbed "if we ruled Vermont" fantasy camp style discussions.

Naylor, as well as those at the listserv, have a fetish about keeping things that would ultimately matter in the lives of average Vermonters as vague as possible - except for things like the "Israeli Mafia," of course. That's a biggie to the baas and others like Steele, and a primary reason why his group, in addition to having the "unmistakable tinge of racis(m) attached to it," one can also detect a distinct whiff of anti-Semitism, as well. This homophobic outburst stinks too.

From jd882u at Thu Mar 18 20:29:06 2010
From: jd882u at (james duncan)
Date: Thu Mar 18 20:29:08 2010
Subject: [Free Vermont Framework] taiwan health care

"As with all our problems in America, good people keep hacking at the branches instead of getting to the root of the evil that plagues us. Hence the cycles of war, economic depression, cultural Marxism, etc. continue. I just had a perfectly pleasant day ruined by reading Vermont Magazine. In the Letters to the Editor column, an obnoxiously militant lesbian threatens to cancel her subscription unless they include gay weddings in their next Weddings issue. The individual is a public relations professor and chairperson at a university. How unfortunate that such a rude individual has a position of influence over young people. I guess everyone has their unique perversions but society would be best served if they kept them to themselves and their private circle. I resent having someone else's shoved in my face. At any rate, bandaids will be the order of the day until someone amputates the entire system."
I challenge Dennis Steele to return the $300 he's received from James Duncan, his largest out-of-state contributor who's accounted for more than 10% of his campaign contributions thus far, and that he issue a statement denouncing Duncan's hateful message, along with his own unqualified support for the Vermont Supreme Court's Baker decision, the legislature's ending of the separate but equal treatment of civil unions and the subsequent override of a Republican governor's veto of the new law by a super majority in both the Senate (25-5) and the House of Representatives (100-49) in the General Assembly.

Crickets aren't going to do on this one, Dennis.

Just a reminder that not so many weeks ago Thomas Naylor at SVR and "Vermont Commons" doucheno..., er, spokesperson, Rob Williams, had a major hissy fit when blogger Jon Margolis quite correctly pointed out "that Vermont's secessionist movement has an unmistakable tinge of racism attached to it." They took others in the Vermont media who were there to task for their silence after Margolis' remarks. I can't think of anything they could have said except for maybe, "Uh huh, Jon."

By the Williams/Naylor standard, silence now will mean that Steele, Williams and Naylor stand with their out-of-state, homophobic contributor, James Duncan of Melville, NY.

And just as with their continuing associations with the League of the South past and present members, this kind of ally is a fair indicator of what the Vermont secession crowd could very well have in store for the average Vermonter. The reopening of old wounds caused by the forces of bigotry has no benefit except to the would-be oppressors.

Note to Rob: Maybe taking money from outspoken homophobes is what you meant when you said that Vermont seceshers espouse "the decentralist "beyond red and blue business as usual" politics of secession." I urge that you, Naylor, and your toady, Arthur "Circle Jerk + Lube = Teh Gay" Loose, join me in demanding that Steele return the money from an out-of-state, overtly homophobic source.

Give back the money, Dennis!!

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