Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Free Vermont "Israeli Mafia" Problem

One of the recurring issues to face what's been described by former "Vermont Commons" publisher, Ian Baldwin, as the "small community of secessionist(s)" in Vermont, is how to manage the self-inficted image baggage that they've been lugging around for nearly four years.

During that time, the baas of the Second Vermont Republic, Thomas Naylor [1] [2] , has made it a point to maintain his "street cred" with the national Holocaust denial crowd by issuing a series of virulently anti-Israeli essays. They've been so well received at anti-Semitic websites that they can still be found on them years later; here's one titled, "Vermont Secession Movement Gets The Jews".

Recently divulged by The Source is this communication from Free Vermont and SVR propaganda minister, Rob Williams
"I realize that the Israel plank is near and dear to Thomas (Naylor) and he'll no doubt mail me another pointed letter scrawled in green pen with more information about the US-Israel connection and tell me that, because I am raising questions here, he will decide to push the Israeli Mafia phrase even more.

However, Thomas is not running for office. You are.

And, the thing is I agree with Thomas re Israel.

I just don't think it makes much sense to use Israeli Mafia as a
talking point for a Vermont independence campaign.

Why? Three reasons immediately come to mind:
1. Since most Americans have been conditioned by years of corporate media training to associate anti-Israeli sentiment with Anti Semitism, talking about the Israeli Mafia smacks of antiSemitism blah blah. Holocaust, SVR are racists, etc ad nauseum. I have spent 4 years defusing the SVR/LOS nonsense and it is finally done, even in the blogosphere. Why go there again?

2. More importantly, why not keep our eye on the ball the United States?

3. Finally, the Israeli Mafia phrase sounds canned when it comes out of your mouth. Everything else you say sounds like Dennis Steele talking, and kicking ass."
Uh, "kicking ass," Rob? More like he's been "pounding sand." Taking advice from a wannabe political guru like Williams, who is so politically tone deaf that he's now added "antiSemitism(sic) blah blah" to his list of truly dumb statements. Definitely up there with his "Don't Ask, Don't Care" attitude about the racialist attitudes of a present sitting advisory board member of SVR and Naylor's ceaseless interaction with League of the South trash and Holocaust deniers like James Edwards. [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

And as for "defusing the SVR/LOS nonsense" as being a "finally done" deal, "even in the blogosphere," well, not by a longshot, Rob, not by a very long shot.

I never can say goodbye, boy.


At Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at 9:41:00 PM EST , Blogger Lokisgodhi said...

I've never, ever, spoken to anyone who clamed to only be anti-Israel who, if you talked to them long enough, didn't eventually start making anti-Semitic statements.

There's nothing wrong with them that a rope wouldn't cure. It's the best cure for Nazi scum.


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