Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Free Vermont/VTCommons/SVR "Hidey Hole"

In case you've been following the recent drama going on with that clusterf*ck known as the Free Vermont stable of independent secessionist candidates, such as Connecticut native, Dennis Steele, Senatorial candidates Robert Wagner, Gaelan Brown, Dennis Morrisseau, et al, John Odum outs what I've been referring to as "The Source" today over at Green Mountain Daily in this post.

It's got a lot of the crazy that the Hohe Propagandaminister, Rob Williams, and the Great White Father, Thomas Naylor, of the Second Vermont Realm, would rather you didn't know permeates their slate of candidates. No surprise that misogyny is alive and well at the boys club/tree house/"safe space"/clown car known as the Free Vermont Framework Listserv.

Well worth the read and really quite "seduc(tive)."

Update 5:00PM:JD Ryan's opened his Christmas present early here.

Update October 4, 2010: Sometime last evening the Free Vermont listserv was either taken down or blocked.

According to one of the participants at the listserv, engaging in authoritarian, ruritanian fantasies that are laced with occasions of unconfronted misogyny, compounded by violent imagery, should be considered merely an occurence of "brainstorming ideas."

Right. Good luck with that explanation, Gaelan Brown. My question then would be, why are you guys who would lead a future Vermont now hiding your "brainstorming" considerations to de-unionize the teachers, seize private assets, create a new capital crime (that of lying by a legislator), a universal conscription (draft), a population cap, the Israeli Mafia... oh, I think I've gotten the answer to that now for myself.

For readers who still think they'd like to learn more about the Free Vermont listserv, it's been mirrored being maintained in a PDF archive accessible to the public here at Each month is easy to search using keywords like "UFO" (Sept), "savaged her... punched her... We have to be lovers to these sorts... I know that is a little crass..." (Feb), "No reason for her to breathe OR DO WHAT SHE DOES.....unless she is a SPOOK." (May)

Ah, yes, brainstorming.

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