Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rob Williams' Second Vermont Republic Hate Blogger Dennis Morrisseau Engages in a Little Old Fashioned Jew Baiting

Pawlet, VT's Dennis "Hit List" Morrisseau, a longtime friend to the still dead secessionist leader Thomas H. Naylor (you may remember him for his plot to create a white homeland in northern New England and the Canadian Maritime provinces, and for his alliances with southern white supremacists at the League of the South) and also a friend to the failed secesher Vermont Senate candidate from Ripton, VT, Robert "Needed Killin' " Wagner, who's issued a "news release" last weekend that reeks of blatant Jew-baiting.

Morrisseau's ALL CAPS riddled rant, which you'll find reprinted at the bottom of this post, singles out a Jew, who sits on no US Senate committee with a any pull in foreign affairs, for not having spoken out about, well, it's not entirely clear what Denny would have U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders speak out about given the incoherency of the "communique" from Denny's Morrisseau World Newsservice, which doesn't have a website but is, rather, an irregular email blast to a long list of people who never use his crap. Content of the emails depends more on Denny's then state of mind than on anything that would normally be considered news. Denny's always on the watch for Semitic contagion, particularly in governance. Here's the money quote for his latest unhinged missive:

"WHO is it really that is pushing this crap on Ukraine? WHO are the actual people behind all this? Do they have Jewish names by any chance? Do you know? Do you even know?"
That's the sort of list making "news commentary" one would associate with neo-Nazi websites like or the deeply anti-Semitic Veterans Today where Denny likes to post some of his seething commentary. I give you Denny's entire email; don't forget to wash up when you're done.


Why is that, do you know? There is this huge, overwhelming, dangerous, pile of horseshit, pile of crap, that the present US "leadership" and US media clowns are trying sooooo hard to shove down our throats in Ukraine, and that is being shoved down the throats of ordinary Ukrainians too--believe me, and if you don't, then just watch carefully for awhile--watch this whole orchestrated and very very dangerous LIE being pushed by "ourselves in Ukraine [and in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and god knows where else--here at home too for Chrissake......[and WHO is it really that is pushing this crap on Ukraine? WHO are the actual people behind all this? Do they have Jewish names by any chance? Do you know? Do you even know? Are they Neocons, do you know?]

And we have not heard one single word about any of this from the NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES....FROM THE GREAT & so SMART [little] STATE OF CLEAN & GREEN VERMONT....YES.....BERNAAAAAARD SANDERS!!!! Ta Da!

Not one far.........from your favorite Bigmouth.


Is Bernie really a Neocon [or NeoLib--have it your way] UNDERCOVER ?

Are WE now serving as Bernie's cover?

Do you--really?-- Understand?

Dennis Morrisseau 2LT USArmy [Armor] ret Lieutenant Morrisseau's Rebellion POB 177, W. Pawlet, VT 05775 802 645 9727"
Dennis Morrisseau, a disgraced and cashiered Vietnam era Army "officer" who dodged active duty (but he has always been about the benies), still crazy after all these years. Unsurprisingly, Denny is a "veteran" blogger at Rob Williams' anti-Semitic hate blog. I am so looking forward to what seems to be Denny's 2014 run for the Vermont Senate if his website header is to believed.

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