Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mother Knows Best

Earlier this fall during the onset of the incipient Occupy Wall Street movement and its local incarnation in Burlington, I was struck by what was clearly a blatant and historical revisionist bent to the group, not unlike some of the group's members previous and continuing involvement with the tiny Vermont secessionist movement. Not only did some embrace the conspiracist nonsense of racists and anti-Semites like Eustace Mullins, author of "Adolph Hitler An Appreciation", but they also engaged in creating fictions that evolved as need required. For instance, first the local Occupiers blamed a widely honored and acclaimed housing and homeless assistance group for having sent homeless people to live among the Occupiers, forcing the assistance organization, which has a sterling 30 year record of achievement on behalf of Vermont's homeless to issue a public denial of the baseless charge, to the Occupiers then claiming "solidarity" with the assistance provider. Flip, flop.

When the local Occupiers stumble, miscalculate or just plain screw the pooch, they resort to lies, misrepresentations or simply make shit up.

But it's been the ongoing undercurrent of anti-Semitic conspiracism displayed by some Occupiers similar to that of a Vermont secessionist blowhard, Thomas Naylor, who has claimed that a secession activist, Matt Cropp, was one of the "principal organizers of Occupy Vermont," as well as their sad continuance of making claims against Jews that's been going on for thousands of years that caught my attention. You'd think that the Occupiers, especially one in particular who's repeatedly contacted this blog, could pull their heads out of their asses and come up with something newer than age old Jew hatred.

That said, I thought I'd share something that recently appeared on the endpage of The Sunday New York Times Magazine:
Grabbing Life by the Horns
By Shalom Auslander
Published: December 16, 2011

When I was a child, my mother told me that everyone in the world hated me. They hated me, she said, because I was a Jew.

So? I asked.

So nothing, she replied. So they hate you.

Not just the people on our street, who were “classic Jew-haters”; not just everyone in the town nearby, who were “card-carrying anti-Semites”; not just everyone in the world now, but everyone who’d ever lived, ever: Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Spaniards, Italians, Germans, Protestants, Catholics, Muslims.

I was sure she was wrong. I was sure they just hated her, which I could very well understand. She told me this when I was 6, when I was 13, when I was 15 and when I was 17. At 18, I went on a trip through Europe with some observant Orthodox friends; it was something of a symbolic trip, because we were at the age when we were getting ready to leave home, to head out into that strange new world outside the narrow religious one in which we were brought up. I was determined to find a new home for myself, something broader, more enlightened, less paranoid, less terrified.

One morning, we were on a train headed, I believe, for Paris, when we decided to pray. We had on our yarmulkes, zizit, phylacteries, the whole outfit. A U.S. Marine, in full camouflage, was seated in front of us, and he kept turning around, looking at us and smiling warmly. When we finished praying, he turned around again, and in a heavy Southern accent, with absolutely no malice or hatred whatsoever — in fact, with an almost endearing, childlike curiosity — asked me if I wouldn’t mind too terribly showing him my “Jew horns.”

Not, he added, if it’s like a big deal or something.

My first thought was that he was kidding.

My second thought was that he was serious.

My third thought was, Oh, no — Mom was right.

If he had just called me a dirty Jew, it would have been O.K. If he had just held me down and carved a swastika on my head — no biggie, I’ll wear hats. But he went all the way to horns — to the Middle Ages, Christ-killing, money-lending, shape-shifting stuff.

That was going to be a problem.

Not because of anti-Semitism. I could probably make it in a world fouled with ignorance. I could probably get by on a planet poisoned with petty prejudice and institutionalized hatred. But a world where my mother was right?

That was going to be a problem.

Shame on the Occupy Vermont group in Burlington for never having called out the bigoted, racist anti-Semites among them.

Shame on them!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Second Vermont Republic's Thomas Naylor Has Given Repeated Interviews Over the Years to Iran's State Run "Press TV"

I've blogged in the past about Thomas Naylor's appearances on the racist, Holocaust denying, anti-Semitic and homophobic, to name just a few of the hatreds espoused there, Internet radio program hosted by the white supremacist League of the South honcho, James Edwards, called The Political Cesspool here and here.

It really should come as no surprise then that for years the Dixie singin' Thomas Naylor, baas of the Second Vermont Republic, has also been doing interviews with Iran's state run English news service, Press TV, which was launched in 2007 by Iranian President and Holocaust denier Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Press TV has established a reputation for providing a forum for Holocaust deniers, and while Naylor hasn't himself commented, that I can find, about the Holocaust, he's had an SVR advisory board member with long ties to the League of the South who's published Confederacy claptrap in a well known Holocaust denial publication, The Institute for Historical Review (IHR formerly was advertised on Edwards' Political Cesspool - small world!).

Press TV has a sordid history of taping the "confessions" of Iran's political prisoners in interrogation chambers, while Iranian security interrogators remain in the room to ensure that the prisoners stick to the "script."
"Maziar Bahari, an Iranian-Canadian journalist, spent three months in prison after the Iranian election in 2009. Bahari, who made confessions under duress, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that his taped confession was a fabricated show, coordinated by Iranian state television and certain press outlets close to the Iranian government..."

"One was a reporter from the IRIB Persian service, one was a reporter from the English language Press TV, and the other was a reporter from Fars News Agency. All three of them and I were reading from a script. The IRIB reporters read the interrogator’s questions. When I made a mistake, just like an interrogator, the reporter would say ‘It’s better if you say it this way.’”

"According to Bahari, there was complete coordination between his interrogators and the IRIB team. “The room where I was interviewed by Press TV was the same as my interrogation room. Only that during the taping, a red curtain was put up behind me and my interrogator sat behind the curtain making sure I spoke as they wished,” said Bahari."

Read the complete August 2010 report, "Iranian State TV Acts as an Arm of the Intelligence Apparatus" at the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran here
More on Press TV' "collu(sion) with the torture and illegal detention of (the) journalist" here

You can watch Naylor's two part secesher talking point interview here and here. In these October, 2009 interview segments Naylor repeats his oft told fiction that, in this telling, 11.5 to 12 percent of Vermont's registered voters support secession. Last year's result for his handpicked gubernatorial candidate, Dennis Steele, revealed how fraudulent Naylor's figure is; Steele's candidacy was rejected by more than 99% of Vermont's voters. The irony of Naylor's appearance on an Iranian propaganda outlet mere months after the Iranian government crushed public protests over the sham re-election of Ahmadinejad and the death of hundreds of demonstrators while Naylor was denouncing the US seems to have escaped the secesher Godfather. In one instance of a sniper's attack by a member of Ahmadinejad's Basij militia (government paramilitary) that has been called "probably the most widely witnessed death in human history," Neda Agha-Soltan was murdered for attempting to reach a demonstration a kilometer away from where she was shot. Rather than come to his senses and offer a belated condemnation over Ahmadinejad's many wicked crimes and state sanctioned murders of the peaceful election protesters, as well as the ongoing criminal executions of Iran's gay youth and citizens, Naylor issued this statement a couple of months after his Press TV interview:
"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is one of the few leaders in the world who possesses the courage to confront the United States and Israel."

If Time magazine named a Scumbag of the Year for 2009, Naylor surely would have been a finalist.

So, here are his entries for being the 2011 Time Scumbag of the Year, two more appearances attacking the US for an Iranian audience (February 11 and October 22) based on pieces he'd written, although for the Iranian listeners he threw in a little additional Jew-baiting, red meat:
"... the "Israeli lobby" essentially (has) hammer-lock control over the US government"
The gay genocide being perpetrated by his friends in the Iranian government shouldn't have come as news to Naylor in 2009 or this year since officials of Ahmadinejad's regime have been saying that gays"deserve to be tortured and executed" since 2007 and, for e-confirmation, Robert Cook, a blogger suggests going to Google Images, "type in 'gay Iranians,' and you’ll see that most of the images are images of young Iranian men being hanged."

Additional sources of information about Press TV that Naylor should have consulted before contributing to Iran's propaganda machine are readily available from the Iranian democracy movement here and here. Or maybe he should have recalled the woman condemned to be "stoned" that blanketed the real press and Press TV's involvement in producing and airing her "voluntary" media confession or the condemnation from the world human rights community of Press TV's despicable act of working hand-in-hand with Iranian thugs.

For years the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Force has funded the Lebanese Hezbollah militia in Iraq that have been killing Americans according to this CNN report:

I keep wondering if Naylor and the clowns in his Vermont secession movement can come up with anything dumber than they have in the past, and they seem incapable of disappointing in that regard.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

An Earlier "Besetzen Vereinigten Staaten und Kanada" ("Occupy the US and Canada") List of Jews

My alternative title to this post that has much to do with an Occupy Vermont-Burlington admin's continuing Jew-baiting might have been more seasonal like, say, "He's Making A List," but when you see the content below you'll probably agree that there's no danger of violating Goodwin's Law since this is no mere analogy. The title used fits unfortunately well.

Another YouTube video has been linked to yesterday by an OVB admin and, yes, it's again about the Rothchild family. This Jew fixation on the part of the OVB leadership, a leadership that, according to that hater of the so-called "Israeli Mafia," the Dixie singin' Thomas Naylor, includes a secession organizer, Matt Cropp, is growing into a stench these guys aren't going to be able to get off of the group with a bar of human soap. And, no, I'm not going to link to this one. Suffice it to say that the producer of the vid is fascinated with Jews, Freemasons, the Illuminati, specialized sovereign citizen crazy name spellings and lore, 9/11 truthiness, grassy knolls and loads of other paranoid crap - a total nutjob that the admin could have determined in 2 minutes and 3 clicks, as I did. Or maybe they did and...

I suppose none of this is really very surprising since, as I've pointed out before, the Occupy movement was inspired and created by an anti-Semite, Kalle Lasn, who published the Occupy call to action in his Adbusters magazine. In an interview just a few days ago by Robert Siegel on NPR, Lasn addressed his listing of Jews in government from an earlier 2004 article in his Adbusters magazine:
SIEGEL: "You are identified, obviously with the Occupy Wall Street protests. But before that, with campaigns against commercialism, excessive materialism. You've been very critical of Israel and of neoconservative policies."

LASN: "Yeah."

SIEGEL: "Some people think you're out of bounds identifying who are Jews among prominent neoconservatives."

LASN: "Yes, and some people think I'm way in bounds as well."

Other than some of the people at OVB and the bigots who make such lists at the white supremacist, neo-Nazi hate website (like this one here) that are remarkably similar to the sort of list Lasn compiled of Jewish neocons in the Bush II administration that was reported on here, these guys are all following in the goosesteps of an earlier list maker.

Here's a little something that some OVB secret Santa might want to hurry up and bid on if someone hasn't already snapped it up - an earlier list of Jews in the US and Canada compiled by none other than the Master of the master race, who I'm also sure would have found Lasn's list, as well as the Rothchild/Jew-baiting going on over at OVB, "in bounds."

"Adolf Hitler’s personal copy of a city-by-city, state-by-state guide to the location of America’s Jewish population..."

"It also provides details of several hundred Jewish organizations, including B’nai B’rith and the Anti-Defamation League, along with names of key individuals and their addresses."

"In light of the Holocaust, it is a disquieting compendium."

"The 137-page report, “Statistik, Presse und Organisationen des Judentums in den Vereinigten Staaten und Kanada” (Statistics, Media, and Organizations of Jewry in the United States and Canada)..."

It'll make a great oven, er, stocking stuffer for some Jew-baiter at OVB. Of course, if OVB missed the auction they may want to start their own list of Vermont Jews in government and banking - they're on the same track.

Last night an OVB admin posted in these comments that he's feeling some heat over his blatantly anti-Semitic conversations about Jews, in this case in a post about drones(??) while complaining to another commenter who goes by the name of Donald Hamm:
HAMM: "You know who is behind all this shit... I just want the banking families behind all this shit taken know the names, we don't have to go into it here.."

OVB Admin: "I would LOVE to get those banking families pulled down.You should see how much flack I get for posting Rothschild expose stuff!"

HAMM: "Yeah I'm in the same boat... Rothschilds have been the death of a few conversations for me..people are unwilling to see the simple truth..they look for truth to be very complex and convoluted..these families of people are the problem..if people could just focus on that and on them.."

OVB Admin: "I've heard those concerns before.I don't think you're being unreasonable to suggest connecting the dots in that way.I've even heard it said that this movement was started to draw all of the thinkers and doers out in the open to get their information and cart em off."

HAMM: "amen brother"

Update December 10, 2011, 4:00 PM: Someone at OVB has "disappeared" the vile, scary exchange immediately above, so guys, here's the screen cap:

(Note to readers: Naturally I've been receiving anti-Semitic comments here from a Jew hating Holocaust denier aptly named Zero and have allowed a couple as an example of the type of scum who while posting about the Rothchild family refer to Juden, not a common English usage except among American neo-Nazis. Unless such comments are truly compelling for some reason, I won't be approving more of them. The commenters should just indulge their hatred at some Stormfront forum rather than try to post here.)

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Occupy Vermont Burlington Anti-Semitic Posting

Say what you will about Occupy Vermont Burlington, the repeated anti-Semitic references, like those of the Second Vermont Republic's Thomas Naylor's allusions to Jewish control of the US goverment and the "Israeli Mafia," are bound to make OVB as irrelevant to Vermonters as SVR has become.

OVB's Facebook page has repeatedly promoted such conspiracy theories about Jews. One of their posters who seems to get the biggest hardon when posting about Jews has been someone who goes by the name Eamon James Cahall. He has a fixation on the Rothchild banking family and the "research" of a notorious bigot by the name of Eugene Mullins that I first reported on here.

Cahall suggested that there were "amazing illustrations" done a century ago by one writer, Alfred Owen Crozier, that'd in some way would confirm what he was saying in his post here. I don't think one can find a better example of the sort of paranoid, "Jews wanting to control the world" crap than a cartoon that highlights the threat to "Christendom" so blatantly.

Then on Tuesday of this week an OVB admin promoted a YouTube embed provided by Cahill that continues their growing facination with the Rothchild meme that made the OVB admin absolutely giddy over what s/he thought was clever here. Watching the video I lost count of all of the images that related to Jews, the Rothchild family, Jews controlling the US government (including being in the pocket of Jews), an obit photo for Guy de Rothschild, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), etc., ad nauseum. I really shouldn't be surprised since the inspiration for such dreck that the OVB admin and commenter found so funny must have been an article written years ago by Kalle Lasn, creator of the Occupy movement, in his anti-Semitic magazine, Adbusters. You can read about Lasn's despicable past here.

Repeated anti-Semitic canards; failing to provide adequately for people living in their former camp so that one is now dead; poorly thought out shopping alternatives that harm local Vermont businesses - little wonder then that Vermont secessionists are embedding themselves into the Occupy Vermont movement.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Second Vermont Republic's Thomas H. Naylor Brags About Matt Cropp and His Embedded Operative's Leadership Role in Occupy Vermont-Burlington

(Note to "Bill": You might want to click on the access button to the main part of the blog in the right column [red letters])

Watching the Occupy Vermont-Burlington group flounder its way to irrelevance has been a lot like watching the Vermont secession movement repeatedly pulling the pin on its ever being of importance to Vermont.

Consider this bragging revelation made by the baas of the Second Vermont Republic, the Dixie singin' "Magnolia Vermonter", Thomas H. Naylor on November 1, 2011 here (confirming what was first revealed ten days earlier by me on the blog here):
"Vermont independence supporters have played an active role in the Occupy Vermont movement. Indeed, Matt Cropp, co-founder of the Vermont Independence Alliance, is one of the principal organizers of Occupy Vermont. He can be reached at"
If Cropp's name is familiar, that's because he was the campaign manager for last year's spectacularly failed Vermont secesher gubernatorial candidate, Dennis Steele. And, as if induced to follow his former candidate's own piss poor showing, Matt Cropp recently ran for a Board of Director's position with Burlington's City Market/Onion River Co-op and suffered a drubbing now so very familiar to all secesher electoral aspirants. City Market certainly dodged a bullet when you consider that weeks later Cropp was inspired to open a "Really, Really Free Market" in downtown Burlington as an alternative to local merchants in the immediate area (see 1 min 27 sec mark here) rather than take his "Market" to one of the big box stores that he was speaking about. Now there's a not-so-winning message for the next loser secesher candidate willing to let Matt run his campaign - "Fuck The Local Economy!"

Little wonder then that Naylor, who's condemned virtually every Vermonter alive who won't drink his secesher Kool-Aid, finds Cropp to be such a compelling organizer. Like Naylor, Cropp favors treating his string of false starts and failures as inspirational. One need look no further than the example Naylor cited as one of Cropp's accomplishments: a seven month old website with two pages here and nothing to show for it, much like Cropp's promise last year to organize programs to benefit Vermonters. So far, Cropp's most recent "organizing" effort has produced some serious unintended collateral damage - one dead. One of Cropp's colleagues at the camp made a sad situation worse by falsely claiming that the dead man was a military veteran entitled to "better services (for) troubled military veterans," and the irony escaped the organizers when they "released a statement... saying the incident gave (Occupy Vermont Burlington) an 'ever deeper resolve to stand with our most vulnerable citizens.'"

Yeah, they were already doing that and now he's dead.

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