Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Occupy Vermont Burlington Anti-Semitic Posting

Say what you will about Occupy Vermont Burlington, the repeated anti-Semitic references, like those of the Second Vermont Republic's Thomas Naylor's allusions to Jewish control of the US goverment and the "Israeli Mafia," are bound to make OVB as irrelevant to Vermonters as SVR has become.

OVB's Facebook page has repeatedly promoted such conspiracy theories about Jews. One of their posters who seems to get the biggest hardon when posting about Jews has been someone who goes by the name Eamon James Cahall. He has a fixation on the Rothchild banking family and the "research" of a notorious bigot by the name of Eugene Mullins that I first reported on here.

Cahall suggested that there were "amazing illustrations" done a century ago by one writer, Alfred Owen Crozier, that'd in some way would confirm what he was saying in his post here. I don't think one can find a better example of the sort of paranoid, "Jews wanting to control the world" crap than a cartoon that highlights the threat to "Christendom" so blatantly.

Then on Tuesday of this week an OVB admin promoted a YouTube embed provided by Cahill that continues their growing facination with the Rothchild meme that made the OVB admin absolutely giddy over what s/he thought was clever here. Watching the video I lost count of all of the images that related to Jews, the Rothchild family, Jews controlling the US government (including being in the pocket of Jews), an obit photo for Guy de Rothschild, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), etc., ad nauseum. I really shouldn't be surprised since the inspiration for such dreck that the OVB admin and commenter found so funny must have been an article written years ago by Kalle Lasn, creator of the Occupy movement, in his anti-Semitic magazine, Adbusters. You can read about Lasn's despicable past here.

Repeated anti-Semitic canards; failing to provide adequately for people living in their former camp so that one is now dead; poorly thought out shopping alternatives that harm local Vermont businesses - little wonder then that Vermont secessionists are embedding themselves into the Occupy Vermont movement.

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For the archive of the Free Vermont Framework listserv, click here.

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