Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Second Vermont Republic's Thomas H. Naylor Brags About Matt Cropp and His Embedded Operative's Leadership Role in Occupy Vermont-Burlington

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Watching the Occupy Vermont-Burlington group flounder its way to irrelevance has been a lot like watching the Vermont secession movement repeatedly pulling the pin on its ever being of importance to Vermont.

Consider this bragging revelation made by the baas of the Second Vermont Republic, the Dixie singin' "Magnolia Vermonter", Thomas H. Naylor on November 1, 2011 here (confirming what was first revealed ten days earlier by me on the blog here):
"Vermont independence supporters have played an active role in the Occupy Vermont movement. Indeed, Matt Cropp, co-founder of the Vermont Independence Alliance, is one of the principal organizers of Occupy Vermont. He can be reached at carbonpenguin@yahoo.com."
If Cropp's name is familiar, that's because he was the campaign manager for last year's spectacularly failed Vermont secesher gubernatorial candidate, Dennis Steele. And, as if induced to follow his former candidate's own piss poor showing, Matt Cropp recently ran for a Board of Director's position with Burlington's City Market/Onion River Co-op and suffered a drubbing now so very familiar to all secesher electoral aspirants. City Market certainly dodged a bullet when you consider that weeks later Cropp was inspired to open a "Really, Really Free Market" in downtown Burlington as an alternative to local merchants in the immediate area (see 1 min 27 sec mark here) rather than take his "Market" to one of the big box stores that he was speaking about. Now there's a not-so-winning message for the next loser secesher candidate willing to let Matt run his campaign - "Fuck The Local Economy!"

Little wonder then that Naylor, who's condemned virtually every Vermonter alive who won't drink his secesher Kool-Aid, finds Cropp to be such a compelling organizer. Like Naylor, Cropp favors treating his string of false starts and failures as inspirational. One need look no further than the example Naylor cited as one of Cropp's accomplishments: a seven month old website with two pages here and nothing to show for it, much like Cropp's promise last year to organize programs to benefit Vermonters. So far, Cropp's most recent "organizing" effort has produced some serious unintended collateral damage - one dead. One of Cropp's colleagues at the camp made a sad situation worse by falsely claiming that the dead man was a military veteran entitled to "better services (for) troubled military veterans," and the irony escaped the organizers when they "released a statement... saying the incident gave (Occupy Vermont Burlington) an 'ever deeper resolve to stand with our most vulnerable citizens.'"

Yeah, they were already doing that and now he's dead.

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