Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Second Vermont Republic Advisory Board Member's Paean to the Neo-Confederate Cause Was Published in a Holocaust Denial Publication

Before Second Vermont Republic Advisory Board member Thomas J. DiLorenzo seriously started his Lincoln historical revision shtick, he was a denialist for the Confederacy. Little surprise then that in all the coverage surrounding DiLorenzo's dog and pony act for Ron Paul's (R-TX) committee this bit of info came out, thanks to the good folks at the Southern Poverty Law Center:
"DiLorenzo has other extremist connections. He has spoken at events that included other hate group members, and has been published by neo-Confederate outfits. In 1995, he wrote an essay entitled “A Defense of the Confederate Cause” published in the Journal for Historical Review, a Holocaust denial publication. It argues that “slavery was not one of the rationales” for the Civil War. “Since the battle flag represents a fight against high taxes and centralized government, every freedom-loving American should honor it,” DiLorenzo’s essay concludes."

The Southern Poverty Law Center also revealed that DiLorenzo, despite denials, maintains a continuing relationship with the League of the South white supremacists, lecturing for the knuckledraggers as recently as the summer of 2009.

Here's the cover from the Holocaust denial rag:

The entire issue can be seen on this PDF, with DiLorenzo's Confederate love letter starting on page 36. You'll want to wash your eyes when you're done.

And, yes, you'll find that DiLorenzo is considered "essentially reading" according to the seceshers at "Vermont Commons". Dilorenzo's book of Lincoln historical revisionism was pimped by none other than VTCommons publisher, Rob Williams, as well as VTCommons' white supremacist contributor, Robert S. Griffin (See here).

Loyola University is conducting an investigation of DiLorenzo's possible ties to the extremist, white supremacist, hate group called the League of the South.

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