Friday, February 15, 2008

Thomas Naylor's Racist Admirer, James Edwards, Raises The White Flag At "The Political Cesspool"


On Wednesday, James Edwards, a white supremacist, homophobic, anti-Semetic radio personality and admirer of former Klansman and neo-Nazi, David Duke, announced that he was throwing in the towel, presumably a white one.   Edwards is a member of the League of the South and attended the Chattanooga Secession conference co-sponsered and organized by by Thomas Naylor; the white supremacist head of the LoS, J. Michael Hill, who has said that slavery is "God-ordained"; and Naylor's Middlebury Institute colleague and Second Vermont Republic member, Kirkpatrick Sale.   The Southern Poverty Law Center has the whole story here.   You can read Edwards' very own swan song here.   JD Ryan pokes a stick into the dead horse for old times sake over at fivebeforechaos.   Major HT goes to Odum for having first spotted the Naylor/Edwards connection.

Edwards' program has been promoted by the Holocaust denial organization known as The Institute for Historical Review (I wonder what their take is on Abraham Lincoln?), the neo-Nazi group (see banner above from the Stormfront website) and the Council of Conservative Citizens (formerly known as the White Citizen's Council) where Edwards serves as a Board of Directors member, who promised to send out a special "White Christmas" card to anyone making a donation to "The Political Cesspool."

Edwards has called Thomas Naylor "a good Confederate."   That must be true.   Naylor's only appeared on Edwards' program one time less than Edwards' true hero, David Duke.   I can even remember Tom stressing his Southern roots to Edwards and saying how much he wanted to keep in touch with Edwards and his show.   It must be comforting for Edwards to known that there are people in Vermont who will miss him dearly and all that great media exposure he gave you and SVR among his racist and anti-Semite audience, eh Tom?   Of course, that's only likely to be you and those two klansmen, Tom (See "Bad News" ).

But probably no one will miss Edwards more than his neo-Nazi pals at Stormfront.   They're already post their boo hoos and white solidarity crap on a thread that's bound to grow.   Edwards, a "sustaining member" at the Stormfront hate website has posted this:

"Dear Friends:

While I rarely have had the time to post on Stormfront, there is never a day that passes that I don't visit this site. The support that we have received from Derek and Don Black, Jamie Kelso, David Duke and everyone else here has been absolutely astonishing.

I announced the end of Political Cesspool on Wednesday morning, when Stormfront was down. I will now copy and paste my original letter below, for anyone who may be interested.

As long as there is life in us, we will continue to fight together, my brothers and sisters.

Thanks for always being there.

With Love and Respect,

James Edwards"
Perhaps Edwards best summed up the folly of it all best in his farewell address:
"It’s been said that sharks die if they aren’t swimming. Well, similar to the Great White, I’d die if I were not contributing to the survival of our race."
Great white... sigh.


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