Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Secessionist Neo-Nazi Calls Rob Williams Hate Site a Place of "Friends and Fellow Secessionists"

While doing some research connected to the topic in the previous post, "Secession Alliances and Cross Pollination," I came across one of the connections that shows how close those ties can be in the minds of seceshers.

The website operated by a League of the South member with past ties to the largely defunct neo-Nazi group called the National Alliance (a group that has "produced assassins, bombers and bank robbers, among other things"; membership #C0127), Michael Cushman's Southern Nationalist Network, has a post by Cushman from a little over a year and a half ago where he writes,
"Our friends and fellow secessionists in Vermont have posted an excellent poem with which many Southern nationalists will surely identify. Below is one part that stands out as being particularly relevant in this age when US hegemony stretches far and wide and crushes all that is unique beneath its bland boot of universalism..." Source
Right. Unique like neo-Nazism. What follows in Cushman's post is an excerpt from a now dead link to the now out of commission secesher publication once published by - wait for it - Rob Williams. (For any newcomers to this blog, you can learn more about 9/11 Truther Williams' anti-Semitism and his cavalier attitude towards the racism of his secesher allies here and here.). The poem is such dreck that I can't bring myself post any of it, not even the excerpt, by a Kentucky secesher named Wendell Berry. Williams is so taken by Berry's lyric flotsam that it found its way into Wiiliams' anthology rehash of things once published in his bygone rag. What Williams didn't include was some of the racist writers and bloggers that have contributed to his hate site and wood stove paper kindling supply (that I missed so much this winter), like UVM's white supremacist prof, Robert S. Griffin[1] [2], frothing anti-Semites like Thomas H. Naylor, Dennis "Hit List" Morrisseau, Carol "Jew Loather" Moore, or anti-race mixing contributor to Dennis Steele's utterly failed secesher gubernatorial candidacy, James Duncan. [1] [2]Williams' book has an Amazon Best Sellers rank of #770,243 - heh.

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