Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tomorrow's the Day

Radical America bashing will be the theme for the day, interspersed with outlandish claims that this group of angry outsiders, each of whom is more unaccomplished, inexperienced and incompetent at governing than the next, is the only collection of malcontents who can properly lead Vermonters into a secessionist future. Problem is, Vermonters aren't interested in going there, and especially not with these clowns.

Never mind that they've lied to Vermonters repeatedly about the real support for their group, which they've claimed to be as much as 18%, when in fact more than 99.24% of Vermonters voted for someone other than their angry, Che Guervara embracing, middle finger waving gubernatorial candidate, Connecticut native Dennis Steele. Never mind that during their 2010 campaign they hid from Vermonters some of their beliefs and intentions. For example, Senator Robert "Needed Killin' " Wagner would have Vermont join the South and the Mountain West in becoming a right to work state, thus undermining union effectiveness, and has said so on one of those out-of-state candidate's position sites that he so fond of. Wagner's ravings include this conspiratorial beaut:
"4. Do you know what Agenda 21/Sustainable Development and the Communitarian agenda is? Do you support it? Why or why not?"
"I consider it one of the gravest threats to our livelihoods and freedoms so far this Century, and I am fighting it tooth and nail in Vermont. There is a LOT of money flowing into tiny Vermont to support Agenda 21, going into ‘programs’ to catalog, file, stamp, assess and control Vermont’s agriculture…"

"The battle continues. That’s what I think of Agenda 21."
Wagner's friend, the virulent anti-Semite, Dennis Morrisseau, had this to say when he thought Vermonters wouldn't be gaining access to the super-secret secesher Free Vermont listserv where the seceshers chatted about their various power fantasies and conspiracy theories:
“(I)f we provoke the T(eacher)'s Unions too early in our campaign they will be a HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS.....AND A VERY BIG BLOCKING FORCE. This is one of the few places where i might want us to hold our punches until later...”

Free Vermont listserv, December 14, 2009
For those who don't know, this blog got started by exposing the Second Vermont Republic and its leadership's strong ties to the racist League of the South. As recently as last year the Vermont Commons publisher and former SVR co-chair, Rob Williams, contributed an essay to a book edited by a founder of the League of the South; SVR's founder, Thomas H. Naylor, made sounds of disapproval of the racism at LoS that had been apparent to everyone but him up to that point but he did not formally sever ties with LoS, even when LoS's president, Michael Hill, openly declared his and the League's blatant formalization of its racism this past spring. A presenter at tomorrow's sideshow will be Kirkpatrick Sale, a South Carolina delegate to the Southern National Congress, a group made up of many League of the South members like its vice-chairman, Louisiana LoS chairman Mark A. Thomey. Good to see that the racist elements from the South are to be so ably represented by Sale. It should dovetail nicely with the racist proposal that Sale, Naylor and two other old white guys will seek to have the Vermonters present at their dog and pony show formally adopt as an element of yet another of their incessant manifestos and/or declarations. More on that tomorrow.

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For the archive of the Free Vermont Framework listserv, click here.

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