Tuesday, October 14, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Vermont Secessionist Pol Says "Vermont Independence Is Pretty Much A Joke"

No, even though I've been saying something similar about the Vermont secession movement for years, I didn't say it in quite those words and although I've heard it said by many non-secessionists over the years this is the first time I've heard that sentiment expressed by a secesher deadender. That honor goes to the Vermont secesher 2010 Washington County senatorial candidate who was also an invited member of the highly secret Free Vermont listserv. There he opined that errant legislators should suffer capital punishment for their legislative transgressions; that NASA was conspiring with aliens to receive advanced technology in exchange for raw materials on the dark side of the Moon; that chemtrails (contrails) are a secret concoction of gubmint mind control chemicals spread for maximum effect from aircraft at 30,000 ft. - no, really; and that he should be Minister of Agriculture or some such nonsense in the future Second Vermont Republic. That's right, the person who dissed the "VT independence" movement on the 2014 Vermont secesher Secretary of State candidate's Facebook page is none other than Gaelan Brown. And if anyone should know the true state of affairs with the "VT independence" movement it's certainly Brown, a lapdog of the remnants of the SVR leadership.
"Sadly, VT independence is pretty much a joke, just like (the) book Out(: The Vermont Secession Book) even though it's a fun thought."
Gaelan Brown, March 4, 2014 @ 7:01 AM
All of the mainstays of the 2010 campaign, including the ones who said that they'd run in 2014, have bailed and earlier this year one of them takes a big dump on the movement as a whole. So who does that leave in the movement, Rob Williams? He can't even find his way out the mess he's made by not renouncing and denouncing the newly invigorated, if ineffectual, racist League of the South. You can read more about the Vermont secesher losers "Trail of Broken Political Promises and Bullshit" here.

With the stalwarts walking away and/or pissing on the notion of Vermont secession, it's safe to say that the show is over and the only one who doesn't seem to get that is Williams, the onetime co-chairman with the now quite dead Thomas H. Naylor and who with Naylor convened a meeting at which he invited out of state racist and homophobic hate groups to Burlingtoon, VT, and who is the current self annointed new baas of the remains of the Second Vermont Republic and the unchallenged Minister of Second Vermont Republic Secessionist Fuckweaselry.

Brown is right; what a joke.

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For the archive of the Free Vermont Framework listserv, click here.

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