Tuesday, June 10, 2014

VTDigger Posts a Vermont Secessionist Bonehead's Energy Rant Without Disclosing That Hans O'Hanion Is A Secesher

A reader has pointed me to an Op-Ed commentary posted at VTDigger by Vermont secessionist Hans O'Hanion. O'Hanion's curricula vitae omits this fact, as well as O'Hanion's longtime association with his Charlotte neighbor, the still dead Dixie singin' anti-Semite and proponent of a white homeland comprised of northern New England and the Canadian Maritimes, Thomas H. Naylor.

Like Naylor, O'Hanion has major probs with our congressional delegation, state government and the average Vermonter's commitment to seeking a path to sustainable energy alternatives that don't involve dangerous nuclear power plants. O'Hanion's piece disparages average Vermonters in a major way because he's a scholar academic blowhard (Academic blowhards are a staple of the anti-Semitic and racist pan-secessionist movement). O'Hanion essentially argues that sustainable energy alternatives are all inferior to "safe" nuclear power modules. Remember, back before Three Mile Island, when the egghead blowhards told us that nuclear power plants were safe? O'Hanion can't seem to accept the decision of the vast majority of Vermonters that nuclear is definitely not something that they want in the energy mix. O'Hanion's chance of successfully peddling his nonsense in his lifetime is about the same as Naylor's dream of creating a white homeland in his lifetime, although he has succeeded in projecting the degree of contempt that Naylor had before he croaked for the average Vermonter.

Where this secesher nonsense involving O'Hanion and the utterly failed Vermont "independence" crap converges is in the ill-fated seditious attempt by a small group of Vermont secesher boneheads to reconstitute a state governmental branch that had been legally disbanded nearly a hundred and fifty years ago called the Vermont Council of Censors. The duties of the Council are now those of the Vermont Supreme Court. The "reconstitution" was proposed by scholar rocket scientist Gary Flomenhoft at a secesher meeting in May of 2009 at Goddard College. While the original Council members were elected by Vermonters, the "reconstituted" group was made up of self-selected appointees like Dennis "Hit List" Morrisseau, Not-So-Senator Robert "Needed Killin' " Wagner, and O'Hanion.

All this Vermont Council of Censors stupidity that was intended to oversee the legislation coming out of the General Assembly and the activities of the Governor's office came to a screeching halt when I exposed it in 2010 here.

I'm left wondering why the "diggers" at VTDigger left this out of O'Hanion's background description. Wouldn't it have helped readers to gauge how unhinged the following commentary would turn out to be?

O'Hanion has no, um, better booster than the publisher of the failed Vermont secesher hate blog, Rob Williams, who called O'Hanion:
"[an] enthusiastic supporter of Vermont independence"
At about the time O'Hanion and his cohorts were advancing their seditious plot, the late Julie Waters nailed it thusly:
"What used to be a movement that was looked at with at least some small amount of interest has now been completely discredited."
- Julie Waters, Monday, July 6, 2009
Shame on VTDigger for missing this very pertinent detail from their commentator O'Hanion's background.

(h/t Todd)

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