Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dennis "Hit List" Morrisseau Reaches A New Low

It probably wouldn't come as much of a surprise to regular readers of this blog that I consider the perennial loser candidate for various state offices, Dennis "Hit List" Morrisseau to be a lowlife and a scumbag. Denny's never found a conspiracy theory that he couldn't embrace, no matter how outrageous or ridiculous. Denny's used chicken wire engineering to explain how the discredited 9/11 Truthers got it right, basing his junk science on the work of cabal of anti-Semites from American Free Press, and Jim Fetzer's 9/11 Scholars for Truth. There's more on Fetzer here, as well as a piece that he had published (he's a regular contributor) at the anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying and anti-American website maintained by the Iranian Ministry for Propaganda, Press TV, entitled "Mossad Death Squads Slaughtered American Children at Sandy Hook."

Fetzer's a proponent of the conspiracist notion that those scores of Newtown, CT parents are faking the real grief we were all witness to. In particular, he's got a conspiracist stiffy for one parent, Robbie Parker, whose daughter was murdered by Adam Lanza. Setting aside for the moment the cognitive dissonance of first accusing the Israelis of perpetrating the massacre while then accusing the parents of the murdered children of being a part of vast governmental conspiracy to concoct a fake massacre for the purpose of creating just the right climate to push through legislation to seize American's guns, let's take a look at who this nutter is citing as a compelling authority on Robbie Parker faking it. It's stunningly offensive to the parent and other families. Take it away, Denny:
Jim Fetzer January 26, 2013 - 7:24 am

Here’s another example, where Dennis is far from alone in believing a lot of acting was going on:

Dennis Morrisseau · Top Commenter · West Pawlet, Vermont "I can buy a few of the writer’s explanations of some parts of this event and the questions surrounding it. But I also agree with Jim Fetzer’s and Julie Banda’s remarks below. AND, since I have done some stage acting, and also seen a large slice of reality in my 70 years on the planet, I am just going to tell you that ROBBIE WAS AN ACTOR, delivering remarks for TV off a card, and very clearly…….he had to work hard to get into character for his performance after his slick joking repartee before he had to go “ON”."
Ah, yes. In addition to his roles as one of the most failed candidates in modern Vermont history, as an enemy of Vermont's homeless, as the advocate for a hit list of prominent Jews and as the self-anointed "Very Foreign Minister" of the lamentably misnamed Second Vermont Republic, Denny now presents himself as a thespian of such caliber that he can tell from 3 to 4 seconds of tape that someone is faking emotion about their deceased child like so many of the whack job conspiracists do. It's impossible to look at the vid and not see the true cross of emotions that naturally move across the face of the truly grieving unless, of course, you're a sick conspicracist whackjob like Denny.

Naturally, fake "Senator" Robert "Needed Killin'" Wagner considers Denny to be his "friend" and serves as tech support for Denny's now defunct campaign website, - if Denny should ever turn his website back on maybe he'll post a "Hi! Let Me Tell You About My Court Martial Proceeding!" explanation of his betrayal during the Vietnam War.

Registered through:, LLC ( Domain Name: 2LTMORRISSEAU.COM Created on: 12-Aug-05 Expires on: 12-Aug-13 Last Updated on: 14-May-11 Registrant: Dennis Morrisseau PO Box 177 West Pawlet, Vermont 05775 United States Administrative Contact: Morrisseau, Dennis PO Box 177 West Pawlet, Vermont 05775 United States 8026459727 Technical Contact: Wagner, Robert PO Box 174 Ripton, Vermont 05766 United States +1.8029899673
It's always been clear that Denny's a viciously misogynistic, anti-Semitic, conspiracy addled nutter whose hatred for so many people - the poor, the homeless, virtually all of Vermont's legislators, reality based Vermonters, Jews and women - was such an attractive combination for Vermont's secessionist movement but I just never realized that he could be this despicable in pursuit of his completely dishonest worldview. And why would "Senator" Wagner ever call a longtime dirtbag like Morrisseau his "friend?" And will self-identifying with a hateful Truther like Morrisseau improve or screw up Wagner's next campaign? We shall see. And let's see if Vermont secesher propagandist, Rob Williams, at the thoroughly defunct Vermont Commons journal blog puts any distance from himself and his emerging independence movement book selling enterprise, and his hater of mourning parents and conspiracy blogger, Dennis Morrisseau.

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