Friday, December 21, 2012

Keith Preston: A Tribute from A Secessionist Bigot for the Late Thomas H. Naylor

This one comes from Keith Preston, an anarcho, pan-secessionist, anti-immigrant, racial "realist" (Read: racist), anti-Semitic, segregation affirming homophobe who, naturally, has a few issues with women as well.

Preston has a history of supporting extremists like Naylor. Preston was a contributor to the white nationalist conference held by the National Policy Institute (NPI) in 2011. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the NPI is an active white nationalist group based in Georgia; there's more from the SPLC here. Here's NPI's website (and don't forget to wash when you're done). A project of the NPI on the web called Alternative Right which calls itself Euro-Centric (and we're not talking about currency) identifies Preston as a part of their editorial collective of white guys here.

He's been described as a "fascist in anarchist clothing," but I liken his style, both personal and in writing, as more like the Comic Book Guy, if the Comic Book Guy wore a swastika armband around the comic bookstore.

The website One People's Project has more on Preston's racist ties with such low-lifes as The Political Cesspool's James Edwards and American Renaissance's Jared Taylor here, here and here.

At his website, Attack The System, Preston wrote:
"It is with great regret that I must inform our readers of the passing of Thomas H. Naylor, founder of the Second Vermont Republic. I received word earlier this evening that Tom passed away last night after a sudden stroke at the age of 76."

"Fortunately, I was able to interview Tom for my podcast on Voice of Reason earlier this year..."

"Tom was the author of thirteen books, including three on secession, and one of his books, Downsizing the USA, was crucial in the development of my own political outlook. It was largely due to Tom’s influence that I came to realize that decentralized micronations achieved through pan-secession are the most viable alternative to the Leviathan mega-states that plague us today. I cannot recommend Tom’s voluminous body of writings of these issue(sic) highly enough..."
Yes, "Tom" was an inspiration to a racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic and plainly misogynistic dirtbag.


Here's an obscure, little known fact: Preston is the Secessionist Outreach Officer for Sebastian Ernst Ronin's (see post immediately below for more on Ronin) white supremacist Renaissance Party of North America, according to this post at Preston's website:
Mr. Ronin is the Chairman of the Renaissance Party of  North America (RPN), for which I am the Secessionist Outreach officer.  This is a brand new party, having been formed only in December of 2009, and it is the only political party in North America that I would even consider becoming involved with at present.  The party’s mission statement and philosophical outlook is light years ahead of any of its competitors, as it combines syndicalist/distributist economics, radical decentralization, “archeofuturism” and other ENR-inspired ideas, anti-globalism, peak oil theory, anti-Cultural Marxism, anti-political correctness, anti-imperialism, a Spenglerian view of history, pan-secessionism, race-realism, a strident yet reasonable environmentalism, a social conservatism that is measured and libertarian, neo-paganism within a wider spirit of religious toleration, and criticism of mass immigration in the name of civilizational survival and self-preservation.  In other words, all of the best and most far-sighted contemporary ideas are being pulled together into a unified and syncretic whole.
Not many people know that; fewer still care about these assholes.  These Naylor mourners are typical of his scumbag followers.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Before His Death Thomas H. Naylor Collaborated in a Proposal to Create a White Homeland in Vermont

Thomas H. Naylor, founder of the unsuccessful attempt to secede from the Union called the Second Vermont Republic, had a long history of cozying up to racists, Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites, secessionists and white separatists.

What is not so well known was his involvement with a Canadian racist and anti-Semite, Sebastian Ernst Ronin, and of their plan to make Vermont part of a "White Homeland." Ronin, much as Naylor was on the American and Vermont political scene, is an extremist nobody on the Canadian political landscape.

I'd first noted Naylor's ties to the "New Acadia" or "Novacadia" proposal that a new confederation be formed from upper New York state, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and the Canadian Maritime provinces after an appearance he'd made in June, 2007 on FOX TV's Bill O'Reilly dreck here.

Naylor then began to conspire with Ronin, who was well known even then as a Canadian racist, in April of 2008 to create this new confederation of New England states and Canadian provinces, according to Ronin. Naylor wrote about these discussions concerning the new confederation here, and even urged that Vermonters contact this Canadian racist pig.

Hell, they'd even made a map of the White (10), Native (3), Hispanic and Black (New Ebony? Really?) Homelands.

They never (particularly in Naylor's case) got around to making clear how the relocations might have been accom- plished, but given Ronin's fondness for WWII Nazis and Naylor's hatred for the State of Israel, I'm sure that there was some sort of operational "final solution" that they had in mind.

In his tribute to Naylor this week, Ronin referred once again to their plans for a White Homeland in Vermont that can be found here. Ronin wrote (and it was never declaimed by Naylor):
"Novacadia:captures the three Maritime provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, and the three New England states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, and part of northern New York; Second Vermont Republic in place and Novacadia Independence Party pending; this is new nation #4 that defies an international boundary; White Homeland Six"

Ronin's piece makes explicit that they'd brook no dissent from the blacks, the browns, the natives and the Jewy types.
"The designations of Native, Negro and Mestizo homelands does not mean that we have to make either the RVI or RPN friendly to Native, Negro or Hispanic input, although some may be inevitable as per federal legislation (witness the example of the British National Party); it simply means that we retain our political position to speak on behalf of Whites and negotiate on their behalf, but within a political context that recognizes all other continental ethnic/racial players, except for Zionist Jews and non-Jews."
What wasn't clear is how they'd deal with the fags, although subsequent to the enactment of the Civil Unions law in Vermont, Naylor said that'd still be up for re-discussion in his SVReich.

One of Naylor's toadys, Rob Williams, recently described Naylor to the press as being "irascible." If Williams were being honest, he'd have described Thomas Naylor as a lying, hateful, insane prick. Clearly, from what we know of Naylor's expulsions of the insufficiently obsequient secesher drones and his condemnations of the vast majority of Vermonters (99%+) failure bow to his every dictum, Naylor would have become, like similarly deranged autocrats, more than a tyrant in Vermont, Novacadia or whatever other fictional principality/republic that he sought to create out of nothing.

Despite their professed regrets regarding his passing at his memorial service today in Charlotte, VT, no one in their right mind will possibly miss the crap that he's done in the furtherance of his secesher, racist, anti-Semitic vision for Vermont. Real Vermonters will have no trouble putting Naylor out of their thoughts - forever.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Thomas H. Naylor: The Extreme Makeover Begins

When I saw last week in the Seven Days political blog, Off Message: Vermont Politics & News, the piece on the passing of secessionist
Thomas H. Naylor from Vermont's political scene, a scene that he'd had virtually no impact on whether the subject was office holders, public policy or, frankly, being a politically relevant "mover and shaker." His moving and shaking consisted of endlessly repetitive essays that he published at his own website, as well as at a number of other anti-Semitic and racist websites, and an ever evolving series of plots and schemes that usually consisted of a half dozen to a score of similarly addled secesher cohorts in costume of some sort. Naylor's own personal favorite was a green blazer with a Vermont National Guard battle flag pin that he'd purloined for use as his own Second Vermont Republic standard, all topped by his affected Quaker Oats guy hairdo. When he was feeling particularly frisky, in a Gilbert & Sullivan kind of way, he'd top off his costume, over the shoulders, with a full-sized, regimental Vermont National Guard battle flag. Unfortunately, the 7Days piece had the whiff of tribute about it, right down to the secesher book plug for the source, Vermont Commons blog publisher, primary Naylor reputation and secesher activist fluffer, and likely heir apparent to the throne of the "emerging" principality of Vermont or whatever these assholes intend to call their Empire next, Rob Williams.

The tone of the 7Days piece, right down to the journalistically unusual headline, "R.I.P. Thomas Naylor," prompted Naylor's groupies, running the gamut from sciolistic to snarling partisans, who were already desperately trying to burnish the Thomas Naylor image, to wax apoplectic when commenters at the blog weren't, in their estimaton, sufficiently mournful or barfing up praise for possibly one of the most mean-spirited and hateful individuals in Vermont, their hero Thomas Naylor. In a post that did a far better job of summing up the life of Thomas Naylor and his impact on Vermont politics at a different political blog, Green Mountain Daily, right down to the lump of coal that Naylor's conduct here in Vermont has so richly earned, publisher jvwalt wrote:
(A lump of coal for) "(t)he late Thomas Naylor of the secessionist group Second Vermont Republic, for leaving a legacy of lies and bitterness behind him. Some may say it's unkind to speak ill of
the recently deceased; my view is that we should speak plainly of their lives for good and ill. And in Naylor's case, primarily ill."

"When Naylor first formed SVR, he attracted a variety of Vermonters from across the political spectrum, including quite a few leftists who were disgusted with the Bush war on terror. Turned out that he had allied himself with some southern neo-Confederate types, and had some very questionable views on the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. And when confronted about his views and associations by blogger "Thomas Rowley" and front-pagers here at Green Mountain Daily, he reacted with angry denials and furious counterattacks, and an attempt to undermine the career of at least one of his critics."

"And in the process, he made it clear that he held some pretty noxious views. Afterward, a lot of his associates broke ties with him and SVR. The group continued to sputter on, but it ceased to be a meaningful force in Vermont politics. And in the immortal words of Louis Armstrong:"

"When you're lyin' six feet deep,
no more fried chicken will you eat,
I'll be glad when you're dead, you rascal you."
I could not have said it better. Plans are underway over at Vermont Commons for remembrances about Naylor, in what'll likely be an effort to gloss over his many negative qualities and to commence a canonization process. I intend to speak truth to that effort. Yesterday I received an email from a prominent neo-Confederate researcher who wrote,
"(Naylor) had lived a long time in Virginia and in (the) community in which he had lived for years (he) search(ed) for a white fantasy republic in a strange land. (Naylor) fled Virginia to flee African Americans and Vermont was to be his white refuge."

"He descended into madness."
So true. Vermonters are about to witness a small, perfect storm of the false consensus effect as the minuscule remains of the Vermont secesher movement whip themselves into a wailing frenzy over their now quite dead baas.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thomas H. Naylor: The Dog-whistler

Wikipedia: Dog-whistle politics is political messaging employing coded language that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has an additional, different or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup. [1] [2]

According to Thomas Naylor, he'd been entranced with the vision of a secessionist state of Vermont for more than a score of years. He'd said that in the first dozen or so years that his was a lone voice, and, like much of what he'd like Vermonters to believe, that isn't true. However, it is true that in this period, and likely before, he had associates who were up to their eyeballs in the South Will Rise Again movement. This association would reveal itself when Naylor launched his own movement that he'd call (despite the very real question that there'd ever been a first one) the Second Vermont Republic (SVR).

In putting together his advisory board he included very few Vermonters but instead he packed the group with neo-Confederate ideologues and white supremacists like Franklin Sanders, a convicted felon and a League of the South (LOS) member of LOS's board of directors; the Lincoln hating, Union hating, unions hating, as well as the hater ofthe Constitution's pesky 14th Amendment with its due process clause that applied the Bill of Rights to the states and its citizenship clause and its equal protection clause that was used to dismantle institutional segregation practiced in Southern states, and Big Tobacco whore, Thomas DiLorenzo; the present day South Carolina delegate to the white supremacist Southern National Congress, Kirkpatrick Sale; the former first director of LOS's historical revisionist Institute for the Study of Southern Culture and History before founding the "Lincoln loath(ing)" (Time, 2005) Abbeville Institute, so named for the plantation of John C. Calhoun, a mid-19th century slavery and "states rights" (white supremacy dog-whistle), Donald Livingston. There were others including a member of Italy's racist Lega Nord. [3] Naylor's ties to the national secession movement (an oxymoron?) elements that are the most racist, most committed would be restorers of institutional segregation in the states, and most committed to patriarchy and homophobia is indisputable.

Naylor, just like Teabaggers and racists would do when their world caved in on the evening of November 6, wrote another of his essays titled Obamaland: Vision Free, But Very Cool that was intended to demean his better, President Obama.

You see, in Naylor's alternative universe, the president merely strives to be "cool."  Nevermind the conflicts in the Middle East, the fiscal cliff, congressional pissing contests, real terrorist threats against Americans at home and abroad, nah, he's just into a nigga thing about being "cool."

Don't believe it?  Just consider Naylor's racist, dog-whistle close to his essay:
"Above all, what Obama was about was being “cool.” And it worked in spades."

Truly pathetic, even for a self-described scholar and Dixie singer like Naylor.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

R.I.H. Thomas H. Naylor.

Sad news for secession deadenders - according to the Dixie singin' Thomas H. Naylor's handpicked 2010 candidate for the Vermont lieutenant governor position, Peter Garritano, Naylor is dead. Sadder still is Garritano's love for a flagrantly anti-Semitic, racist, patriarchical troll like Naylor. Garritano described Naylor's ideas as "farfetched"(sic) and "destructive" but like, ya know, whatever.

 See ya, bye.

 Oh, yeah. More to come.

UPDATE: Saturday, December 15, 10:00AM Garritano's lamentations have been disappeared from the VTCommons website. Publisher Rob Williams probably has a state funeral planned and Garritano's rambling, maudlin eulogy was perhaps premature. You can read the Seven Days obit here. I'll have a piece about Naylor's most recent, and possibly last, racist foray up this evening.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

UPDATE: Vermont Secession Petition Submitted to the White House Is a Bust

For anyone still following this nonsense, the so-called petition to consider a request for secession of Vermont from the Union submitted by a New York resident utterly failed to achieve the 25,000 signatures required for consideration and response by the White House.

Despite the repeated claim by the baas of the Dixie singin' Thomas H. Naylor that his Second Vermont Republic had the love of 60,000 Vermont voters, the petition received barely more signatures than his ridiculous secesher gubernatorial candidate, Dennis Steele, in 2010. But that isn't the worst of it; of the 2,600+ signators of the New Yorker's petition for Vermont separatism, a mere 68 identified themselves as Vermonters. The rest of the team came from red states and, primarily, former slave states.

And the 68 figure corresponds roughly to the number of people that secessionist leader Juliet Buck was able to turnout for her anti-Vermont Air National Guard and anti-F35 thug feast at Sen. Patrick Leahy's Burlington, VT office yesterday. Go figure.

My guess would be that Buck'll get the meeting that she's demanded with Sen. Leahy the day after Vermont secedes from the Union, and that'd be like never.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

To Paraphrase Franz Kafka...

... only a lawyer could write a 20,000+ character document and call it a brief.

I've been following the Vermont secession movement leader Juliet Buck's ongoing campaign to protect her investment in her gamble on a home within earshot of the Vermont Air National Guard's sole airbase for awhile now and the wrinkles in this case grow curiouser and curiouser.

In what is seemingly unintended to be a legally amateurish, last ditch effort at a coup de grâce by the anti-F35 group legal team, and in what appears to be an attempt to impose a less than overwhelming argument directed at Vermont's elected representatives by way of a shitty (a Juliet Buck style term) argumentation, this may be l'extrémité de la ligne, or the end of the line, for this latest secesher effort.

Naturally, Buck, who as an secesher extremist opposes all efforts by real elected Vermont representatives to protect Vermont interests beyond those of the "small community" she is a primary so-called "delegate"/representative of, the Vermont secessionist community. One has to wonder why Vermont's media has as yet failed to disclose this fact about Buck's agenda. VTDigger has deleted references to Buck's longstanding programme, while WCAX has showcased Buck's spurious claim that,
"The F-35 program is just sick on every level,"
without ever disclosing that Buck was an opening speaker at the Vermont secessionist confab in Montpelier three months ago, an event that the vast majority of Vermonters (if the breathtakingly underwhelming election results by 2010 and 2012 seceshers are to be considered) feels is sick on a whole bunch of levels as well, if not only for embracing what has been in terms described both here and in Europe as anti-Semitism, in its manifesto. Buck's lack of transparency in disclosing her serious interest in secession from the Union while at the same time trashing her fellow Vermonters would likely strike a whole lot of people as "sick" were it to be generally known.

One, like Buck, who would be in the forefront of leading Vermont out of the Union might be on more solid ground to claim that the Vermont secesher movement has a better read on the F-35 issue if that same movement hadn't repeatedly allied itself with racists, Holocaust deniers, homophobes and anti-Semites. It's a stink that just hasn't gone away and isn't apt to just because Buck and her ilk are pointing to their latest personally rewarding shiny thing.

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