Wednesday, December 12, 2012

To Paraphrase Franz Kafka...

... only a lawyer could write a 20,000+ character document and call it a brief.

I've been following the Vermont secession movement leader Juliet Buck's ongoing campaign to protect her investment in her gamble on a home within earshot of the Vermont Air National Guard's sole airbase for awhile now and the wrinkles in this case grow curiouser and curiouser.

In what is seemingly unintended to be a legally amateurish, last ditch effort at a coup de grâce by the anti-F35 group legal team, and in what appears to be an attempt to impose a less than overwhelming argument directed at Vermont's elected representatives by way of a shitty (a Juliet Buck style term) argumentation, this may be l'extrémité de la ligne, or the end of the line, for this latest secesher effort.

Naturally, Buck, who as an secesher extremist opposes all efforts by real elected Vermont representatives to protect Vermont interests beyond those of the "small community" she is a primary so-called "delegate"/representative of, the Vermont secessionist community. One has to wonder why Vermont's media has as yet failed to disclose this fact about Buck's agenda. VTDigger has deleted references to Buck's longstanding programme, while WCAX has showcased Buck's spurious claim that,
"The F-35 program is just sick on every level,"
without ever disclosing that Buck was an opening speaker at the Vermont secessionist confab in Montpelier three months ago, an event that the vast majority of Vermonters (if the breathtakingly underwhelming election results by 2010 and 2012 seceshers are to be considered) feels is sick on a whole bunch of levels as well, if not only for embracing what has been in terms described both here and in Europe as anti-Semitism, in its manifesto. Buck's lack of transparency in disclosing her serious interest in secession from the Union while at the same time trashing her fellow Vermonters would likely strike a whole lot of people as "sick" were it to be generally known.

One, like Buck, who would be in the forefront of leading Vermont out of the Union might be on more solid ground to claim that the Vermont secesher movement has a better read on the F-35 issue if that same movement hadn't repeatedly allied itself with racists, Holocaust deniers, homophobes and anti-Semites. It's a stink that just hasn't gone away and isn't apt to just because Buck and her ilk are pointing to their latest personally rewarding shiny thing.

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