Monday, October 15, 2012

Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Especially Thomas Naylor

Fresh from the failure of yet another of his Vermont secessionist movement confabs that attracted fewer attendees than any of his previous events, other than scheduled participants and some kid from
Cavendish, VT, and zero media to his September Secesher Statehouse Stunt , after which he gave the shaft to a longtime supporter, the founder of the Second Vermont Republic has come up with an even more ridiculous "proposal."

Thing is, Tommy Boy has an unbroken string of failures, stunts, grandiose  plans that all come to nothing, each being buttressed by lies that would even have embarrassed his racist father, the guy who made the economic trains run on time for the segregationist Mississippi Sovereignty Commission, Tommy Pére.

The would be Prince of the Second Vermont Republic, Vermont's most hidebound secessionist, now wants to convene a meeting of "small" states to unseat and utterly disempower the authority of the majority of the world, or as he likes to call them, the "meganations."  This despite the fact that from his aforementioned "radical consultations," manifestos, phony polls, phony handpicked, angry candidates, empty "conventions" and meetings, as well as his own angry denunciations of virtually every Vermonter for not joining him on his own personal path to self-imposed irrelevancy, he has delivered on nothing.  Notably, he and his tiny group announced big plans in early 2007 to get "200 Towns in 2012" to place secession articles in their Town Meeting warrants to demand that the Vermont General Assembly pursue secession from the Union. Results: Not one of the more than 1400 town meetings conducted in the intervening six years has had a secession question on the ballot. Maybe it's because in early 2007 this blog revealed for the first time anywhere that Naylor had a tight relationship with the racists at the League of the South.

So, having failed here in Vermont as miserably as he has to create his dream Empire called the Second Vermont Republic, he's poised to move on to what promises to be even more barren pastures - the entire world.

In what he calls "A Proposed International Convention on Small Nation Self Determination," Naylor's announced that he wants approximately 40% of the world's population to hold a convention devoted to "delegitimiz(ing)" and the "dissolution of countries such as the United States, China, Russia, India, Japan, and Brazil." In all, he claims authority to disband eleven nations whose population exceed 100,000,000 people each (two with more than a billion people each) as, I guess, the convener of "the 40%."

Well, Tommy Boy being an emeritus economist and all, which is short for lazy and stupid, failed to use 2012 census figures - the Philippines have joined the group of meganations that he loves to hate, making the number he intends to dissolve 12, not 11. Jeezum crow, Tommy Boy, a 100 million here, a 100 million there, you're starting to talk about a lot of people.  And god knows Filipinos and Bangladeshis, each a meganation as you say, have a "hammerlock control over international financial markets, international finance and banking" that must be dealt with tout de suite.

If Naylor's past record of accomplishment is any measure of his likelihood of success in this new endeavor, in 6 years his new scheme will be in exactly the same place as his "200 Towns in 2012" plan - the crapper.

Now, would Naylor's caretaker please take his green felt tip pens (he spams people's mailboxes with his crazed, green missives since he's forsworn the Intertubes) from the old codger before he convinces the entire world that he's as unhinged as Vermonters have come to know him to be?  Besides, the postage and airfare for this latest disturbed brainstorm of his will probably blow the retirement fund, even if he is one of Vermont's 1%.

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