Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thomas H. Naylor Sticks A Shiv Into A Longtime Ally

Over the past five years and nine months I've seen Thomas Naylor do some pretty despicable things - repeatedly consorting with racists, Holocaust deniers and like minded anti-Semites. Obviously, this has always been a path that he'd like for Vermonters to join him on.

He has repeatedly denounced the vast majority of Vermonters - the more than 99% of Vermonters who'd voted for someone other than his handpicked candidate for governor; the Vermont National Guard; virtually every statewide elected official that he's written about on his website; all of Vermont's congressional delegation; Vermont's clergy & churches, including his own in Charlotte; Vermont's non-profits who do more in a single afternoon for Vermonters than Naylor's ever done in his whole miserable life; Vermont's schools and institutions of higher education; the Vermont Occupy movement (except for his toadying embed, the notably ineffectual Matt Cropp), anti-war activists (except for the frothing ragers like his also unsuccessful handpicked candidate for Lt. guv, Peter Garritano and the chronically pissed off, sham radical Juliet Buck), the entire environmental community, and anyone else who doesn't get serious wood when they hear the word "secession."

But again, I'm getting ahead of myself.

I'd thought that with my last post about the significantly poor showing at Naylor's repetitively contrived, yet-one-more-time Secesher Statehouse Stunt last Friday on behalf of his foundering Second Vermont Republic, that I was done with the prattling old fool.

Nuh-uh. Yesterday I opened the old email inbox to find another of Naylor's tedious, deranged screeds. He titled it, "La-La Land Liberalism in Vermont and Elsewhere."

You see, Vermont's problem is that it's too liberal; it's agenda is too liberal; and he's identified the sources of the problem which he takes great care to enumerate in his bad-tempered piece.

In a harangue that only omits the usual conservative complaint about "latte drinking, sushi eating, Volvo driving, New York Times reading" liberals, Naylor identifies the "six factors which have contributed to the demise of Vermont liberalism" in his estimation:

1. Senator Bernie Sanders
2. Ben & Jerry's
3. Phish
4. Bill McKibben
5. Bread & Puppet Theater

and, drumroll please...

6. Marijuana
Apparently, the the Dixie singin' Naylor, baas of SVR feels that Bread & Puppet event schedule and act don't meet his high standard of success. Never mind that he's never gotten a single secesher elected to office in any of their abysmal runs or that he was unsuccessful in getting even one of the "200 Towns in 2012" that his group promised to get to put articles for consideration on their Town Meeting warrants or, and you don't need to be a psychic to predict this one, that his plan to have Articles of Secession before the General Assembly by 2015 is, uh, on hold.

Nope, Peter Schumann, who founded and directed the successful Bread and Puppet over the past 50 years, and who has, even if reluctantly, stood by Naylor even as Naylor deepened his ties with racists, Holocaust deniers, homophobes, misogynists, anti-Semites and neo-Confederates, is one of the six sources of Naylor's problem in failing to sell more than 99% of Vermonters on his bigoted bullshit. It's not hard to figure out why; Naylor's sought to piggyback his lame secession movement on those whose efforts have been demonstrably more successful than he is ever likely to be.

And, as if he couldn't get any slimier, here's what a low-life Naylor can be; he waited until after Bread and Puppet had appeared as a part of his tiny turnout of around 50 (of which B&P accounted for about 20%) for his most recent Secesher Statehouse Stunt, where he and his cronies passed a manifesto that formalized his brand of racism in the Green Mountain state, to publish his attack on Bread and Puppet.

What. A. Duplicitous. Scumbag.

If I were Thomas Naylor, I wouldn't be expecting anyone in Vermont to be sharing a bong for the forseseeable future. As a friend who's read Naylor's latest dump said, "...we're all just a caricature, apparently, too stupid for our own good."

I'm thinking that it's true to the extent that it's really all just projection on Naylor's part. Maybe the shrink in his house can help him with that.

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