Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Party's Over

... and it's back to business.

Other than a couple of unhinged comments, one from an angry anti-Semitic, pro-segregation, Vermont Commons blogger and another from a willingly blind to racism high school student from Cavendish, VT, (I probably could say something snarky about this sort of "youth is the future" for the Vermont secession movement but, the fact is, it's just sad) the dust settled pretty fast after Friday's poorly attended Secesher Statehouse Stunt that was sponsored by the Second Vermont Republic, VTCommons and what remains of, as SVR co-founder Ian Baldwin has called them, the "small community" of the Vermont secession movement deadenders.

This morning the old inbox was bare of any local media coverage of the secesher stunt but what did show up was another reminder of the lack of criticism within the movement for two other SVR co-founders repeated appearances on the Internet hate radio program, The Political Cesspool.

Over the years SVR co-founders Thomas H. Naylor, a longtime friend of the racist League of the South, and Kirkpatrick Sale, a South Carolina delegate to the Southern National Congress which has strong ties and affiliations with the League, have made several appearances on James Edwards' racist, neo-Confederate, homophobic, anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying program that is also carried on ("White Pride Worldwide"). Edwards was so impressed by Naylor that he even called him "obviously a good Confederate" during Naylor's interview for a Confederate History Month show that Naylor participated in knowing full well what the show was celebrating - Confederate History Month. Yet in the nearly five years since I revealed this connection of Naylor and Sale to the racist neo-Confederate community there hasn't been a peep of criticism from within the Vermont secesher community.

My inbox contained a story from Mother Jones about the controversy that's erupted over a Southern Republican congressman's single appearance on Edward's white nationalist hate radio show. So why is it then that when Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) appears on the show it's a national issue, yet when Naylor and Sale do the same thing repeatedly there's no blowback from Vermont seceshers? We already know where Naylor and Sale's hearts lie, so this says a whole lot more about the entire Vermont secesher community's blind allegiance to these two boneheads. Read the entire Mother Jones piece here.

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