Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Senator" Wagner Makes It Official!

At this point, he's going to make his likely to lose, fringer campaign for the Vermont Senate possibly the dirtiness, most negative, dishonest campaign in Addison county history and perhaps, although we've yet to see, in Vermont campaigns for a seat in the General Assembly.

You see, in Robert Wagner's world, a world unfamiliar to his neighbors in Ripton and the people he purports to represent (although he's never won an election anywhere that I can find, except in his head) in the Addison County-Brandon Vermont Senate district, all members of the Vermont legislature are dishonest; in fact, he calls them all thieves here and enablers of corporate theft:
"(International corporations... in Vermont) suck our natural resources dry, we build roads so their trucks can take our groundwater and minerals out-of-state for processing… and they pay no taxes… they’re stealing from us, and our Legislature helps them steal."
Wagner then drives home the point that he's talking about Sen. Claire Ayer (D-Addison):
"My opponent in the 2010 & 2012 elections, incumbent Claire Ayer, stated in a public meeting last Summer[sic] that going after Entergy for fines would be “too hard”. (Much less vote to shut down that leaker that they’re running into the ground.)"

"A double standard. My learned colleagues in the State House get to APPEAR to be antinuclear. Entergy’s in business to make a buck… and Entergy wouldn’t be making any bucks if the Legislature weren’t helping them left and right with environmental subsidies, exemptions, and special tax-free status."

"Too hard indeed. Radioactive tritium has been leaking into soil and water around the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, Entergy officials misled state regulators and lawmakers by saying the plant didn’t have the kind of underground piping that carried tritium, and no fine. Ayer’s really saying that Vermonters will pay part of Entergy’s cost of doing business, keeping electricity costs low through public subsidy… so her party looks good."

"That’s all the incumbents have to offer folks: politics as usual."
Wagner doesn't accurately represent Ayer's position vis à vis why it would be "too hard," he just rails on about Entergy as though that's all that's needed to justify a legal fine.

But one need only look at his statement, "My learned colleagues in the State House," to get a true sense of how deluded Wagner is about his role in the legislature - he has none. He's never once been elected to the legislature, so such posturing is a lie.

You can see the rest of his angry, cut-and-paste ramble here.

I'll have more soon on Wagner's apparent vendettas, self-esteem issues and ongoing delusions.

In the meantime, I submit that candidate Wagner should at least do as his declared opponent has done, someone who he claims is dishonest, which is to disclose who his contributors are and what his campaign expenses have been (something neither he nor any of his past secesher legislative "colleagues" did in 2010), as his declared opponent Claire Ayer has already done months ago here, despite her not having reached the statutorily require threshold.

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