Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dennis Steele Election Results Analysis

"He will regret it but once, and that will be continuously."
- J.E.B. Stuart
Vermont election night results and analysis on the Steele campaign as they come in (if there are any and it is necessary). Why? Because who else would want to do it?

Update 9:00 PM: Here's this morning's re-post of piece by a secesher cheerleader, Christopher Ketcham, of the "sun-will-come-out-tomorrow" variety type at a Distributist Party forum. Of course, absent from Ketcham's analysis was the revelation of the Vermont seceshers listserv, of which Ketcham was a member of, as well as the truly dumb campaign flubs committed by Thomas Naylor, baas of the Second Vermont Republic, by way of Naylor's bluntly anti-Semitic sentiments; the acceptance of more than 10% of his campaign donations from a blatantly homophobic and racist out-of-state source, a fact available to listserv member Ketcham via Secretary of State campaign contributions records, that Steele adamantly refused to return the money to; a campaign theme that embraced the murderer Che Guevara to the very end of the campaign in its handout distributions as late as October 24, despite alleging that it'd dropped the ill-conceived imagery back on September 15, again a fact available to Vermont secessionist groupie Ketcham.

We'll wait to see what impact Steele's Cheney-esque wave to V.P. Biden may have had on his overall loss.

Update 10:55 PM: With 83 of 260 precincts reporting (32%), Dennis steele still about 59,400 shy of the 60,000 "extrapolated" by Naylor to be the base of support in Vermont for the secession movement. Steele and ALLCAPS Party favorite Cris Ericson trading places in an electoral death match. Must be a Steele surge a coming, no, Rob?

Update 11:35 PM: With 134 of 260 precincts reporting (52%), Dennis Steele's loss seems to be slipping from nearly 1% to 0.0887%. Say it ain't so, Thomas!

Update 11:55 PM: With 166 of 260 precincts reporting (64%), Dennis Steele's loss is now slipping from nearly 1% to 0.0839%. Oh, dear.

Update 12:55 AM: With 208 of 260 precincts reporting (79%), Dennis Steele's loss is slipping from nearly 0.0839% to 0.081%. Hmmm. This isn't good, eh Dennis?

Update 10:00 AM: With 233 of 260 precincts reporting (90%), Dennis Steele's still fractionally slipping but keeping the loss at 0.081%. Good time to call it a day, no Dennis? Dubie's well within the margin that would allow for a recount and he's already conceded.

Here's a new slogan for the seceshers: "Most Likely To Concede"

They could take a marker to all those now useless bumper stickers that say "Most Likely to Secede".

Update 1:00 PM: After placing a few calls to local Town Clerk offices I can reveal that in Waitsfield, the hometown of propaganda maestro Rob Williams, Dennis Steele received a whooping 1% of the vote! Nice job, Rob!

In Connecticut native Dennis Steele's current hometown of Kirby, his candidacy was "shunned" by 98.76% of his community, with him receiving 1.24% of the vote. What more can I say?

Still waiting for a callback from Charlotte.

Time to concede, Dennis.
"He will regret it but once, and that will be continuously."
- J.E.B. Stuart

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