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A Look Back at Yet Another Year of Misses, Missteps and the Mistakes of Vermont's Foundering Secession Movement

Two years ago today the screwballs of the Vermont secessionist clowncar announced their opening salvo of a Takeover Vermont movement - they were "amassing" candidates to occupy the entire Senate of the Vermont Statehouse, step into the governor's and lieutenant governor's office, along with a fistful of House seats. History will note that none of their candidate's came even remotely close to anything more than a piddling showing in any race. Perhaps that was because two months before the 2012 election I'd exposed their super-secret listserv where they waxed poet about their love for antiSemitic, misogynistic, racist and homophobic tropes, as well as their contempt for Vermonters who they believed to be gullible. Fortunately, those same Vermonters didn't fall for the crap that the seceshers were passing out. So I thought that today might be a good day to look back at the year that followed the 2012 debacle, 2013.

Last year at this time Vermonters throughout the state were breathing a collective sigh of relief that the decade long attempt to establish a dictatorship of the seceshatariat and associated argle-bargle had come to an abrupt end with the passing of the Magnolia Vermonter, Thomas H. Naylor, who was by any reasonable estimate a racist and Jew hater. Gone too is his dream for a do-over on women's reproductive rights and marriage equality. My criminy, if only he'd lived long enough to troll Duck Dynasty rednecks who're into making duck sounds on dick-like instruments with other duck dudes while disparaging gays, blacks and other non-Christopsychos, who knows how much he might have seceded, er, succeeded into making this a world more appreciable of other neo-Confederate "scholars" like his longtime butt-buddy Kirkpatrick Sale. We can all remember when Second Vermont Republic co-founder Sale said of the state Israel that it could be "unmade." Nothing could speak to the delusions of these secesher clowns more than that kind of looney ideation about the end of the Jews once and for all... a final solution proposed by the very core of the leadership of the SVR.

In 2013 the hoopleheads at the hate website Vermont Commons still ground out misinformation and the latest anti-Semitic, conspiracist garbage but not at anywhere near the same rate as they had in the past. The promise to have a new print junk journal resuscitated for 2013 turned out to be more pure secesher bullshit. Rob Williams, who presides as the top mouth breather at the VTCommons hate blog, idiotsplains to everyone who doesn't see him coming but realizes that would have been a good idea once he gets into his wet-dream shtick about "the emerging Vermont independence movement" that they're going to prevail, that's despite getting no one elected and no legislator to announce support for their fantasy. Ain't. Ever. Gonna. Happen. Rob. And that's no matter how many bumper stickers (that people throw away once they get clued into the racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of hate that comes with it) and useless commentaries and Facebook posts that Rob, Matt Cropp, Juliet Buck and the other tiny group of bedwetters plaster onto the Internets. Vermonters won't forget Williams' role as the then vice chairman of Second Vermont Republic in bringing neo-Confederate racists and segregationists to our state to arouse a secesher dream of division and exclusion. The KKK inspired and slavery loving group that Williams thought so much of that he had them on the SVR advisory board was the infamous League of the South, a group he has yet to denounce although only a bit more than a year ago he claimed to have put an end to the criticism of his group for having sought to affiliate with racists. (How's that going, Rob?) Like the neo-Confederate wing of the hate based secesher movement, Williams' hate blog will no doubt keep chugging along promoting attacks on Israel, Jewish "international bankers", the Vermont legislature, rule of law, etc. in its usual ineffectual way.

Vermont secession theology, like most faith based ideologies and theologies, has a well developed eschatological component. The world as we know it is going down (peak oil, peak fracking, peak F-35s, you name it) and there's only one way to escape the horrors and that's through the secesher rapture (Now where have I heard that before?). Tie that with their confiscatory economic theories that promote the largest grab of private property since the Stalin era and you can get a sense of why their political campaigns have been so, like, totes failed.

VTCommons contributors were able to maintain their reputation as being invariably late to the media party, such as when Gaelan Brown, the renown VTC house derp, who wrote about the compost sales tax debacle six months after it had been covered much more responsibly and professionally by Vermont's print and electronic media. Brown failed to disclose his own bottom line interest in the composting industry in his piece for VTCommons', uh, journal hate blog, a huge journalistic no-no. Me wonders how his conspiracist exposé of the collusion between the U.S. military and space aliens over extraction mineral resources from the dark side of the Moon in exchange for advanced alien military technology is going - oh, and don't forget the hidden truth about aircraft contrails that Brown has the scoop on since that's bigger than the Snowden disclosures (except for the difference that Snowden's dealing with, like, facts and truth, and not the attenuated sort of truth churned out by Teh Secesher Crheyzies!).

2013 entertained no new secesher conventions such as the small nations thing that was to be funded by some bored prince that Naylor and the mini-Naylor, Rob Williams had been sucking up to, nor has any secesher made a meaningful announcement to run for office in 2014 - heck, for their 2012 run debacle they wouldn't shut up even when they had no right to speak, so why are they so silent now? No Jim Hogue "Ethan Allen" drag shows that I noticed. Not even a peep for months from the not-so "Senator" Robert "Needed Killin' " Wagner despite his still having an inactive 2014 campaign website of sorts. Speaking of never-gonna-be senators, I've been following the random, mostly just for nothing Denny "Hit List" Morrisseau comments which read more like deranged outbursts as he derps the net and should give'em a mention but I've misplaced my Morriseau-to-English dictionary and without that they still don't make sense. Suffice it to say that, aside from Naylor himself, Morrisseau, who describes himself as "The Very Foreign Minister of SVR but is more aptly the "impacted bowel" of SVR, is possibly the most staggeringly anti-Semitic passenger of the Vermont secesher crazy train. You can read about his proposed "hit list" for Jews here.

The death of Naylor, the longtime and apparently only Vermont secesher sugar daddy, spelled the end to the gravy train of show conventions and videos attended by tens of people (mostly out-of-staters and sometimes not even that many/few) over the years. One could even speculate that the unseemly association with a group and an e-"publication" that has long term ties to racists, homophobes and anti-Semites in its past and present "issues" led to the departure this summer of one sham radical from a frontline position in the leadership of the minuscule anti-Vermont National Guard group (or as they like to frame themselves, the anti-F-35 movement) or maybe she just got tired of holding the reins on stoopid.

Profoundly failed 2012 gubernatorial wannabe (99.24% of Vermonters all voted for someone else), Dennis Steele, managed to finally snag an interview in 2013 where he mentioned America but not a secesher Vermont while promoting an addictive product that the CDC has been found to contain substances harmful to humans, including carcinogens. Steele even asserts, without presenting any evidence whatsoever that,
"there are a growing number of people who are moving from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes..."
But as the American Cancer Society has noted,
"(while) e-cigarettes have not been shown to be effective tobacco cessation tools and are not FDA approved, some distributors are marketing them for smoking cessation."
Nice going with the new craptacular project, Dennis. Given that New Hampshire has banned them and that New York is well on its way to doing so and that Vermont isn't likely to continue to allow them, you've certainly seemed to have latched onto another big loser. Perhaps you'd have saved something of what's left of your reputation if you'd just taken some more money from out-of-state racists, misogynists and homophobes and had not climbed aboard the poisonous gravytrain of Big Nicotine.

Anti-Semitic "journalism" continued to be a niche product among many VTCommons contributors throughout 2013 including a tasty bit of Rothschild-Federal Reserve conspiracism late last year that cites as a source a video favorite of the head bangers that congregate at Holocaust denial raves. In an apparent end of year attempt to seize the low ground in foisting anti-Semites into the Vermont discussion of, you know, The Jew, VTCommons has highlighted the work of Robert K. Moore, a noted anti-Semite and writer for the Canadian Holocaust Denial work in progress, Michel Chossudovsky’s Global Research hate site.
"As overseer of the anti-U.S., anti-globalization website GlobalResearch, Chossudovsky has manufactured a long list of eyebrow-raising accusations that often read more like wild-eyed conspiracy theories than serious political discourse: the U.S. had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks ("Of course they knew!"); "Washington's New World Order weapons have the ability to trigger climate change"; the U.S. knew in advance about the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, but kept it to themselves (apparently so they could ride to the rescue of devastated coastal regions); big banking orchestrates the collapse of national economies. Of course, all that talk of banking conspiracies can lead one into some bigoted territory. B'nai Brith Canada has complained to the University of Ottawa about anti-Semitic postings on Chossudovsky's site." Source
You know, the Jews, such complainers. So what's their problem, anyway?

Robert K. Moore, an aficionado of drunk culture, seethes Jew hatred in that uniquely 21st century fashion that talks about The Jew without saying the word Jew, "but we all know who we're talking about" kinda way. You know, Rothschilds, Tri-Lateral Commission, architects of the Federal Reserve, the money masters, blada-blada-blada, sorta like wearing a transparent jockstrap for the huge wood he harbors for world Jewry. He also posts his garbage at the vehemently anti-Semitic website of Pater Meyer's called, oddly, Serendipity.
"I regard Judaism as, among all religions, the least worthy of admiration," Peter Meyer, 2004
Similarly, in 2012 when the secesher brain trust was bursting onto the senator/guv campaign scene they connived on their super-secret campaign listserv where they waxed fondly about their similar feelings about world Jewry. There they'd been charmed by their largest out-of-state contributor who happened to be a regular then at the neo-Nazi website. Williams had cautioned the head of the ticket, Dennis Steele, about sounding as whacked out on the topic as their VTfuhrer, Thomas Naylor, but with little success.

Sadly, VTCommons house anti-Semite, grande dame Carol "Shit-fer-brains" Moore has drifted from her once primary role as the ardent, incessant Jew hater and segregation proponent at VTCommons and at her blog into merely lamenting her Medicare eligible physical form (target weight: 180 lbs!) that's rendered, according to her, her slinky black leotards a mere figment of her imagined past. Maybe in this moment of self revelation she'll finally come clean about the tale that she tells about "choosing" to live in a minority neighborhood because she's, you know, so-o-o committed to whatever the fuck it is that she's up to at the moment - it's really just a marginal area investment property duplex owned by a Maryland Libertarian Party cohort of hers who no likely feels sorry for her tired ass. Oh, and did she ever find a taker for her role as cook for whatever loser would be willing to hump her ass and play the docile, self loathing male that she advertised for on her blog a year or so ago? Sad, Carol, really sad.

This past year also gave us the duplicitous spectacle of VTCommons hate blog publisher Rob Williams showing his contempt for the public by crowd sourcing the promotion of a mobile Yak BBQ food cart without ever telling the potential suckers that he'd put his yak herd/ranch on the market four or so months earlier. Didn't he think that sort of disclosure, as in like transparency, was necessary for the marks to really make an informed investment decision, huh? Must be making Champlain College proud of Perfesser Williams, no? That's just the sort of sleazy practice that makes it harder for legitimate kickstarters but, hey, WTF? The kids gotta learn. Heh... And as if to show how unconcerned he is about having provided a hate platform for years at VTCommons, from one of its very earliest issues for the likes of UVM's white supremacist professor Robert S. Griffin, convicted felon & racist LoS Board of Directors member Franklin Sanders to today's stable of anti-Semites, Williams proudly points to his role as publisher of the hate blog on his Champlain College bio. Don't go looking for Griffin's white supremacist essay from VTC issue #2 or Rob's own cheerleader-like hummer for Lincoln hater, white supremacist and nutter Thomas DiLorenzo in VTC issue #3 since they've been scrubbed. More intellectual transparency from Champlain College's own inhouse anti-Semite, Herr Doktor Rob Williams.

Looks like the Vermont seceshers won't be crowing, "We winned!" any year soon. Rumor has it that they may be lowering the 2014 "achievement" bar to adopt steal a salute (just like they tried to steal the Vermont National Guard's Green Mountain Boys flag) from the French anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying comedienne Dieudonné called "La Quenelle", "a gesture which involves touching the right upper arm with the left hand whilst keeping the right arm pointed downwards," also called the "reverse Nazi salute." I can almost see the 2014 secesher alumni photo being taken in front of the Vermont Statehouse - not quite enough people to make up a full calendar but with the entire group saluting in a manner that points to the ground in both a symbolic gesture acknowledging the passing of the baas, the Dixie singin' Thomas Naylor, and the death of their movement. I'm sure that the French bigot Dieudonné won't mind and might even welcome the appropriation from a companion anti-Semitic organization. Then the tiny group could do a statewide tour of synagogue's and take selfies of their doing the salute in front of such places - it's all the rage among anti-Semites these days.

The Second Vermont Republic: Vermont's own Y2K but with even less impact. 2014 should prove to be even less impressive as Williams (sans Naylor) continues to shake his fist impotently at Vermonters, the state legislators, statewide office holders, the congressional delegation and passing cars. Rumor also has it that Rob "The Champlain College Media Internets Expert" Williams has been doing a makeover/re-boot of his hate blog at VTCommons; it's pretty much the same ol'turgid, conspiratard nonsense (like the Boston bombing was a "false flag" operation) and anti-Semitism that the site is noted for with some of Naylor's vintage, sage/suckest mind farts cut and pasted on because there's nothing like re-worked failure to keep a website on life support. No doubt that the teevees rollout of the fifth season of Duck Dynasty is on the secesher "must watch" list for tonight. I'll keep you posted.

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For the archive of the Free Vermont Framework listserv, click here.

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