Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Two Secessionists Are Running for the Vermont Governor's Office This Year

If you've been following race, then you must be a blogger. In the real world, nobody much cares at this point. I've already posted about Emily Peyton's incoherent campaign which relies on child molesters, murderers and assorted convicted and incarcerated (out-of-state) felons for campaign work; that on its face doesn't seem to very bright, optics-wise. You can read that post here.

Now comes the Liberty Union's perennial loser (22 times, I believe he's said), Peter Diamondstone, for yet another shellacking. In an at times confused, incoherent, muddled and just plain irrational interview on VPR This evening, Diamondstone cites as his number one issue in this year's gubernatorial race is to be - drumroll - secession. He wants to carry on the failures of the still dead Thomas Naylor and his handpicked gubernatorial loser, Connecticut native, Dennis Steele. That shouldn't be a hard record to match given his own string of unbroken failures

In what promises to be a hard fought battle as to who can get the fewest votes - last time in 2012, Diamondstone got a whooping 0.9%, meaning that more than 99% of the Vermont electorate voted for someone other than Diamondstone.

No doubt there's a bitter fight going on between the Diamondstone-Peyton campaigns over who's going to get the benefit of the secesher political oligarch, Rob Williams' savvy boneheaded campaign insights. When it rains idiots running as secesher candidates, it pours'em, eh, Robster?

I really don't know whether to laugh or throw up. Either's appropriate in the case of these two secesher losers. You'd think they might have pooled, rather than split what little support that there is for secession in Vermont by running on a complimentary ticket - you know, guv and lite guv. Must be too complicated a calculation for this secesher brain trust.

Dennis Steele still has time to get in on the action as a write-in loser.

Quel plaisir!

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