Saturday, June 14, 2014

Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

Emily Peyton, a longtime secession and public bank backer has now sought support from and affiliates her campaign with the worst of the worst - child molesters, murderers, violent criminals and other assorted convicted felons.

I'll deal with the secession stuff first.

In August of 2010, during her premier, disastrous gubernatorial campaign where she eventually garnered a whooping whole quarter of one percent of the votes cast, Peyton commented in a Seven Days article,
"We ought to do the groundwork before we secede. That is the basis of my platform, to prepare the foundation for economic survival and integrity, thus that we have legs to stand on when we wish to secede!"

"Of course we want to be an independent republic, what has being a member of the US done for us ? Brought us the pride of being the terror of the world? The dignity of creating the worst pollution per capita ? The joy of having more prisons and prisoners per capita than anywhere else? The hope of being the place where our gross national product is dominated by things that kill other people?"

"With economic stability that my proposals bring, and the economic independence we could actually secede. Right now we would be scrambling for a way to do business as the FED places sanctions on us for doing so. Put the
[public] banking proposals I name in place and the VUE, vermont unit of exchange, and we can do quite well all by ourselves. People ! Hear this! Please."
For years now, Emily Peyton has been at the helm of a boatload of batshit crazy proposals like Vermont secession but this report from Vermont Public Radio confirms the worst of it. It seems that Peyton, who on a good day polls in the single digit percentile or less, is so bereft of supporters here in Vermont that she has taken a very dark turn and has encouraged a letter writing campaign from prisoners at Vermont's out-of-state prison facility in Beattyville, KY aimed at Vermont newsrooms. What is she seeking to unleash? Prisoners who have no access to local programming are demanding coverage for Peyton and her whacky views, one of which is that rather than incarceration for non-violent prisoners, Vermont should give them free land to farm! Giving the miscreants 3-4 acres to farm will do far more to rehabilitate them than letting the Court direct the remedy, be it incarceration, a drug court, probation with conditions like not drinking or getting a job, etc, according to Peyton. Welcome to Peytopia for criminals! Maybe I'll repeatedly drive drunk, burglarize a few empty residences, embezzle funds from a corporation or two and bounce some checks, and then ask for my 4 acres in Woodstock or some lakefront in Charlotte! Ka-ching!

The reported leader of her gray bar outreach campaign is an admitted child molester whose conviction Peyton calls "questionable." The undisputed, unquestionable facts of his case are that this monster:
  • First admitted to sexually molesting his stepdaughter in 2002 when she was five or six years old.
  • Self reported his crime to an agent of the Vermont Department of Children & Families in May of 2006.
  • The next day admitted to officers of Burlington PD's Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations that he had sexually molested his stepdaughter four years earlier.
  • Pled guilty to two counts of molesting his stepdaughter in November of 2007.
  • Six weeks later, in January, 2008, the child molester tried to back out of his guilty plea wherein he had escaped additional charges including possession of child pornography and obstruction of justice.
  • In a December 2013 appeal decision related to the child molester's case a three judge panel of the Vermont Supreme Court issued yet another smack down of his repeated collateral attacks regarding his conviction.
  • The child molester agent for Peyton's campaign in the gang riddled Beattyville, KY prison has unsuccessfully sought in US District Court (Vermont) in 2009 to thwart the Department of Corrections from properly supervising computer access by prisoners, and has recently filed a new collateral attack in the same court. Also, he made a premature application for relief from the same court awhile ago which got kicked back. He refiled something like it in April of this year (pro se, of course) after the Vermont Supreme Court shot him down, arguing 1) that he was denied the right to a speedy trial, 2) had ineffective assistance of counsel (he acted pro se after repeatedly firing his court appointed lawyers, fer crissakes!), 3) involuntary guilty plea, and 4) insufficient evidence to sustain the prospect for conviction (like the self reporting to a child protection agency and the subsequent confession to police investigators should be ignored at this time). Anyone want to make a bet at this point? If not on the likelihood that he'll get denied, then on the likelihood that he'll appeal the denial to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit? No? Don't blame ya.
I won't be mentioning the scumbag's name since, like school shooters and mass murderers, this guy craves attention. He had a website which later was shutdown, only to reemerge when he began trolling for support in the pen for Peyton - and, no, I'm also never going to link to any of his weasley, justifying, word salad ramblings because this dirtbag has gone so far as to further his abuse of his stepdaughter by repeatedly publishing her full name and where she now lives, and, perhaps most reprehensibly, published the graphic details of her forensic pediatric clinical examination along with his commentary about her genitals on his blog.

You can read Peyton's long-winded and tortuous March 25, 2014 letter to this scumbag here.

The only thing questionable here is why a candidate for governor of the State of Vermont who has done so poorly in her two previous tries would chuck her dignity to scrape the very bottom of the barrel for support from an admitted and convicted child molester, among numerous other felons. Has she no shame?

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