Monday, April 9, 2012

One Thing You Can Count On Is That Vermont Secession Losers Will Sidle Up To Their Anti-Semitic Allies Trough To Get Their Own Fill Of The Swill

Gary Flomenhoft, a purveyor of pissant Vermont constitutional interpretation and apologist for racialistic excuses from Vermont secessionist boneheads like Rob Williams continues to make an idiot of himself.

For those who may not have heard, Flomenhoft was the secesher wizard who came up with the idea of "reconstituting" a previously (like a hundred and fifty or so years ago) elected agency by appointing secesher nut bars like Robert Wagner, Dennis Morrisseau and (insert favorite diety here) knows whatever asshole to his magical Council of Censors. These guys are the secesher mind trust that are going to bring up on charges every friggin' member of the Senate or Legislature that don't see things through their bizzaro world lens. One of these secesher "Internet cowboys" even went so far as to argue for making a capital crime (as in death sentence) for what was formerly an ethical violation. I've had the misfortune to have read page after page of Team Flomenhoft's giddy anticipation of what real power would permit them to do to their fellow Vermonters here.

Normally I'd provide numerous links to revelations of these past exploits of the secession Musketeers but it's all growing so incredibly tiresome.

Flomenhoft, a real-life rocket scientist, is also a peddler of junk economics that have zero chance of making it with the legislators, Vermont businesses or Vermonters in general. Flomenhoft and his pal, the not-ever-going-to-be "Senator" Robert Wagner, intend to propose radical new taxes on Vermonters that'll cripple families and businesses based on a model once implemented in the early 20th century by Britain with disastrous results that led to its abandonment in a very few years, and which was adopted as "collectivisation" under the virulently anti-Semitic Joseph Stalin and which eventually cost millions of Soviet lives.

So why would it come as little surprise that Flomenhoft would recently post at Williams' secesher blog haven this dumb analysis of the world at war. You see, in Flomenhoft's concise worldview, all things bad are American in origin. And if it takes going to a world-class anti-Semite like Paul Craig Roberts to scoop up your garbage, well, hell why not? Paul Craig Roberts' website is where the non-existent Second Vermont Repubic's "VERY (ALL CAPS his) Foreign Minister" Dennis Morrisseau proposed his hit list for Jews he'd like to be rid of here. You can learn more about Flomenhoft's bottom feeding source here.

Now I could probably make some snarky comment about when will Flomenhoft, Williams, (who has his own problems with intemperate remarks regarding his issues with those who rightly object to anti-Semitism and thinly argued racist apologia) their neo-Confederate and white supremacist, League of the South ally, Thomas J. DiLorenzo, and the rest of the clowns who recently collaborated on a dopey secessionist essay montage (see this paragraph's link) be coming out with their analysis on Jewish domination of the U.S. government, world banking, the Intertubes and the greeting card industry but that'd be too easy.

Let's just say that Flomenhoft's "commentary" provides ample proof that these idiots are going nowhere... ever.

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