Monday, January 17, 2011

Vermont Secession Leader Calls Civil Rights "Irrevelant"

As Martin Luther King Day approached I wondered how to address a
recent statement regarding civil rights by a former Second Vermont Republic candidate for the office of Vermont Lt. Governor and "Vermont Commons" blogger, Peter Garritano. He calls them "irrelevant." Perhaps it's best to let him speak for himself:
"The ruling elite divide us by highlighting irrelevant issues and stoking the media. Don’t ask don’t tell, illegal immigrants,... gay marriage,..."
As those who follow this blog and have also looked at the seceshers posts on their own listserv (link below) know, the secesher crowd and their leaders completely absented themselves from the primary civil rights issue in Vermont for this century thus far - marriage equality. SVR founder and baas, Thomas Naylor, even has gone so far as to suggest that this is an issue that is yet to be settled by Vermonters under his proposed brave new republic.

Last year we learned that Naylor's other anointed executive candidate, middle finger waving gubernatorial candidate Dennis Steele, accepted and kept a donation from an out-of-state supporter of the Vermont seceshers who doesn't care much for lesbians or race mixing. Steele even argued that keeping the donation from a racist homophobe was a good thing, although most would agree that a candidate should return the befouled money or neutralize the contribution's intent by forwarding it to an appropriate civil rights group. Steele just pocketed it without once denouncing the donor, a fellow Free Vermont listserv member of Steele's. Naylor has even gone so far as to paint his motley collection of supporters as somehow being victims when they are fairly criticized by Vermonters for their bigoted ties and positions.

It's safe to say that with each new outrageous secesher revelation it is they who make themselves "irrelevant" to Vermonters.

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For the archive of the Free Vermont Framework listserv, click here.

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