Friday, January 30, 2015

The Vermont Secession Movement Winds Down

It's been apparent for some time that what remains of the Vermont secession movement is drawing justly to a close. Long a movement founded in deception and of lies and of hatred it could only go this way.

Some trace the beginning of the end to the first revelations in 2007 that the Vermont secesher movement was joined at the hip to racists at the anti-Semitic, white separatist group called the League of the South, which is affiliated with the KKK and the Council of Conservative Citizens (formerly known as the White Citizens Council and commonly called the "Uptown Klan"). Like the LoS the Vermont seceshers, who call themselves the Second Vermont Republic, are vehemently anti-Semitic. That is a fact, as well as the racist, segregationist and conspiracist leanings, that has been exposed here at this blog by way of the writings of SVR bloggers like the Dixie singin' founder of SVR Thomas Naylor who had fantasized about creating an anti-Semitic white homeland, convicted felon and LoS Board of Directors member Franklin Sanders, neo-Confederate Lincoln historical revisionist Thomas DiLorenzo, failed secesher candidates for the Vermont Senate Dennis "Hit List" Morrisseau, Gaelan Brown, a conspiracist loon, and Robert "Needed Killin' " Wagner, Kirkpatrick Sale (who argues that Israel should be "undone"), Robert S. Griffin (UVM's own white nationalist professor), conspiracist anti-Semite Jacqueline Brook and Carol Moore, to name only a few.

Over the past year or so the SVR publisher, Rob Williams (who is also a member of the adjunct staff at Burlington's Champlain College), has been busy rhetorically cleansing his various secesher sites of the grossly bigoted posts of his bloggers. There are now a zombie like collection of rotten links that abound at his sites but he just can't help himself since new anti-Semitic posts have found their way onto his site, along with increasingly vicious anti-American, and in that way anti-Vermont, posts.

I had to smile when he posted a false claim that he had "invented" the idea that Vermonters get outdoors to enjoy the snow by attaching a numerical requirement to be recognized for doing so. He's calling his effort "#VT99". In doing so he betrays his roots from away since apparently he's unaware that such numerical recognition for how much a Vermonter might be enjoying the outdoors has been a part of the Vermont scene for many, many years. Probably the most notable was the Vermont 100 Club at Killington from a couple of decades ago that had to do with how many days a year that you used your season pass. He calls for 30 minutes of snow related activity on 99 days - sound familiar? Around Vermont that's called getting the mail and taking out the compost. He's even created a euro style bumper sticker to go with it that he's offered for free to his readers, for which, I have it on good authority, that there have been few, if any, takers. That's just a small measure of how mammothly unsuccessful his secession related endeavors - his print journal distribution and conventions featuring bigots from out of state and his plan to get secession articles on 200 Town Meeting ballots by 2015 (so far zero) and his constitutional convention scheme - have been for years. SVR founders Naylor, Ian Baldwin and Williams were all famously unsuccessful in getting their families, spouses and local communities to join them in their secesher delusions.

Hilariously, on Wednesday Rob posted the ironically titled "Secession, the Reasonable Option Everyone Resists" by Thomas E. Woods, Jr., a neo-Confederate founder of the League of the South. Rob signs off his post with his trite "Long Live the UNTied States," to which I'd ask, "Exactly what state or states are those, Rob?" - delusional asshole.

Rob Williams is now pretty much all that remains of the membership of 20 or nutjobs in the SVR. Don't forget to shut off the lights as you leave, Rob.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Is This Any Way To Run A Republic's Gift Shop?

Occasionally on Rob Williams' hate blog he plugs a small assortment of geegaws selling for grossly inflated prices at his Vermont secessionist website. For instance, he has a collection of stale articles and commentaries from his defunct print journal that he'll sell ya for a cool $19.95; the only thing is that you can get it at Amazon for $6.35 where it's their 2,174,272nd best seller - ugh. Robbie-boy will also clip you for $30 for a half size replica of the Green Mountain Boys flag that he now claims is the flag of the non-existent Second Vermont Republic. The problem for Rob is that it's been the official battle flag of the Vermont Air and Army National Guard for decades before he and the Dixie singin' Thomas H. Naylor (who's still dead, btw) started fantasizing about ruling Vermont, and which in just the past decade or so alone has been carried into combat from Macedonia to Whatthefuckistan on numerous occasions.

Perhaps the most juvenile item that he has for sale is a "sovereign citizen" like Vermont Republic passport - "Use this commemorative parchment passport to gain access to VIP special events! Declare your support for decentralism at all border crossings!" - which is guaranteed to get you detained if you attempt to use it At a point of entry or as identification to board an aircraft.

Here's where Williams' internet savvy really got to shine in a not so good way recently. A mark, er, customer by the name of Gary W. Potter wrote on August 25, 2014 that,
I ordered a Republic of Vermont passport several weeks ago and never received it. I wondered if there was a problem.
Lightning fast - not - Williams' 2ndvtrepublic store shot Potter back a reply to his query on December 9, 2014,
Hi Gary – turns out, our Paypal link was broken. Email us at with your address, and we’ll get one in the mall to you right away – on the house. Sorry for the delay!
I'm sure that Gary gave up checking on a reply to his problem months ago and that's probably spared him a night in the lockup at Border Patrol's Highgate crossing in the meantime. Oh, and since it's obviously an Internet ripoff site I'm not providing a link.

If Williams were to run his empire or republic like he runs his gift shop we'd all be fucked.

#JeSuisCharlie #JeSuisAhmed #JeSuisPolicier #raiseyourpencilforfreedom

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