Thursday, August 14, 2014

Did The Fringe Just Birth Another Secessionist for the 2014 Vermont Gubernatorial Election?

Two months ago I described the announced secession supporters in this year's gubernatorial race, Peter Diamondstone (Liberty Union Party) and Emily Peyton, here. On Tuesday of this week CCTV in Burlington held a primary debate for the Republican aspirants - Dan Feliciano, a kinda Libertarian ; Emily Peyton (Wingnut-Putney), a secession supporter; and, Steve Berry, who apparently thinks that a vague likeness to Mark Twain, with only half the wit, will propel him to the governor's office and, oh yeah, maybe secession.

When the Vermont secesher ship of state foundered on the rocks of its close association with racist and homophobic hate groups, its leadership desperately sought a new descriptor for the re-branding of their movement, eventually settling on the term "independence." At the debate, amongst other his incoherencies like governing by fiat, Steve Berry said,
"I would surround myself with like-minded people who have a goal to bring back independence."
Apparently, the moderator failed to ask the others about their secesher positions when this opening cropped up so we'll just have to wait for another debate go around to see if the any others in the group will make a grab for the crazy ring.

This could get interesting.

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