Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Multi Time Secessionist Loser Robert Wagner to Run for One of Two Addison County (VT) Senate Seats - Maybe

From the Monday, June 9, 2014 Addison Independent's article here on 2014 legislative candidates:
"As of Friday (June 6), Ripton (VT) independent Robert Wagner (via his Facebook page) was the only confirmed challenger for one of the two seats. Wagner has run unsuccessfully for a state Senate seat the past two election cycles."
Okay, call me cynical but I hardly think that a Facebook page titled "Robert Wagner for Vermont Senate 2014" that hasn't had a new post since March 13, 2013 is hardly "confirmation." Similarly, "Senator" Wagner, as he likes to call himself, hasn't had a new post at his campaign website since November 25, 2012. Let's wait to see if he registers with the Vermont Secretary of State as a candidate - who knows, he may pull a Peyton and run in the Republican primary as an Addison county Senate candidate. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

You can read Robert "Needed Killin' " Wagner's unhinged spin on his stunning defeat in the 2012 election cycle that he entitled, "Never give up, Never give in, Never surrender" here.

Meanwhile, in another matter related to Wagner's conflicting positions, there's been no word yet about whether Wagner will be returning the $288.30 Federal subsidy he received while flying out of the airport in Rutland, VT, which is exactly the kind of Federal subsidy that he "is strongly opposed to" and has argued harms Vermonters that I revealed he'd hypocritically availed himself of (as in sticking his snout in the federal money trough) here. Wagner must publicly give back that subsidy money or he'll be exposed for the hypocritical fraud that many of us Vermonters now know him to be.

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