Saturday, October 19, 2013

Secession Obsession

Recently I saw an exchange on "Dr." Rob Williams' Facebook page that gives truth to that old adage that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

He was getting some serious wood over the northeastern Colorado secession movement in a couple of Facebook posts when he received a challenge from a longtime ally and friend, Carolyn Baker and another person. Baker's a new agey lecturer that secessionists and gloom-and-doom types swoon over and covet every utterance as though unicorns shoot from her ass.

Even Baker was having a hard time swallowing Rob "Baghdad Rob" Williams' endorsement of the nascent Coloradan secesher troupe led by three Weld County Colorado commissioners with encouragement from the counties' virulently racist representative to Congress, Cory Gardner.

Rob rebounded by citing the pro-fracking, anti-gay, racist Colorado secesher movement as yet another thing that his failed Vermont secesher plot could disassociate from. Here's how the exchange went:
Rob Williams shared a link via Vermont Commons. 7 October "A "peaceful decentralist revolution" in Colorado, says the The New York Times? Welcome to the party, Rocky Mountaineers. Free #Vermont!"

Samantha Campisi: "Except those people are against gay marriage..." 7 October at 16:30

Rob Williams: "But Vermont will decouple itself from such intolerance, Samantha." 7 October at 17:40

Carolyn Baker: "Nothing to get excited about. A bunch of frack-loving racist rednecks. As a pro VT INDEPENDENCE fan I'm not impressed with these folks." 7 October at 20:10

Rob Williams: "That's why we want to disassociate, Carolyn. They are helping our Vermont independence cause, right?" 7 October at 20:21
Given Rob's degree of pathology when it comes to anything secessionist, he seems incapable of recognizing or remembering that it was just this sort of cavorting with racists and homophobes back in 2007, then in the form of the racist League of the South and the deeply homophobic, Christian separatist Christian Exodus, who he'd invited to Burlington to lecture Vermonters on the true path to salvation, that led to his defunct hate journal's loss of a distribution deal with state's largest weekly, Seven Days, and the eventual demise of his "movement" into a sniveling group of 20 or so chronic and profoundly ineffectual complainers. Even Rob's co-founder and mentor, the Dixie singin' Thomas H. Naylor, had the good sense to throw in the towel last year, actuarially speaking.

No, it remains true that Rob, the old dog, is incapable of a new trick when it comes to homophobic, racist separatists - he continues to celebrate them. Claiming to be positioning himself to eventually "disassociate" from such hate groups isn't so much a new trick as it is mere evidence of the depth of his delusion.

There'll be no secession of northeastern Colorado, just as there will be no secession of Vermont.

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