Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another One Bites The Dust

It's been a slow summer melt for the remnants of the Second Vermont Republic (SVR) and its hate blog at Vermont Commons that's managed by secessionist dick Rob Williams, although all he seems to do there now is post self-important movie reviews, usually with a secesher twist. Vermont Commons is the hate nest of racists, anti-Semites, homophobes, anti-Americans, neo-Confederates, anti-vaxxers, anti-national defense and just about very other fringer, conspiracist nutjob that can't get a post up at a legitimate website. Even the secesher movement's most bloated pom-pom girl calls SVR "defunct."

For the last few years William's nutters have had a little competition from an anti-Shumlin, anti-humanist, gay hating, racist, religious chauvinist weblog called CrockerPost. I once (and only once) wrote about the blog here. I doubt that my notice caused its proprietor, Warren Crocker Herrick, to throw in the towel as he did in early June. More likely it was the fact that the Southern Poverty Law Center had found his hate site and carried it on its list of "white nationalist hate groups" that caused him to flush his bowl of bile. The website proprietor "is an admirer of such (racist) hate sites as the Council of Conservative Citizens (formerly: the White Citizens Council), VDare and the Occidental Observer, as well as scumbags like Michael Savage, Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter."

Here's Crocker's "announcement":
Having realized that my interest in politics and current events has turned me into a negative and critical person, I’ve decided that there will be no more of it for this blogger and will no longer define myself and others according to a political standard. I’ll be heading off into a more positive direction and would like to apologize to people like Vermont’s Governor Shumlin who I’ve severely criticized over the past few years. I may or may not continue blogging, but it will be from a non-political perspective if I do. Thank you very much. See you all down the road. Source
Course, no apology to the lesbian & gay families that he's repeatedly maligned, nor to the non-theist community that he's belittled by calling them all liars, nor to Vermont's black community, well, you get the idea. He sucks up to the highest state official that he can and says, without saying, "fuck you" to everyone else that he's gone to great lengths to shit on over the years and then with a shrug says, "Nevermind."

Crocker's unplugged his website but you can still see its mirror here at a conspiracy addled "news" site that is "an outlet for gibbering lunacy” that Crocker frequented and contributed to.

Good riddance to the bigoted asshole.

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