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Anti-Semistism? Racism? Thomas Naylor Made It A Convoluted Twofer As He Trotted Out His Anti-Obama, Anti-America Dog and Pony Act for Iran's Propoganda Service in the Wake of the 2012 Election

Much as Saturday Night Live did in the fall of 1975 regarding the death of Generalissimo Francisco Franco, I can confidently report that the baas of the Second Vermont Republic and Charlotte, VT washashore, Thomas H. Naylor, "is still dead... but he's feeling better every day."

Late last year I'd mentioned that the Vermont secession movement was maintaining it's embrace of anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying elements at home and abroad, whether that be by promoting the notion that Israel is a criminal enterprise (the "Israeli Mafia" meme has been advanced by Naylor and his gubernatorial stooge, Dennis Steele, and "agree(d)" with by Naylor's heir apparent and former Second Vermont Republic (SVR) co-chair, Rob Williams) or that Israel can be "undone" (SVR co-founder and now a South Carolina delegate to the racist Southern National Congress) or that as one secesher leader (SVR's self-described "Very Foreign Minister" and decades long losing, as in usually running last, congressional and Vermont legislative candidate, Dennis Morrisseau) has recommended that there should be a hit list of prominent Jews or one member of the small, super secret nest of seditious Vermont secesher plotters of the group exposed by this blog just before the 2010 election who'd posted many, many times at the neo-Nazi messageboard of (White Pride Worlwide!) using the nom de Nazi, "Donnachaidh" or making a number of appearances on the racist, anti-Semitic, virulently homophobic, misogynistic and Holocaust denying Political Cesspool (Naylor & Sale) or Naylor's own numerous appearances on the anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying, anti-American website of the Iranian Ministry of Propaganda, er, "Information" called Press TV - well, you get the idea.

In October of 2012, less than a week before the general election, Naylor, sensing as almost anyone did whose last name wasn't Romney, Rove, Morris or Gingrich (as well as not being a Faux News clone) that President Obama was poised to get a second term, took the occasion to dip his toe once again into the barely concealed racism pool so much a part of the secessionist movement, even in Vermont, and in another of his tiresome, self-important essays, Naylor engaged in his usual anti-Semitic dog whistling and inferences of Jewish domination of the world and U.S. foreign policy.  Interestingly, in the second piece by baas Naylor, the supposed man of peace, he makes an argument of sorts for further nuclear proliferation:
"Israel maintains almost vice-like control over U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.  It tells Washington what it wants and, give or take a bit of face-saving waffling, usually gets what it wants.  It actively supported the war on terror against Muslims, two wars against Iraq, and the NATO attack on Libya.  And since Israel is the “exceptional” nation in the Middle East only it is entitled to have nuclear weapons, and Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons project must be taken out."
Okay, that Naylor is a Jew-baiting anti-Semite is a given (more on that below in the stuff I've got on his most recent appearance with the Iranian propaganda douchebags at their Holocaust denying website, PressTV), but in his first screed Naylor clutched at an obscure remark about President Obama being "cool" and constructed an attack that ended with:
"Above all, what Obama was about was being “cool.”  And it worked in spades."
"Spades?"  Really, Tommy?  Couldn't he have summoned up a little more resistance to his moth-like attraction to the flame of racially loaded double entendres?  Maybe it was because for too many years he palled around with his friends at the racist League of the South and at the Southern National Congress where he liked to sing Dixie?

The dust had hardly settled on one of Naylor's last remaining politically wishful Vermont secessionist boneheads, Senator Robert "Needed Killin' " Wagner's disastrous last place showing in the 2012 Addison County senate election, when up pops another interview that Naylor did for the genocidal, Holocaust denying folks at Iranian's Propaganda Ministry's online "news service" Press TV. Naturally it contains references to Naylor's racist Obama screed and his usual anti-Semitic dog whistles, a staple for the folks at the Holocaust denying Press TV, including the their mutual anti-Semitic mainstay about the illegitimacy of the State of Israel concluded with what Naylor had to know is a racially charged statement, especially with Naylor's past race-laced writings and his long history of cozying up to racist groups like the League of the South and the Southern National Congress, both directly and through his association (Naylor's big on guilt by association) with SNC delegate and SVR co-founder with Naylor, Kirkpatrick Sale.

'Course, if the Press TV propaganda vid doen't open, use this link:

It is interesting that after all the years of my pointing it out that the "crack" propagandists at Press TV haven't figured out that the skyline of Charlotte, NC has nothing to do with Charlotte, VT, Naylor's former residence. Maybe some of his ashes will get sprinkled there on his way back to his beloved state of Mississippi. And I doubt the Iranian hate scrum will pick up on the pronunciation differences.

"I am cool, and I know that you know that I am cool", says Thomas H. Naylor, founder of Second Vermont Republic about Obama's public persona. Naylor thinks that Obama lacks a "vision of the future".
In a phone interview with Press TV's U.S. Desk on Wednesday, Naylor said, "He would speak of a jobs program throughout the campaigns but the reality was that he had no jobs program. The United States does not have a coherent foreign policy; it has four different foreign policies. One for the middle-east, one for China and Russia, one for the NATO allies, and one for the rest of the world ... There is really no glue that holds the Obama administration together other than a kind of notion of what's above all, the most important thing is for Obama to appear to be cool."

Obama, 51, faces governing in a deeply divided country and a partisan-rich capital, where Republicans retained their majority in the House and Democrats kept their control of the Senate. His re-election offers him a second chance that will quickly be tested, given the rapidly escalating fiscal showdown as reports.
Naylor's longtime relationship with the genocidal maniacs at the Iran Propaganda Ministry's outlet Press TV puts the lie to his commitment to secession when you factor in that the Iranian regime has murdered more than 10,000 Kurdish separatists in Iran, not to mention displacing (as in rendering homeless) 200,000 "Iranian" Kurds.

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