Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Anniversary Rob!!

Some guys just don't remember the important dates in a relationship, and the fact is that the importance of this date was all of Rob Williams' own doing.

For years I've been exposing the racist and anti-Semitic ties of Vermont's "small community" of secessionist whack jobs, much to Rob's chagrin. When the racist policies and predilections of Second Vermont Republic allies and board members from the League of the South first became a fact of common knowledge here, Rob threw a hissy fit over the disclosures but not over the LoS's overt racism. Like his SVR pal and co-honcho, Thomas H. Naylor, the ironfisted founder of SVR, Williams lashed out at critics and expelled them from SVR.

Williams even went so far as to say during those early days of 2007 in regards to one LoS founder, Donald Livingston, that:
"Is (Livingston) a racist? I don't know. And frankly, it is none of my damn business, at a personal level." [1]
Thus Williams initiated his "Don't Ask, Don't Care" policy pertaining to racism. Last year Rob even had an essay published in a secesher throwaway edited by Livingston, late of the LoS and now "scholar"-in-chief at the "old times there are not forgotten" Abbeville Institute (so named in honor of the plantation of slaveholder and defender of Southron slavery, John C. Calhoun) titled "Rethinking the American Union for the Twenty-First Century," a real page turner if you're partial to neo-Confederate crap.

Years before Rob began having trouble figuring out that palling around with racists might be a bad thing, if they were really racists, more than a few LoS bigwigs were clearly and proudly putting on display their racist thinking like this beaut:
“Somebody needs to say a good word for slavery. Where in the world are the Negroes better off today than in America?”
— Jack Kershaw, League of the South board member, 1998
But I'm not here to just kick sand in Rob's face, I'm here to celebrate the second anniversary of Rob's boast that he'd cleansed the web of his icritics while at the same time embracing the extreme anti-Semitism of his baas, Thomas H. Naylor, and Naylor's handpicked gubernatorial candidate, Connecticut native Dennis Steele:
"I realize that the Israel plank is near and dear to Thomas (Naylor) - and he'll no doubt mail me another pointed letter scrawled in green pen with more information about the US/Israel connection and tell me that, because I am raising questions here, he will decide to push the "Israeli Mafia" phrase even MORE."

"However, Thomas is not running for office. You are."

"And, the thing is - I agree with Thomas re: Israel."

"I just don't think it makes much sense to use "Israeli Mafia" as a "talking point" for a Vermont independence campaign."

"Why? Three reasons immediately come to mind:"
"#1 - Since most Americans have been conditioned by years of corporate media training to associate anti-Israeli sentiment with Anti Semitism,
talking about the Israeli Mafia smacks of antiSemitism blah blah, Holocaust, SVR are racists, etc ad nauseum.
I have spent 4 years defusing the SVR/LOS nonsense and it is finally done, even in the blogosphere. Why go there again?"
(So how's that working out for you, Rob?)
"#2 - MORE IMPORTANTLY, why not keep our eye on the ball - the United States?"
"#3 - Finally, the "Israeli Mafia" phrase sounds CANNED when it comes out of your mouth. EVERYTHING ELSE YOU SAY sounds like Dennis Steele talking, and kicking ass."
(NB: The only ass kicked in that 2010 campaign was Steele's own ass - more than 99% of Vermonters voted for someone else.)
I don't know if Rob has ADD but I was pretty definite in March of that year that I intended to watch the secesher campaign and review records. As a result I learned that the Steele campaign being sheparded by Rob and his bonehead buddies accepted multiple donations from a racist and homophobe (in fact, the guy was their largest out-of-state contributor) and that there existed an unhinged listserv where the seceshers prattled on about their fantasies under Rob's watchful eye. Even the out-of-state racist/homophobe had access to the highly restricted, super secret listserv. And somehow Rob's massive hubris caused him to think that my 5+ month silence meant something other than exactly what I'd said and that his pathetic bleatings over the years had been effective.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary Rob! Oh, and I'm looking forward to your little event in two weeks. You know, the one where you and your sham radical cohort intend to reset the secesher movement in Vermont.

Just remember that "I never can say goodbye, boy."

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For the archive of the Free Vermont Framework listserv, click here.

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