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Second Vermont Republic Honcho Thomas H. Naylor Issues a "Call For Action" to the Southern Poverty Law Center

Or as the Dixie singin' Thomas H. Naylor, one of the best known anti-Semitic leaders of the white secessionist movement calls it,
the "Southern Policy Law Center":
"Since 1971 the Southern Policy Law Center (SPLC) has fought racism and hate crimes in America..."

"Forty years later the SPLC has evolved into the cash cow of the civil rights movement and behaves as though it were the left-wing equivalent of the John Birch Society..."

"Today anyone with whom the SPLC happens to disagree is assumed to be either a racist or guilty of a hate crime."

- from Naylor's essay in the July 13-15 weekend edition at the anti-Semitic website
Now, Naylor has been spouting inane, useless crap for years but I think his comparison of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization that has litigated at no charge in civil rights cases, for which it receives no part of any of the millions that have been awarded, for decades to a hateful Patriot organization, not so dissimilar to Naylor's own Second Vermont Republic, the John Birch Society, is at the very least laughable.

Naylor's SVR and the JBS are much more similar than would first appear; Naylor runs his group in much the same iron-fisted manner that Robert W. Welch Jr. ran the JBS when he was alive; Naylor and Welch both have railed incessantly against the U.S. government by invoking constitutional nonsense; much like Welch's JBS, Naylor has called for the removal of a litany of government elected and appointed officials for no other reason than they are not adherents to his screwy secesher dictums and beliefs. In short, Thomas H. Naylor and his SVR are the moral equivalent of the constitutionally deranged John Birch Society and his comparison to a reputable, community oriented, civil rights advocacy group like the SPLC is intellectually dishonest and specious. (Full disclosure: Naylor's supporters have claimed that I am a SPLC operative, as though a little know outside of Vermont blog could do better to expose Naylor and his bigoted troupe than merely writing in the pages of the much, much better known and trafficked SPLC Intelligence Report. Ha!)

Naylor's claim that a disagreement with the SPLC leads to the assumption that one is "a racist or guilty of a hate crime" is an absurd slur of an order that Naylor customarily makes about the vast majority of Vermonters .

In Naylor's piece at the anti-Semitic website CounterPunch he maligns the Vermont National Guard, the President, all of Vermont's congressional delegation with a double-dose for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) who'd turned down Naylor's entreaties years ago to run as his handpicked secesher gubernatorial candidate (Tommy Boy never forgives a snub), Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of Defense, the CIA Director, all of Wall Street and "Corporate America", as well as every military academy and the R.O.T.C. He concludes by saying,
"Lastly, the SPLC could initiate impeachment proceedings against some of our fearless leaders."
Never mind that the SPLC is constitutionally precluded from initiating impeachment proceedings since that isn't what really's got the hair across Naylor's ass.

You see, last month the SPLC revealed more on the blatant racism of Naylor's longtime asshole buddy, Michael Hill, founder and baas of the League of the South from this recent racist essay of his with much of the truly inane ecclesiastic junk redacted to a few choice quotes:
"Michael Hill, we hardly knew ye.

"Sure, we remember how, as early as 2000, you already were denigrating your black former students at Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Ala., to your friends, mocking their “humorous” names and offering up sensitive jokes like this one: “A quote from a recent affirmative action hire: ‘Yesta-day I could not spell secretary.’ Today I is one.’” Ha! We know all about your 2007 essay, aimed at members of the League of the South hate group you started in 1994, saying that they should quit being afraid of being called “racist” and other, as you put it, “meaningless epithets.”

"But, heck, we were still thinking you were just a garden-variety bigot, a rude jerk who’s too dumb to keep his diarrhea-spouting mouth shut."

"But now here you come, Mike, and make it all plain for us. We just read the essay you published Tuesday, and we see you’re finally displaying the courage of your convictions. You’re an intellectual, and you’ve got an entire system of thought that explains the failings of black people. By gum, you’re not afraid to tell it like it is!"

"White people are endowed with a “God-ordained superiority.” Whites of “honor, genius and principle” left us with a “glorious heritage,” while black people “have never created anything approximating a civilization.” It’s a “monumental lie” that all men are created equal. The very word “racism” was “coined by the Communists.” Slavery was “successfully defended from a Biblical standpoint” until “the institution’s legitimacy was systematically undermined in the name of ‘equality’ and misappropriated ‘Christian ethics’” by the Civil War and all that followed. Emancipating the slaves was “a disaster for whites and blacks alike.” “[I]nstead of whites owing black reparations for slavery and its alleged attendant ills … blacks in reality owe white America (especially the South) a debt that likely will be neither acknowledged nor paid.” After all, slaves had “cradle to grave security.”

"All great points, Mike! We can see how you were once a college professor."

"And then there’s your cool take on Reconstruction. “During the period from 1865-77, whites in the South had seen enough of Negro rule to understand that their (i.e., white) civilization would perish should blacks be given the vote and thus be permitted to control the political system. … Therefore, postbellum Southern blacks were disenfranchised and ‘Jim Crow’ law resulted in a segregated South (today, ‘Jim Crow’ has been replaced by what might be called ‘Jim Snow’ policies that discriminate against whites).” And, as you point out, freed blacks suffered from problems like “family disintegration.” Good point, no matter what those Yankee multiculturalists claim about slavery really tearing apart black families."

Michael Hill's racism has been a well known fact since the 90s but that didn't prevent Naylor and his then co-chair at SVR, Rob Williams, from hopping into the sack with this dirt bag nearly ten years ago and using similarly racist LoS board members as advisory board members to SVR.

Naylor's flagrantly defensive attack on the SPLC a month after they'd exposed Hill's most recent racist crap should be an embarrassment to every Vermont secesher but don't look for that. The "new" Vermont secesher leaders like Juliet Buck and Jennifer Stella are too busy attacking their Vermont neighbors and churning out phony "medical" garbage to pay much attention to the continuing racist associations and ball carrying of their Great White Father, Thomas H. Naylor. No doubt Buck and Stella have been inspired by Naylor's hateful, noxious attacks and the toadying over the years by Williams. There's very little surprise then that Naylor's, Williams', Buck's, 2010 secesher gubernatorial candidate Dennis Steele's whacky worldview, as well as those of other ardent Vermont seceshers, coincides with that of those at the new League of the South website "Get Us Off of the U.S.S. Titanic.". Will someone please tell these idiots that there's never been a time in all of history when it didn't seem as though the world might be going to hell in some kind of a Titanic hand basket?

Naylor's greasy form of racism was exquisitely dissected here more than five years ago.

Yesterday, the racialist ideologue, "President" Michael Hill, wrote at the Southern Nationalist Network a similarly blatant racist essay, doubling down on his kith-and-kin horse shit:
"The League of the South wants to see a South where our borders are sealed against massive immigration; a South where the interests of the Southern people (read: White folks) are protected from the ravages of multiculturalism and so-called diversity; a South where a prosperous, self-confident, and distinct people—our people–can welcome into its ranks by its own choice and on its own terms productive and sympathetic immigrants; a South that will be a beacon to those nations that wish to defend a traditional way of life against the purveyors of abstract ideologies and a new world order..."
Ah, a racist slimeball laying down terms for people willing to sign on to second class status in a new slaver society. Let me know how many takers you get for that one, Mikey.

Oh, and for extra fun credit, try this Google search:
racist vermont secessionists

"Southern Policy Law Center" - what a moron. Some loving family member needs to get this aging, hateful, idiotic fool to cap his famed green felt tipped pens before he loses what little remains of his respectability. Oh, wait, too late.

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