Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another Anti-Semite Bites the Dust

In the post below this one I wrote about the sleazy relationship that Thomas H. Naylor has with a website once operated by Alexander Cockburn that is a haven for anti-Semitic bile that passes for "thought" called CounterPunch.

Yesterday, Cockburn died and good riddance. In the various obits that appeared today, including The New York Times, one common thread emerged: Cockburn was fired from the Village Voice in 1984 over a conflict of interest, that is, accepting a payment from the Institute of Arab Studies in 1982 while writing at the Voice about Arab-Israeli issues where he was described as "an often-fierce critic" of Israeli policies. He claimed that the $10,000 payment was for a book but then Voice editor, David Schneiderman, didn't buy it and fired the scumbag. Despite his having been a prolific writer, no such book was ever published by Cockburn.


Cockburn mocked the condemnation of his quite apparent anti-Semitism and his numerous critics for such in much the same fashion that the white separatist secessionist allies of Thomas Naylor's like the League of the South dismiss the condemnation of their overt racism as being a conspiratorial plot to silence them, yet Cockburn had no problem writing one essay that he titled My Life as an "Anti-Semite", a polemic which, although I'm sure that it wasn't Cockburn's intention, offers much to underscore the obvious anti-Jew bias that Cockburn seems to have spent much of his life wallowing in.

Cockburn's writing was infused with his anti-Semitism, for which he was so dishonest it comes as little surprise that he was such an unethical writer that it led to his firing from such a prestigious publication as the Village Voice. His various grudges against a host of Jews only intensified after his firing.

The world will be a better place without him.

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