Thursday, March 29, 2012

"By(e,) By(e) Rob Williams"

I recall that a year and a half ago to this very day that Rob Williams peed all over himself when he discovered a typo on this blog. Spell checking seems to be one of those claims to intelligence that neo-Confederats make since they don't really have much else going for them. That's why I just about burnt the biscuits when I saw this at that haven for racists and anti-Semites,

Longtime activist for the neo-Confederate, white supremacist hate group called the League of the South, Thomas J. DiLorenzo, a contributor to the Holocaust denial publication, The Journal of Historical Review (here) yesterday publish his boot licking review of a neo-Confederate book repetitive piece of Constitutionally unsound nonsense that he contributed to while making the usual ludicrous claims of historical accuracy that you'd expect from a historical revisionist like DiLorenzo.

DiLorenzo is well known for his hatred of the 14th Amendment with its pesky guarantees of due process, equal protection for civil rights and citizenship rights. He depises unions and has argued that there are benefits to sweatshops, and justs lu-u-uvs the Confederate flag and white supremacist groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) that has been roiled by turmoil for years over some of their members not being sufficiently racist.

Very much like the Vermont wash ashores such as the baas of the Second Vermont Republic, the Dixie singin' Thomas J. Naylor, our own Magnolia Vermonter; the loopy drag impersonator of Ethan Allen, Jim Hogue; the yet-to-be Senator Robert "Needed Killin' " Wagner; Rob Williams; Connecticut native Dennis Steele and the rest of the Vermont historical revisionists, DiLorenzo inflates in his junk history the importance of the spiraling and increasingly irrelevant Nowheremen of SVR.

This is likely the post that got DiLorenzo's Lost Cause panties in a knot.

Now, normally I wouldn't pay much attention to what DiLorenzo has to say about Vermont. Other than being an advisor to Naylor's dying organization, SVR, DiLorenzo means zip here. But he's one of those guys who participates in that neo-Confedrate circle jerk of calling each other "scholars."

(Click on Screen Cap to Embiggen)

You know, you get to be a "scholar," you get to be a "Scholar," and you get to be a "SCHOLAR," unh, Unh, UNH... Problem is though that the neo-Confederate, LOS "scholar" that Rob Williams has gotten into bed with doesn't proof read his own crap so that the Perfesser inadvertently says "by(e) by(e)" to not-so-much a Vermonter and growingly longtime absent from the secesher scene, Rob Williams.

What a bunch of pathetic, self-diddling assholes.

Please pardon any typos.

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