Sunday, February 26, 2012


I know that most people, like myself, don't spend a lot of time on a blog's Links column but I thought I'd note a few changes in the Links column to the right that in two cases mark recognitions, in one a transition and in another mark the link as something that I put up a few months back but that I'd like to make further mention as being a worthwhile blog to visit.

Starting with that last one first, The Blood of My Kindred is a well written examination of Civil War history along with exposés of the historical revisionism being perpetrated by League of the South types.

I'm adding the not-so-"Senator" Wagner website to the list of websites that I identify as "neo-Confederate, neo-Nazi, Paleoconservative, Racist, White Separatist, anti-Government Sovereignty Activists and Related Links, as well as Their Enablers and Supporters." Certainly, Wagner qualifies as an "anti-Government Sovereignty Activist" if not an outright enabler of misogynists, racists, anti-Semites and homophobes. Also joining that list will be a League of the South website run by a piece of dirt called Mike Tuggle. He's a former North Carolina League of the South Chairman and a current Board of Director member of the national (?) League of the South who serves there alongside such white supremacist notables as Michael Hill and Franklin Sanders, and is a supporter of Thomas Naylor's moribund Second Vermont Republic "think tank." His blog specializes in secession, dog-whistle racism and anti-Semitism, alongside overtly homophobic diatribes, and his sole claim to meaningful accomplishment seems to be mastery of the Spell Check tab in Blogger.

On a more personally disappointing note, I've moving the Ohio Republic blog to the same column as Wagner's and Tuggle's, not so much because its author, Harold Thomas, espouses the sort of virulent hatred that oozes from sites like Wagner's, Tuggle's and, of course, Naylor's, but because of the open support he offers Tuggle's vile LOS website.

An item that I've added above the links areas is the new Eye on the "30" feature that will carry direct links to posts that rectify the records and fact check the various secessionist or secesher candidates that announce for this year. The 2010 election proved to be a watershed occasion as a result of the falsehoods, negativity and downright nuttiness of the various secesher campaigns. With one truly announced secessionist candidate thus far, Robert Wagner, 2012 looks open to equally, if not more so, unsatisfactory and deliberately hurtful secesher campaigns.

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