Friday, May 6, 2011

Vermont Secessionist's 2011 Legislative Scorecard

The House of Representatives of Vermont's General Assembly adjourned today, and early to boot.

If you don't remember the legislative promise made by the utterly failed
secesher Senate candidate for one of Vermont's Addison county's two senate seats (4% of the vote or as he must like to call it "fifth" [out of five]), Robert Wagner, well, don't feel bad. Much of what he said was unmemorable, like when he castigated his neighbors and potential constituents in Middlebury for addressing a local problem with local funds rather than sucking at the state teat as he recommended for his own town here.

Just prior to get swamped, er, edge out of a win for the senate seat Wagner wrote on November 1, 2010 in the Rob Williams secesher propaganda rag at "Vermont Commons":
"I intend to write and introduce legislation whether in the Senate... or part of the Loyal Opposition, as a citizen legislator. As Vermonters, we have this right and this duty. I have some draft tax reform legislation which I'll be running before you, the people, before submitting it."
Three days later Wagner scrubbed Montpelier, Vermont from every kid's list of memorized state capitols and declared Hancock, Vermont, just over the mountain from the casa Wagner to be the secesher provisional capitol of Vermont - screw whatever the proposed constituents of the proposed Second Vermont Republic might think - Daddy Wagner and the nine or so seceshers who met in Hancock on December 12 of 2010 know best.
"In 2006 a single Free Vermont candidate ran for governor, a horse farmer and a man of the theatre known to us as Ethan Allen. This year, FORTY independents ran! This has led to many new organisational initiatives. We want to keep the momentum going. Let’s coordinate, support each other, and be successful. Hancock is now the place to go, the provisional capital of Free Vermont."
'Course, we never heard back from Wagner about the legislation or the tax reform, nor did he say that none of the SEVEN secesher candidates came anywhere near a win. Instead, he circulated a petition proposed by another group that's gone nowhere.

• Legislation Circulated - None
• Legislation Proposed - None
• Legislation Passed - None

Figures. Here in an agricultural area he's what you'd call an extra political nipple .

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