Saturday, February 26, 2011

Would Vermonters Secede From a Second Vermont Republic?

This isn't exactly what Thomas Naylor, baas of the Second Vermont Republic, had in mind, nor is it the model of "UNTied States" that "Vermont Commons" publisher, Rob Williams, would have Vermonters pursue, that is to say, should the seceshers ever remotely seem to be gaining traction in the sense that the state of Vermont was being seen as even possibly leaving the US, that Vermonters could elect to secede from Vermont to remain in the United States of America.

Why not?

Some Arizonans, you see, think that their own state government is already too far along that secesher path so they're looking at - you guessed it - seceding from Arizona so that they can remain in the United States of America.

Pima County the 51st state?

A political committee comprised of a handful of attorneys, including the former chairman of the Pima County Democratic Party, have established a political committee dedicated to helping Southern Arizona secede from the rest of the state.

Start Our State, which is asking other like-minded counties to join the effort, is hoping to put the question before Pima County voters in 2012.

Co-chair Paul Eckerstrom said it’s not a joke and not a political statement. He said the state legislature has gone too far to the right, particularly with a round of measures to challenge federal supremacy.

“This really does border on them saying they don’t want to be part of the Union any longer,” he said. “Well, I want to be part of the United States.”

He said at a minimum, it will send a message that Pima County doesn’t want to go along with the priorities being outlined in Phoenix. He said Pima County has more land and more people than several other states.

“It’s no longer a laughing matter to me,” Eckerstrom said. “My kids’ futures are at stake because if this continues, the economic ramifications could be very dire. I’m tired of hoping and praying that rationality will come to Phoenix.”

The committee is pressing the Pima County Board of Supervisors to put the measure on the ballot. If that doesn’t happen, Eckerstrom said the group is prepared to circulate petitions.

Arizona Daily Star
At this point, a little "rationality" on the part of Naylor and Williams wouldn't be such a bad idea, either.

(h/t DangererousMinds)

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