Thursday, February 17, 2011

Secession Myths & Second Vermont Republic Advisory Board Member Thomas J. DiLorenzo

In a piece by Corey Meyer entitled "Secession: It’s All the Rave These Days", Meyer does a spot on job of refuting some of the historic untruths routinely repeated by secession scholars bullshit artists like Thomas DiLorenzo, Second Vermont Republic baas Thomas Naylor, "Vermont Commons" publisher Rob Williams, Kirkpatrick Sale and their associates at the "old times there are not forgotten," neo-Confederate, Abbeville Institute.

Here's a sample:
“(This) letter is one written by George Washington in 1783 to John Hancock,"

“There are four things, which I humbly conceive are essential to the well being, I may even venture to say, to the existence of the United States, as an Independent Power–
•1st An indissoluble Union of the States under one fœderal Head.
•2dly A sacred regard to public Justice.
•3dly The adoption of a proper Peace Establishment, and
•4thly The prevalence of that pacific and friendly disposition among the People of the United States, which will induce them to forgit their local prejudices and policies, to make those mutual concessions which are requisite to the general prosperity, and in some instances, to sacrafice their individual advantages to the interest of the Community.
These are the Pillars on which the glorious Fabrick of our Independency and National Character must be supported–Liberty is the Basis, and whoever should dare to sap the foundation or overturn the Structure, under whatever specious pretexts he may attempt it, will merit the bitterest execration, and the severest punishment which can be inflicted by his injured Country.”
You can read Meyer's entire piece here. I especially liked the "D'oh!" moment in Meyer's description of his gotcha of Thomas DiLorenzo, the perpetrator of the Lincoln historical revisionist history fraud so loved by VTCommons' (and then SVR co-chair) Williams and his early VTCommons contributor, white supremacist and UVM professor, Robert S. Griffin. (More on that sorry chapter at VTCommons and SVR here.)

(h/t to a regular reader)

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