Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The "Magnolia" Vermonter, Thomas Naylor, Has Got To Be...

... as General Tommy Franks once so famously said about another "great," government thinker, Douglas Feith, "the dumbest fucking guy on the planet." Or maybe it's just that he thinks that the rest of us the world are so stupid and in awe of his intellectual prowess that we'll eat any highbrow shit sandwich that he hands out.

He's written yet another of his tedious essays, although toned down a bit for the greater web world but not by much. You can find it here at CounterPunch, the web refuge for "radical" poseurs.

Naylor, baas of Second Vermont Republic, makes, among other absurd statements, this gem:
"In over two hundred years, the North American continent has never been attacked – nor even seriously threatened with invasion by Japan, Germany, the Soviet Union, or anyone else."
Please, someone interrupt the salon in the Naylor drawing room and
remind those big thinkers about the War of 1812. These clowns have mentioned the War of 1812 as the predicate for the Hartford Convention countless times as a part of their argument of the rightness of secession as the solution for all that ails, so it isn't likely that Naylor just forgot it.

You also might have thought that Naylor would have had the intellectual honesty, while mentioning Andrew Jackson, to have acknowledged that first failed experiment in decentralization and defiance of Federal authority that was the compromise engineered by Jackson called the Indian Removal Act, said by some to be the nation's first civil war. Honesty just isn't the small Vermont secesher community's forte. Besides, since it's Naylor's intent to lay every Native American's death at the doorstep of the "Empire," 4,000 dead American Indians is an inconvenient truth about the even larger impending death toll to come in what was to be a continuing experimentation in secesher thinking that led to the greater second Civil War of the 1860s.

No doubt "Vermont Commons" publisher and Naylor lackey Rob Williams will be eating his baas' new piece of intellectual shit garbage up.

Photo Credit: Southern Poverty Law Center (l-r, Thomas Naylor, Ian Baldwin & Kirkpatrick Sale)

Update January 28, 2011 6:30 PM: VTCommons notes my post here. As usual, intellectual dishonesty prevents Rob Williams from accurately reflecting what I said or what he knows. Rob's never one to let a good chance to pass for a meme to stand in for the truth. There's of course no link for one of his dullards to accidently click on. Way to continue being an asshole, Rob.

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